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Shovel Ready Green Jobs = Bullshit


Undercover reporters posing as “Earth Supply and Renewal” — group dedicated to digging holes and filling them back in, meet with Labor Bosses, NY Legislator, and former NY Assemblyman, who tell them how to secure funding for “Bullshit” Green jobs.

John Hutchins, ranking member of the Broome County legislature, told the undercover reporters posing as “Earth Supply and Renewal” his opinion on taxpayer-funded grant contracts; “You know the Green Jobs — Green NY, between us, a lot of it is bullsh*t“. Anthony Tocci, business manager for Local 601, tells Earth Supply and Renewal “You just wanna(sic) get the money. Then you figure out afterwards” Former NY assemblyman Ron Tocci is also featured laughing about the irony of the company’s services: “One thing about it, it’s shovel ready.”

Go to Project Veritas website to see what else James O”Keefe and his crew are up to!


Wayne Madsen: Democrats may dump Obama

Wayne Madsen is an independent investigative reporter who was/is based in D.C.

In his for-subscribers-only post of June 15-17, 2012 (which somebody put online in pdf format), Madsen writes that all is not well for Obama within the Democratic Party.

Not only is Obama “facing a major revolt from organized labor over the decision to hold the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina” because the unions are unhappy that the convention is being held in the Bank of America stadium, which is a notorious anti-union, right-to-work employer.

Madsen also claims that there are rumors of a “dump Obama” campaign launched before the convention. Former President Bill Clinton is reportedly offering up his wife, Hillary Clinton, as a possible candidate to forestall the possibility of a Mitt Romney win and a rout for the Democrats in November.

Already, unions have withdrawn their “financial support” for Obama’s renomination convention. There is also the probability that union members will be joining Occupy protesters in demonstrating in Charlotte during the convention, something that would have been unheard of at past Democratic conventions. Wisconsin and national union leaders are still miffed at Obama for failing to campaign for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in his race to unseat the anti-union Governor Scott Walker in the recent recall election. The unions blame Obama in part for Walker handily defeating Barrett.

If Madsen’s report is true, then we should expect more unrest from within the Democratic Party as we get closer to the Democratic National Convention! 😀


Introduction to Labor Studies at University of Missouri

My bud, Kelleigh put me on the trail to these!   ~LTG


 My name is Philip Christofanelli. I was a student in the University of Missouri’s “Introduction to Labor Studies course The class was taught simultaneously by Professor Don Giljum of University of Missouri-Saint Louis (UMSL) and Professor Judy Ancel of University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) through the use of a live video feed that linked the two classrooms. The class met every other Saturday for seven hours, including breaks. All of the classes were recorded and put on the class website.     

Shortly after the University of Missouri St Louis issued a statement whitewashing the intimidation tactics and anti-business course instruction of Don Giljum and Judy Ancel, BigGovernment.com  published an excellent  first-person account by Phillip Christofanelli, a student who took the Labor Studies courses at the University of Missouri St Louis. 


Last Stand for Labor Unions?


In my opinion, collective bargaining is just a rabble-rousing issue to keep the goons stirred up. 

If governments refuse to collect dues through payroll deduction and union members have to write out that dues check every month, the government-related unions will dry up for lack of support of their own membership. 


UNION DUES: It’s All About the Payroll Deduction

If you go on Google News and search “Union Dues” and “Payroll Deduction” you’ll see numerous states with legislation introduced to take government entities out of the dues collection loop for Big Labor.  In addition to Wisconsin;  Florida, Alabama and Tennessee are all in the news today.  

The unions are stirring up their  masses about  “worker’s rights” and “collective bargaining” but, I believe the heart of the matter is dues collection.  They simply do not trust their members to voluntarily pay dues —- to gratefully sit down and write out that check and mail it in month after month.

If the payroll-deducted union dues system is lost, what other payment options do unions have?   One that comes to mind is requiring members to provide their Visa/ bank account information authorizing the union to automatically deduct it from their members’ accounts each month or online dues paying with Visa.    That would be a very interesting scenario!

In my opinion, in this day and age, unions are an unnecessary evil.  The federal government established the  Department of Labor in 1913 to address the issues of workers’ rights.  It’s grown exponentially since that time.  They even do random personnel audits of individual businesses to assure compliance with all the federal labor regulations!   A  Dept of Labor auditor once spent a week at a union business  where I  worked, combing through all the employee and payroll files and doing private interviews with minority employees.  In addition, each state has their own complex regulations and laws to protect workers rights.