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Liberal utopia of Seattle: Highway workers struggle to keep ahead of piles of trash


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It will never be enough: Guess how much taxpayer money is needed to solve King County’s homeless crisis

The 2019 King County Point in Time County data showed that there were 11,199 people experiencing homelessness across the region. This included 5,971 people sheltered in emergency shelters, safe havens and transitional housing and 5,228 people on the streets, in vehicles or staying in tents or encampments.

These numbers represented a 17% decrease in unsheltered people – the first decrease in homelessness in the region in the past seven years.

In March 2005 King County developed a ten-year plan to “end homelessness.”

Fast forward ten years to 2015 when King County/Seattle couldn’t end homelessness and then declared a “state of emergency” on the homeless crisis.

Since then, they have been spending over a BILLION a year to solve the homeless crisis. A BILLION taxpayer dollars a year for the end result of a 17% decrease (which took seven years to achieve).

A report done by McKinsey & Company consulting firm now estimates that it will cost between $450 million to $1.1 billion a year over 10 years to fully house the homeless and low-income population.

The study states that the county has spent billions of taxpayer dollars and their “best efforts have been aimed at the symptoms of this problem and not at its root causes.”

Apparently the solution is to build additional affordable housing that will require substantial incremental public spending. As the study notes though, “building alone will not fix the problem.”

Also from the study:

“It is common to lay the blame for homelessness on individual failures and personal weaknesses. More than one civic source has attributed homelessness to addiction. Others cite mental health or a failure of “personal responsibility.” People point to alcohol abuse and, in the case of veterans, post-traumatic stress disorder, as possible root causes. In fact, the majority are not addicts, and very few people cite substance abuse as a root cause of homelessness.

McKinsey & Company’s conclusion: “Seattle and King County can set an example for other coastal cities battling homelessness by confronting homelessness in a fact-driven manner melding head and heart. The region’s prosperity ought to be an impetus and catalyst for positive change. Reducing homelessness to near-zero levels should be the collective goal.”

Read the whole study here.

The majority of homeless in King County are not substance abusers nor do they have mental illness issues? That’s news to me.

In the Seattle area, it is estimated that 46-70% of homeless women and men report having substance abuse issues. And last July it was reported mental-health detentions had surged in King County, with homeless people more likely to return. From the Seattle Times story:

“People with housing instability represented 25% of all involuntary treatment cases from 2014 through 2018, and 41% of people with at least three prior cases, according to the auditor’s office report. More than 50% of people with unstable housing returned to the system within three years, compared to 36% of people with stable housing.”

My prediction: Fast forward to 2030 and after $11 BILLION taxpayer dollars has been spent, you are still going to have a homeless crisis in King County. After all, “fact-driven” solutions that ignore obvious root causes of homelessness only fund$ the homeless industrial complex.


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Violent repeat offender in Seattle assaults toddler with coffee, two days after his jail release

The liberal utopia of Seattle has a severe problem when it comes to punishing criminals. That includes repeat offenders, the homeless and illegal aliens. The following are examples of this:

Insanity in Seattle: Homeless man attempts to kidnap child. Guess how many previous arrests/convictions he has…
How many convictions does it take for Seattle City Attorney to place a homeless criminal in jail after his latest assault?
Resident in liberal utopia of Seattle who has been targeted by homeless: “Our community is just falling apart”
Sanctuary King County, WA: Convicted rapist and illegal alien freed after 9 months returns to attack his disabled victim second time

A report released this past March showed that of the 100 repeat violent offenders in the study, ALL were drug addicts and homeless. Around 40 percent had severe mental illness. A month after the report was released, 40 of the violent offenders had been arrested again and booked in jail, for a total of 43 times.

City bureaucrat, I mean attorney, Pete Holmes

The Seattle City Attorney is Pete Holmes (in his third term) who ran on the premise of continuing to “promote Seattle’s values, work for social justice and improve the Office of the City Attorney.”

Now news is out of ANOTHER REPEAT OFFENDER who, two days after being released from jail, assaulted a two-year-old boy by throwing coffee on him while he was in his stroller. From the KOMO story:

Repeat offender Francisco Calderon was arrested Saturday evening after he allegedly threw coffee on a 2-year-old boy in a stroller outside the downtown Gap store at 5th and Pine near Westlake Center.

Calderon is on a sample list of 100 habitual offenders in Seattle KOMO has been following. This latest arrest comes just two days after being released from jail.

According to police, Calderon — who has admitted in court drug abuse and mental health issues — had entered multiple businesses and caused several disturbances in the vicinity of the Gap. The manager of the Gap reported Calderon was inside the store and “pointing at a small child in a stroller.”

Calderon approached the child multiple times until the child’s father and the store manager intervened and forced Calderon out of the store. He then allegedly began harassing women on the sidewalk and escalating his behavior.

At this point witnesses tell police Calderon removed the lid of his coffee cup and threw the contents at the face of the child in the stroller. The boy’s father, visiting Seattle from Florida, began punching Calderon, knocking him to the ground.

A Kittitas County Sheriff deputy in uniform, but working off-duty at Nordstrom, saw the fight and detained Calderon until Seattle Police arrived. Officers said it appeared the child had coffee thrown on him but the coffee’s temperature is unknown.”

Read the whole story here.


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Seattle, you have a problem: Council, police & animal control ignore woman’s pleas for help; 3 dogs from illegal RV encampment maul her & her dog

Seattle has a serious, serious problem with homelessness and criminal activities. I’ve done many posts about these issues. See the following:

Every week I read another story about the homeless committing crimes against law-abiding citizens. The bureaucrats are allowing the criminals to rule the city and they are non-responsive to citizens’ calls for help.

The latest example? A woman complained for MONTHS to officials about an illegal RV encampment and the dangerous dogs in that RV. Not one person took any action. She was later mauled and her dog was injured as well by the squatter’s dogs.

Here’s the story from MyNorthwest.com:

An illegal RV encampment resulted in one SoDo business owner being mauled by dogs — and the city has still not forced the RVs to move.

Leslie Clifton noticed a few months ago that two RVs had set up camp across the street from the business she owns in SoDo. She was alarmed by the behavior she witnessed, notably the way that they let their three aggressive dogs run around freely. “I’ve been very concerned with their actions and the way that they’ve reacted to us,” she said.

Clifton called Seattle City Councilmember M. Lorena Gonzales’ office, as well as the Seattle Police Department and King County Animal Control, over and over for the past few months, yet the RVs remained. She worried for months that a violent incident would occur.

(Remember, councilmember Lorena Gonzales is the one who blames “privileged voters” for possible homeless deaths.)

“I’ve warned them that something was going to happen, and it did,” she said. “And I still feel like they’re not going to do anything.”

Last Friday, Clifton said, “things just escalated to the worst case scenario.” While Clifton was taking her 150-pound Great Dane, Lily, for a routine walk, one of the RV inhabitants opened the door and let the three attack dogs out.

“They literally came full bore running at me and my dog, teeth bared down, and just ready to take us down,” Clifton said. “And that’s exactly what they did.”

Two of the dogs attacked Clifton’s dog, Lily, giving the Great Dane over 15 puncture wounds that needed stitches. While Clifton was trying to tear the two dogs off of Lily, the third dog — which Clifton believed was “the most aggressive of the pack” — charged at her.

“After he basically split my finger in two, he then decided to keep coming back,” she said. “And fortunately I was able to turn, so he just primarily got my one leg and an elbow pretty good.”

While the dog viciously ripped into her skin, Clifton said, at least six of the RV-dwellers were simply standing on the sidewalk and watching.

“They were all standing on the sidewalk just watching this whole thing play down while I was screaming for my life, begging somebody to help me, to call 911, asking them to get control of their dogs, and they did absolutely nothing but stand there and watch it happen,” she recalled.

Because she was bleeding so profusely, Clifton’s son rushed her to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

Clifton said that what is killing her is that she has been repeatedly calling the city and begging for anyone to hear her pleas. She even made sure to go about things the right way and not take up the Seattle Police Department’s emergency line.

“We had been literally calling for months now — calling the Seattle Police Department, reporting 911, telling them it’s not an emergency so we could dispatch to a different department,” she said. “And they’re really wonderful to work with, but there is only so much that they can do, and only so much that the city will actually enforce.”

Now, even after this local business owner was mauled by dogs, the RVs are still sitting on the same SoDo street. Clifton has been told that the RVs will be asked to leave on Friday, but she knows that they will be back after a few days. “To be honest with you, I don’t even know if they really got a citation,” Clifton said.

Tired of squatters — she does not call them “homeless,” as she feels they choose to take over city streets — making life dangerous for innocent residents, Clifton testified in front of the Seattle City Council at Monday’s meeting, while still recovering from her injuries. She said that she after the attack, she has been “pushed too far” and now is “not going to stay quiet anymore.”

“I am sick and tired of being a forgotten voice … what about the people who are law-abiding, tax-paying, hard-working individuals, that are just trying to get by day-to-day and live in a very safe environment?” Clifton said. “That’s all we want — that’s all we want. But we have no rights; it’s such a double standard in this city that it’s gotten out of control.”

Clifton is determined that she is “not going to be a victim anymore” and will speak out until people vote for a change on the Seattle City Council. “Every single one of those people on the city council should not get re-elected ever, for any position,” she said. “They are totally ineffective, and they do not have the heart and soul of every citizen in this area … they don’t care about us.”

You’d better wake up Seattlites. You city is heading toward chaos right before your progressive eyes.


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Liberal logic: Despite increase in King County’s homeless population, 10-plan to end homelessness is “not a failure”

Homeless in King County: “Not a failure”/Q13Fox photo

In 2005 King County (Washington) created a 10-year plan to end homelessness. They established the Committee to End Homelessness in King County (CEH), charged with implementing the goals of the Ten-Year Plan: prevent homelessness whenever possible; move people rapidly from homelessness to stable housing; increase the efficiency of existing systems and improve collaboration; and create the public and political will to end homelessness.

Since then, statistics show there has been an increase in homeless citizens:

  • January 2006: 7,910
  • January 2010: 8,937
  • May 2018: 12,112

Despite the increase in homeless in Seattle and King County, a former director for the CEH claims that he doesn’t believe the plan was a failure.

MyNorthwest.com did an interview with Bill Block, the former director of the CEH who said, “I think we’ve accomplished a lot of things for the people we’ve actually need helped,” Block said. “I think we weren’t prepared for the degree to which the mental health system would expand using homelessness as their discharge, or the criminal justice system, or the chemical dependency system.”

And since under his leadership the plan was not a failure, he had to find someone to blame: the federal government.

He said, “In all other developed countries, the national government is responsible for ensuring that there’s an adequate supply of housing for low-income workers,” he said. “And this government stopped doing that in the early ’70s. And that’s a major difference between us and England, or France, or Germany, or the other developed countries.”

Read about the whole interview here.

If this is Block’s idea of success, I’d hate to see an ACTUAL failure.

The only success I see is keeping the industrial homeless complex alive via taxpayer dollars.

See also:


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