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Joan Rivers: “We all know” Obama is gay and Michelle is a tranny

Yesterday, after officiating at a wedding of two sodomites in New York, comedienne Joan Rivers outed the president and first lady of the United States as a homosexual and transgender, respectively. (See Steve’s post here.)

Rivers was asked by an off-camera reporter: “Do you think the country … United States will see the first gay president or first woman president?”

This is what Joan Rivers said, sounding weary and definitely not in a joking mood:

“We already have [the first gay president] with Obama, so let’s just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny… a transgender. We all know.

We all know.

Of course, by “we,” Joan Rivers wasn’t referring to ordinary American people, aka the sheeple who pay the taxes that (barely) holds the U.S. government together, who pay the movie tickets that maintain the Hollyweirdos in their extravagant and debauched “lifestyle”.

So who are those “we” who “all know” all along that Obama is “gay” and his “wife” Michael — oops, Michelle — is really a man?

Clue No. 1

Remember that Newsweek cover of May 21, 2012, proclaiming Obama to be “The First Gay President”?


Newsweek‘s orgasmic cover was prompted by Obama’s reversal of the military’s long-standing “don’t ask don’t tell” policy and his open support of “gay marriage.”

The weekly magazine’s accompanying cover story was written by the political pundit Andrew Sullivan, a public (i.e., outed) homosexual who wrote that Obama’s support of gay marriage had brought him to tears. (Lest you get all misty-eyed sentimental, he’s the same Andrew Sullivan who once said “gay marriage” does NOT mean monogamy. As he put it oh so delicately: “there is more likely to be greater understanding of the need for extramarital outlets between two men than between a man and a woman.”)

At the time, we the sheeple thought Newsweek didn’t literally mean Obama is “the first gay president”.

Think again.

Homosexuals pride themselves on their gaydar. They have to, in order to find each other because homosexuals constitute only 3% of the U.S. population, according to the Williams Institute, UCLA’s LGBT research think tank. That means Andrew Sullivan already knew Barack Hussein Obama is a homosexual, just as another public homosexual — conservative blogger Kevin Dujan of HillBuzz — has known all along.

Clue No. 2

7 months after the Newsweek cover, Candy — the first transexual style magazine — caused a brief publicity stir when it chose for its cover a transgender model, Connie Fleming, bearing a decided resemblance to Michelle Obama. (See DCG’s post about this here.)


In the words of Daily Mail: “A striking transgender model made up to look like Michelle Obama being sworn into office has been put on the front cover of a  U.S. magazine….  Fleming is dressed in typical First Lady fashion, down to the pearl necklace. Even the hair style is reminiscent of President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle.

For Candy to do a cover story on a transgender U.S. president is bold enough, why pick a BLACK male-to-female transgender for its cover? And not just any black MtF transgender but one who resembles Michelle? Then have the model wear a wig just like Michelle’s and a sleeveless dress just like Michelle’s, exposing Fleming’s toned muscular arms, of which Michael Obama is so proud and for which he is celebrated by all the Obama idolators in the MSM?

Clue No. 3

Fast forward 1½ years to Time magazine’s cover of June 9, 2014, proclaiming that we’re at a “Transgender Tipping Point: America’s Next Civil Rights Frontier.” (See my post, “Transgender surgery now covered by bankrupt Medicare“.)

Time transgender cover

For its cover picture, Time could have chosen any number of transgenders — male-to-female or female-to-male; white, black, yellow, brown.

But the magazine chose a BLACK male-to-female transgender, an obscure actor named Laverne Cox who also bears an uncanny resemblance to Michelle Obama. As observant FOTM commenter motherbarbarian noted: “Looking at that Time cover photo, I am reminded of Michael Obama. Same sculpted arms and muscled legs.”

Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

Friends, we’ve been played.

“We all know.” They all know.

Joan Rivers, Andrew Sullivan, Newsweek, Candy, Time, and all the denizens of the “liberal” media and Hollywood have known all along.

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UPDATE (Sept. 5, 2014):

Two months to the day of Joan Rivers’ outing of the Obamas, she was declared dead after she had stopped breathing during a routine endoscopy in a clinic. See Trail Dust’s post “RIP – Joan Rivers.”


Warmonger McCain heckled at townhall meeting

The dictionary defines warmonger as “One who advocates or attempts to stir up war.”

Yesterday, at a townhall meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, voters gave RINO warmonger John McCain a piece of their mind.

To which I say “About time!” and “HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.”


From The Blaze, Sept. 5, 2013:

A number of Sen. John McCain’s constituents are not happy with the Arizona Republican’s support of President Barack Obama’s plan to take military action against Syria. Voters made that much perfectly clear when they confronted him at a town hall in Phoenix on Thursday.

“We didn’t send you to make war for us. We sent you to stop the war,” one man said to applause, CNN reports.

Another man told McCain Congress is ignoring its duty to represent voters.

“This is what I think of Congress,” he said, holding a bag of marshmallows in his hand. “They are a bunch of marshmallows. That’s what they are. That’s what they’ve become. Why are you not listening to the people and staying out of Syria? It’s not our fight.”

Voters Explode on John McCain at Phoenix Town Hall

David Hart of Phoenix, makes a point to U.S. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., during a town hall meeting at the Burton Barr Central Library on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, in Phoenix. Credit: AP

Voters Explode on John McCain at Phoenix Town Hall

Albert Moussa, left, of Tucson, Ariz., speaks to U.S. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., on the concerns about military action in Syria during a town hall meeting at the Burton Barr Central Library on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, in Phoenix. Credit: AP

Voters Explode on John McCain at Phoenix Town Hall

A crowd member holds up signs against military action in Syria as U.S. Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., speaks with constituents during a town hall meeting at the Burton Barr Central Library on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, in Phoenix. Credit: AP

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday afternoon passed a new use-of-force resolution that, if passed by the Senate, will give Obama authority to carry out military strikes. It also includes a loophole that may leave room for placing troops on the ground.

The resolution only prohibits “the use of United States Armed Forces on the ground in Syria for the purpose of combat operations.” The language seems to leave open the possibility of deploying troops for non-combat operations, such as securing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s chemical weapons.

“Polls this week have shown more Americans oppose military strikes in Syria than support them,” CNN reports.

A woman at the Arizona town hall, claiming to have an 18-year-old cousin in Syria, said the U.S. had not pursued all routes of diplomacy.

“For me, to listen to you say there is no good option in Syria – I refuse to believe that…The good option right now is to take Saudi Arabia and Iran and force them to stop supporting the two sides in Syria. And you could do it. You can do it by diplomacy, not bombs, Sen. McCain. We cannot afford to shed more Syrian blood,” she said.

McCain validated the voters’ concerns, saying that there are “strong feelings” from both sides of the issue: “[A]ll of us, our hearts go out to those people who have been massacred and killed in this terrible bloodletting that’s been going on.”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

By the way, conservative public-homosexual blogger Kevin DuJan (of HillBuzz) thinks John McCain is a closeted homosexual — which is the best and only explanation I’ve seen for why, time after time, McCain voted and acted against the interests of conservatives, the GOP, and America. Here’s what DuJan wrote::

I’ve never said this before because I was never sure and I don’t have any proof of it, but I really think that John McCain might be secretly gay too…because at the end of his career he’s still trotting out to help the Left whenever Democrats demand it.  A former presidential candidate in his last term who knows he will never be a real national leader again doesn’t need to do the things that McCain just keeps doing to push the Left’s agenda under the “maverick bipartisan” banner.  Back in 2000, before George Bush won the Republican nomination, I felt in my gut that Democrats were getting ready to out McCain and that they were laying the groundwork by having John Grisham write the book “The Brethren”…because the main character in the book is clearly based on McCain, but he actually becomes the Republican presidential nominee in the story instead of losing to Bush; in “The Brethren”, the McCain character carries on a flirtation with who he thinks is a teenaged boy…and it just gets so specifically creepy that I wonder if someone fed Grisham intel on McCain and told him to create a “novel” out of it.  I am sure you are aware this happens all the time with writers, both in books and on TV shows and in movies; political operatives feed stories to creative people all the time so that dirt on an opponent can get out in creative ways and become part of the cultural landscape before Democrats need to launch the actual attack via MSNBC and CNN.  I have a hard time believing that “The Brethren” featured a very McCain-like closeted gay presidential candidate in the VERY SAME YEAR that some thought McCain would become the Republican nominee; you may have never even heard of this book, but I bet you would have if Bush had lost in the primaries.  McCain is one of those men who just set off my gaydar but I’ve never heard any stories about him doing anything with guys…though his energetic rushes to help the Left whenever Democrats call always make me think he’s protecting himself by selling out his Republican constituents on issue after issue.

Stupidly, Republicans keep electing guys like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Aaron Schock and sending them to Washington to represent conservative constituents…but on important votes these guys will ALWAYS betray the people who trust them because Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi will pick up the phone and say in no uncertain terms “Vote with us or we out your sorry ass on national tee-vee tomorrow, Mary”.  When that phone rings, you’d think it was Zac Ephron calling the way Graham and Schock in particular leap to their feet to do whatever Reid or Pelosi want them to do…because lying about who they really are and keeping their liaisons with men a secret is such an important part of their lives at this point that they just can’t imagine functioning without Democrats pulling their strings like this.  I honestly don’t think these guys would even know what to do anymore if they didn’t have Democrats always at the ready to tell them how to vote…or else. Like with Stockholm Syndrome, I think these guys learn to love their arrangements.  I’m going to start calling it Lindsey Graham Syndrome, since he’s the most obvious face of this behavior [….]


What was Pres. Lucifer doing while Americans were being killed in Benghazi?

Where was Obama, the Commander In Chief (CIC), when a United States consulate was being attacked and an ambassador and three other Americans were being killed?

On Fox News Sunday, May 19, 2013, that’s the question asked of White House aide Dan Pfeiffer.

Where was Barack Obama’s whereabouts the night of Sept. 11, 2012, when our consulate in Benghazi was besieged and Ambassador Christopher Stevens, State Department official Sean Smith, and ex-Navy SEALS Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods were killed? The terrorist attack lasted all night long at multiple locations in Benghazi. We now know that an unmanned U.S. surveillance drone was in the skies over Benghazi that night, and that the White House knew (and saw) what was happening, as it happened.

But while insisting that Obama had kept “in constant touch that night with his national security team and kept up to date with the events as they were happening,” Pfeiffer deemed the CIC’s whereabouts that night, and specifically whether Obama  was in the Situation Room, “a largely irrelevant fact.”

chris-stevens1Clockwise from top left: Amb. Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods.

In an op-ed for Politico, Rich Lowry writes:

Obama’s actions and nonactions on that terrible night are a blank spot in his presidency. We simply don’t know much about them, and the White House has always been perfectly content to leave it that way.

We know he was meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey on an unrelated matter at 5 p.m. Washington time, when he learned of the attack. In congressional testimony, Panetta said he had no contact with the president or the White House after that point.

Dempsey said he didn’t hear from the president, either. […]

Next, we know that the president talked to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at 10 p.m., when the assault that killed Chris Stevens and State Department computer expert Sean Smith was over but the mortar attack that killed two former U.S. Navy SEALs at another facility hadn’t yet taken place.

What about the rest of the time? […]

The day after his mystery night, Obama publicly emerged. He gave a statement at 10:35 a.m. condemning the Benghazi attack — and left Washington at 2:20 p.m. for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.”


a self-described “conservative homosexual” who lives in Chicago and blogs on HillBuzz, believes Obama was high on cocaine during those “missing hours” of the Benghazi attack.

In his post of May 24, 2013, DuJan writes:

If you’ve ever known anyone who is a drug addict, you’d see it’s obvious that Barack Obama was high on cocaine the night of Benghazi; it is the only logical explanation for his disappearance and the White House’s refusal to comment on what he was doing at the time.  Since this was a night of great crisis for our country, the only logical reason that the White House won’t explain where the president was is if this man was high as a kite on illegal narcotics at the time. […]

According to Lowry’s timeline:

* Obama appeared sober on 9/11/12 at 5pm EST when he met with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey. […] Obama appears to have been still functional and ambulatory at 5pm that day.

* Lowry says that Obama learned of the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens at this meeting…before Obama disappeared for many hours. These are the mystery “missing hours” that the White House refuses to talk about.

* Obama next emerged from cloister at 10pm EST 9/11/12 when he spoke with Hillary Clinton; it’s not stated if this was in person or if it was on the phone, but it sure feels like Obama was out of his mind on drugs when this happened.  Clinton would never bust him on this (because she can never say a bad word about this man if she wants to secure the black vote in 2016), but even people on a late-80s-Wall-Street-grade binge of cocaine can talk on the phone for a few minutes. […]

* Obama then went missing until the next morning. […]

* Lowry then says Obama was next spotted at 1035am EST on 9/12/12 when he pretended the Benghazi attack was about some YouTube video…and then he disappeared again until he boarded his plane for fabulous Las Vegas at 220pm EST later that day.

After reading Lowry’s article, my good friend Justine in California emailed me to ask whether I thought Obama was having sex with Reggie Love during the “missing hours” and if that’s where he was. […]

I think Obama doing cocaine is a much better explanation for his missing hours, simply because at his age and with all the men he’s been with it’s not like he couldn’t just stop romancing Reggie for a little bit…and then get back to it when they were in Vegas. I know the stereotype of gay guys is that we’re all sex-crazed and can’t control ourselves, but even the biggest gay sexual glutton in the world can pull himself away from a hot guy long enough to take care of something important (if need be). It’s not like this would have been the first time that Barack Obama was having gay sex…so surely he could have pushed “pause” to be president for a while (before getting back to whatever he was up to when the crisis was over).

However, once you take drugs you are pretty much on another astral plane for however long it takes for the drugs to leave your system.  I’ve sadly watched a lot of incredible people in the nightlife scene ruin their lives with cocaine over the years, and once these people got high they stayed high until the drugs metabolized enough for them to function. […]

The timeline Lowry fleshed out perfectly fits a scenario where Barack Obama retired to his private quarters (perhaps with Reggie Love…or maybe one of the other low-ranking young men who are forever suspiciously palling around with this president, unlike any president before him) sometime around 6pm EST or so on 9/11/12. He then seems to have taken drugs (which I believe most likely involved cocaine). Hillary Clinton either showed up to kill his buzz or she kept calling on the phone over and over again until he answered at 10pm. […]

From then until the staff was finally able to rouse, dress, and make him presentable enough for the public at 1030am the next day. Barack Obama appears to have been out of his mind high on drugs.

Since the White House deliberately is insisting that it’s “irrelevant” where Obama was during those missing hours that Lowry has asked about, we must assume I’m correct and the President of the United States was incapacitated from heavy narcotics use.

I would gladly retract this story if the White House would sufficiently explain Barack Obama’s whereabouts during those missing hours and prove he was not out of his mind on cocaine at the time (or gluttonously engaged in gay sex, as my friend Justine believes). 

You should know by now that whenever the Obama Regime stonewalls and absolutely refuses to reveal information mysteriously, there is a reason for it.

With this particular president, that reason more often than not involves drugs or gay sex (or a combination of both)…and just like with John F. Kennedy’s own drug use and sexual escapades, there are many people who will refuse to believe this about Obama for decades. But, at some point in the future I hope you live long enough to see people openly talking about Obama’s drug use and homosexuality, as it’s as clear as day for those of us who are gay and have known people with drug problems as rampant as this president’s. It’s not like the man disappeared off the face of the Earth into another dimension during those “missing hours”.  But, I suppose it’s uncomfortable for a lot of people to imagine what he was really doing during that mystery time.

So what do you think the POS was doing in those mystery missing hours?

See also “Obama’s gay sex-cocaine romps with Larry Sinclair,” May 31, 2010.


Another of Obama’s gay young men died mysteriously

Nearly 9 months ago, I wrote a post about the sudden and mysterious death of Alex Okrent (pic below), a 29-year-old campaign worker at Obama’s reelection campaign headquarters in downtown Chicago.

Alex Okrent

According to Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times, July 13, 2012, Okrent was working in Obama for America’s paid media department that handled advertising for the POS’s re-election bid. Previously, Okrent had been a staffer for Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and his 2004 race for an Illinois Senate seat. In other words, Okrent had worked for Obama for at least 8 years, since he was 20 years old.

On July 12, 2012, Okrent collapsed while working at the POS’s Chicago campaign headquarters. Chicago paramedics were called at 10:36 a.m. to the Obama headquarters in the Prudential Building. Okrent was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Interestingly, the Chicago Sun-Times article is closed to comments. An Editor’s Note says the following:

“Due to the tone and content of many of the comments associated with this story, commenting has been turned off. The Sun-Times encourages readers to make their voices heard, but commenting must maintain a respectful and constructive tone.”

Not only can readers not add comments, we also can’t read whatever comments that had been posted before the editor closed down the commenting function. See for yourself by going to the article.

I just discovered what probably prompted the Chicago Sun-Times to close the news article to comments. The following (colored brown) is from gay Chicago blogger Kevin Dujan’s “Is Obama Gay?,” on HillBuzz:

Alex Okrent

[ Alex Okrent died mysteriously in July of 2012 in the Obama Campaign Offices in Chicago’s Prudential Building.  Openly gay, he’d been affiliated with Barack Obama in one way or another since Okrent was in college. Obama kept him around, through all those years, on all those campaigns…until he suddenly turned up dead with an inconclusive autopsy.  And his death happened just before Obama was headed into a difficult re-election campaign where black support for Obama was wavering and the black community is notoriously anti-gay.  Could Alex Okrent have been eliminated because he was going to talk about a relationship with Barack Obama? There sure are a lot of gay men who turn up dead around the current President of the United States.  See also: Young, Donald ].

Donald Young

Donald Young

Donald Young was the openly-gay choir director of the church in Chicago of which Obama was a member for some 20 years — Rev. Jeremy Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ black liberation theology. Young’s bullet-ridden body was found in his Chicago apartment on December 23, 2007, in what appeared to be an assassination-style slaying.

In an exclusive interview in July 2010 with The Globe, Young’s elderly mother Norma Jean Young said that persons trying to protect Obama murdered her son at the height of the Democratic presidential primary to protect Obama from embarrassing revelations about his homosexual relationship with her son. Obama’s homosexual relationship with Young was also confirmed by Larry Sinclair, who claims to have had two sex-cocaine trysts with the POS.

Larry Bland, Nate Spencerl to r: Larry Bland, unknown man, Nate Spencer

There were two other openly gay men in Wright’s church: Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. In late 2007, as Obama began his ascent to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, in a span of 1½ months, all three young gay men “conveniently” died:

  • Bland was murdered execution-style on November 17, 2007;
  • Young was murdered execution-style on December 23, 2007;
  • Spencer reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV on December 26, 2007. (Death certificates of Bland and Young, HERE.)

To my knowledge, the murders of Bland and Young remain unsolved.

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen claims that Rev. Wright, who was pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) on Chicago’s south side for 20 years, ran what was essentially a matchmaking service for gay married black professional members of the church, particularly those with children. The matchmaking club was called the “Down Low Club” or DLC.

See also:


Who on “our side” stayed home yesterday?

Despite both media and personal FOTM eye-witness reports of very long lines in many polling places yesterday, we are told that voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election was 13 million fewer than in 2008.

Mitt Romney won 3 million votes less than John McCain in 2008, while Obama lost 10 million votes of his own from 2008.

Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz asks “So where did those 3 million McCain voters go?”

They surely didn’t vote for Obama yesterday.

DuJan writes, “The only thing I can think of is this.” Either Ron Paul supporters sat the election out because of what happened in the Republican National Convention between Romney’s people and Paul’s delegates, and/or Evangelicals went through with their threat to sit home because Romney is a Mormon.

Certainly Ron Paul never gave Mitt Romney his endorsement. In fact, on election day yesterday, Paul’s website actively sought to discourage Paulists from voting by publishing his essay, “Ron Paul: No Difference Between Obama and Romney“.

As for the Evangelicals, did many stay home in spite of Christian evangelist Bill Graham’s full-page ad in the New York Times endorsing Romney?

DuJan is incredulous: “And these two groups thought allowing Obama to have a second term was worth sitting home. Is that what happened? I never thought that was a realistic possibility because I can’t imagine ever allowing the Left to not just maintain power but actually expand their reach…but that’s what happened last night.”

What I do know is that I haven’t seen “dan,” a Ron Paul supporter and longtime regular FOTM commenter, come on FOTM for many weeks now. His last comment was on October 9, 2012, nearly a month ago. And as late as yesterday morning, a commenter who calls himself Joe had voiced his misgivings about voting for Romney because of the latter’s Mormon “polytheism.”

UPDATE (Nov. 8, 2012):

What some commenters to this post wrote, as well as an essay by self-described Ron Paul follower, financial consultant Ron Holland of The Daily Bell, make clear that indeed Paul cultists should be partly held responsible for “our side” losing this election. Here’s what Holland wrote:

“…the GOP leadership antagonized the 10 percent of the Republican Party electorate who supported Ron Paul for President. Of course, the establishment is still deathly scared of the Ron Paul movement and their harsh treatment and the subsequent blowback on November 6 guarantees any discussion here will be verboten and seldom mentioned for obvious reasons. While some voted for Romney, a few – as the returns show – voted third-party and many like me just sat home on election day disgusted at the entire political charade. Romney lost because he needed a majority of this 10 percent to win yet those controlling his campaign simply threw this voting block away because it threatened powerful central banking, neocon and moneyed interests supporting the GOP.”

As if all that was at stake in this election is central banking. You Ron Paul cultists make me sick. By staying home on election day, you helped reelect the devil — the most pro-abortion president in the history of U.S.A.

Update (Nov. 9, 2012):

Evangelical Christians did not stay home on Nov. 6. They turned out for Mitt Romney in even larger numbers than they did in 2008 for John McCain. See my post, “Evangelicals and faithful Catholics came through for Romney.


5 Big Reasons Why Romney Will Win

The polls say the race is tight, but what do they know? — especially given some polls’ oversampling of Democrats.

Here are 5 big reasons why we should be hopeful.

1. Independents are breaking for Mitt Romney. 

Michael Barone, senior political analyst for the Washington Examiner, writes “most voters oppose Obama’s major policies and consider unsatisfactory the very sluggish economic recovery […] Also, both national and target state polls show that independents, voters who don’t identify themselves as Democrats or Republicans, break for Romney. That might not matter if Democrats outnumbered Republicans by 39% to 32%, as they did in the 2008 exit poll. But just about every indicator suggests that Republicans are more enthusiastic about voting — and about their candidate — than they were in 2008, and Democrats are less so. That’s been apparent in early or absentee voting, in which Democrats trail their 2008 numbers in target states Virginia, Ohio, Iowa and Nevada.” Bottom line: Barone predicts an Electoral Vote win for Romney of 315 vs. Obama’s 223.

2. Democrats are behaving like people who think they are going to lose.

This is the thesis of former Democrat Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz, who writes: “Democrats know they are going to lose big. […] It all started with Obama making the ‘You didn’t build that; somebody else made that happen’ statement in July [….] But, after his disastrous debate performance in Denver the election has really and truly been over for this man…and the only thing left to resolve is just how big a win Mitt Romney is going to have. Democrats are under no delusion that Obama can still win.” DuJan points to these behavioral indicators:

  • A home has been purchased for the Obamas via a blind trust on the island of Oahu that will serve as the Obamas’ temporary residence beginning in January of 2013 until a grander, custom-built mansion can be completed for them in the next few years. Why on Earth have wealthy bankers bought a new home for the Obamas in Hawaii that will be occupied in January 2013 if these people think the Obamas will win?
  • Obama’s “bright young thing” staffers are shopping their resumes and trying to land jobs in Chicago, New York, Philly, DC, or LA because they know they will be unemployed come January 2013.
  • Aggressive fundraising (led by big Obama donor Penny Pritzker) is starting now, not years down the road, for the Barack Obama Center for Social Justice and presidential library which will constructed at the University of Hawaii near Honolulu.
  • The Obama campaign has booked McCormick Place instead of Grant Park for his election night event in Chicago tomorrow. McCormick Place is an isolated and fortress-like facility that’s not conducive to large throngs of supporters assembling unwanted and is the polar opposite from the seat of Obama’s 2008 cult rally in the heart of Chicago that was designed to host a victorious crowd of many thousands. This is not the election night event of a candidate who thinks he has any chance in Hell of winning and is instead the plans for the Obama concession speech.
  • Nancy Pelosi is preparing the terms of her retirement from Congress when previously she’d bragged that she’d be restored as Speaker of the House. This means she doesn’t believe she’ll regain control of the House and be Speaker after tomorrow. Although San Francisco will reelect her to another term in Congress, don’t expect her to serve it. There will be a special election to replace her next year and she’ll unceremoniously retire from Congress rather than accept marginalization to a position of irrelevance after having called the shots more or less for the last 10 years. If Democrats have given up on winning back the House then they have realized that Obama is not going to win reelection because if Obama won reelection they would also win the House. In DuJan’s words: “I do not see a scenario where Obama would win the election but Democrats would also not win the House; it’s actually not possible because the exact same factors needed for Obama to win reelection are the same ones at the state level that Democrats need to take back the House and reinstall Nancy Pelosi as Speaker (as she insisted would happen up until, oh, around the time of the Denver Presidential Debate).”

3. Big Businesses are behaving like Romney will win.

  • Walt Disney World is already at work on a Mitt Romney figure for its Hall of Presidents. Kevin DuJan notes that “Disney didn’t make one this early for Dole in 1996 or for either Bush or Gore at this point in 2000 (and never bothered to start one for Kerry or John McCain, either).”
  • TV executives are looking at Michelle Obama to host her own daytime television program. Former CNN president Jon Klein told TV Guide magazine Mooch would be snapped up by TV chiefs if her husband does not win a second term in office: “Daytime syndicators are desperate for a new voice and she is tailor made for it.”

4. There are cracks in Obama’s base among blacks.

Rebel Pundit of Breitbart.com: “Over the past few weeks we have begun to see the ultimate unraveling of support for the president, with women and youth fleeing from his side. But what is even more surprising and perhaps unimaginable to the president and his faithful media cult is that he is now also losing members of his normally deemed ‘untouchable’ base of support—poor, inner-city black Americans.”

5. There is no enthusiasm for Obama in Berkeley, the bastion of the Left.

I haven’t seen a single Obama 2012 bumpersticker or yard sign or dorm or apartment window sign in Berkeley, California.

In 2008, those signs were everywhere in this belly of the Progressive beast. Even in 2006, two years after John Kerry had lost the election to George W., Berkeley was still overrun with Kerry-Edwards stickers (who honestly can get excited about John Kerry)?

But this year, not a single Obama sticker or sign. I have seen one Obama bumpersticker — but it’s an old one, left over from 2008, and the owner of the car hasn’t bothered to slap a 2012 sticker over it.

For all these reasons, I am optimistic about tomorrow’s E-Day. But if wishes were horses, beggars would fly. We each need to do our share to make a Romney-Ryan win a reality:

  • Vote!
  • Make sure your like-minded family, friends, and neighbors vote!
  • Give a ride to someone who needs transportation to the polling place.
  • Be an informal poll watcher by taking a picture of anything suspicious with your cell phone camera.
  • Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray with all your might and ask for God’s mercy, forgiveness, and intervention.

May God bless America.


Obama’s young male golfing buddies

As of early September 2012, Barry Soetoro Obama has played golf 104 times since becoming president, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News.

In a rare moment of honesty with CBS News’ Harry Smith, B.S. Obama admitted he’s “terrible” at golf, but is drawn to the game just the same: “It’s the only time that for six hours, I’m outside…where you almost feel normal…. It feels as if…you’re out of the container.”

An effeminate-looking Obama sits in his golf cart at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, April 26, 2009.

During George W. Bush’s presidency, the media incessantly carped about his golfing. But Mark Knoller points out that Bush played 24 rounds of golf during the first 2 years of his presidency, then decided to stop, six months into the war in Iraq. “I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal,” he said in an interview in 2008 with Yahoo and Politico.com.

Knoller also makes this interesting observation:

“We don’t ever hear about Mr. Obama’s scores on the golf course. And only rarely does the White House permit the press to get a photograph of the president on the links. During the Clinton presidency, such photo ops were routine.”

All of which has piqued Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz’s curiosity about the POS’s golfing and his golfing companions. DuJan asks on Oct. 1, 2012, “Who are Obama’s golfing buddies and at what clubs did he golf?“:

Today I’m digging up all articles I can find about Barack Obama’s golfing buddies and which clubs he’s golfed at as president. So far, I’ve identified the following men as regular members of Obama’s “foursome”:* Ben Finkenbinder (a staff member in the Press Office…)* David Katz (Department of Energy staff member)* Marvin Nicholson (WH trip director)

It’s such an odd group of (mostly) young men that I’m surprised Larry Sinclair wasn’t invited to “go golfing” too.

[…] the men that Bill Clinton golfed with regularly while he was President. I remember those guys being big power brokers like Vernon Jordan, professional golfers like Arnold Palmer, and big-wigs such as Senators and Governors and the like. Clinton didn’t head to the links with twenty-something male staffers he referred to as “The Finkmeister”. It’s just all so strange.

What were these guys really doing together? Obama’s such a terrible golfer…despite all that time supposedly “golfing”…and it’s bizarre to think random, young guys who are an odd fit for a President’s “friends” would be spending such ridiculous amounts of time together engaged in a activity such as “golfing”.


An article by Garret M. Graff in the August 2011 issue of The Washingtonian gives us more information on Obama’s three most frequent golf companions: Ben Finkenbinder, David Katz, and Marvin Nicholson. I’ve added photos of the three young men to Graff’s account. Finkenbinder’s pic is from Hillbuzz; I found Katz’s and Nicholson’s via Google Image search. Finding a photo of David Katz was very challenging.


Ben Finkenbinder

Day Job: Assistant White House press secretary—a.k.a. press “wrangler,” who gathers reporters for events and trips. [He’s returning to Chicago to work on the POS’s reelection campaign.]
Salary: $50,000
Age: 26
Parents: Son of David Finkenbinder, former executive vice president of the National Mining Association
Hometown: Bethesda
Alma Mater: Macalester College
2004 Campaign Role: Knocked on Minnesota doors for John Kerry ’04.
Handicap (According to Golf Digest): 7
Golf Background: Played in college.
Fun Fact: On the ’08 presidential campaign, he arrived by 3 each morning to begin compiling news clips.



David Katz & Obama (l); Katz (r)

Day Job: Now White House senior policy adviser for manufacturing; formerly energy-efficiency adviser to Energy Secretary Steven Chu
Salary: $92,001
Age: 29
Parents: Son of Lucinda Lee Katz, former director of University of Chicago Laboratory School, which Obama’s daughters attended pre–White House
Hometown: Chicago
Alma Mater: University of Michigan; Stanford (MBA)
2004 Campaign Role: Was Obama’s campaign photographer beginning with his US Senate run.
Handicap (According to Golf Digest): 1.8
Fun Fact: On election night 2008, Katz released 82 behind-the-scenes photos of the Obama family on Flickr.



Marvin Nicholson is the thumbs-up dude

Day Job: White House trip director, who runs every detail of the President’s movements
Salary: $130,000
Age: 39
Parents: His American-born mother, Liz Beatty, and stepfather live in North Saanich, British Columbia.
Hometown: Toronto
Alma Mater: University of Western Ontario
2004 Campaign Role: Was Kerry’s “body man,” or personal aide.
Handicap (According to Golf Digest): 8
Golf Background: Has extensive caddying experience in Vancouver and at Augusta National.
Fun Fact: While working for Kerry, he carried business cards that proclaimed him “chief of stuff.

The golfing companions of previous U.S. presidents who golfed (Nixon, Ford, Clinton, George W.) were all age cohorts of the presidents. But 51-year-old B.S. Obama’s three most frequent golfing companions are 26, 29, and 39, respectively — that is, 12 to 25 years younger. All three young men are single.

As Hillbuzz’s Kevin DuJan remarked: “Hmmm….”