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False flags work: New Zealand sheeple voluntarily surrender their guns after mosque shootings

A false flag, as the term is used in contemporary parlance, is a traumatic public event of mass casualties, the official narrative of which is false, in part or in whole. The objective of false flags is always to rally the public in an outburst of sympathy and support for the government and its agenda, e.g., gun control, opposition to an identified enemy, etc.

If you think the U.S. government would never perpetrate false flags, please read “Operation Northwoods: A true U.S. government conspiracy for those who mock conspiracy theories“.

The recent shootings, on March 14, 2019, of two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in which 50 people were killed and another 50 injured, making the event New Zealand’s deadliest mass shootings in modern history, bears all the marks of being a false flag. See:

Mosque shooter’s shell casings magically vanish into thin air

Predictably, on March 16, two days after the shootings, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared that “our gun laws will change”. On March 18, Ardern said that several “in principle decisions” on gun control have been made by Cabinet ministers, but did not give details. She is being touted for the Nobel Peace Prize by an online petition, started in France, for her “compassionate” response to the mosque shootings and her leadership to change gun laws.

As DCG explained, New Zealand’s weapons legislation is considered more relaxed than most Western countries outside of the USA. Gun owners do need a license but they aren’t required to register their guns — unlike in neighboring Australia where the rate of gun ownership is one for every 8 people, compared with New Zealand’s one gun for every three people.

Like pliant, eager-to-be-led sheep, New Zealanders (Kiwis) have begun voluntarily disarming themselves by surrendering their legally-owned semiautomatic firearms ahead of gun reforms — to Ardern’s praise and approval.

Zero Hedge reports that according to official police figures, nearly 7,000 New Zealanders are legally allowed to own semi-automatic weapons.

John Hart, a sheep and beef farmer, is one of those who voluntarily surrendered their firearms because, as he put it, he “couldn’t in all conscience” keep his semi-automatic rifle after seeing the loss of life in Christchurch. (Stuff)

Hart (@farmgeek) tweeted on March 17:

“Until today I was one of the New Zealanders who owned a semi-automatic rifle. On the farm they are a useful tool in some circumstances, but my convenience doesn’t outweigh the risk of misuse.

Hart said he used his rifle for occasional pest control, but that he doesn’t need semi-automatic weapons on his farm: “Since the events on Friday I had been thinking a lot about the firearms we have here on the farm… They [semi-automatic weapons] are not critical, not if the trade off is loss of life.” While it can be useful “to have a second or third shot”, that is “a minor inconvenience” compared to using a safer bolt-action rifle for the same jobs.

Hart’s tweet elicited some critical responses from other tweeters:

Steph: “Next time there is a rape in New Zealand, make sure to castrate yourself.”

James v dawson: “How exactly is a law abiding citizen turning in his rifle helping?”

CRYptoBABY: “You ignore the most important thing, who owns the remaining guns??? What if there was only one gun in the world (doesn’t get much simpler than that). Who owns that gun? With these regs, all the good guys are being disarmed.”

Colin Holland: “Did the tool cause this piece of scum to shoot up that place? What needs to be given up is the evil and hatred that drives this type of person, not the chunk of metal and wood in his hands.”

To which, other tweeters defended and praised Hart for surrendering his semiautomatic:

Jan: “If only more gun owners could be this reasonable”

Andrew Crebert: “From an Aussie farmer, to a Kiwi farmer, Well done Sir! Bloody well done!”

MiniMe: “And from America, respect and many thanks.”

Bert The Goat: “It shows that there are gun owners who support the measure to remove weapons like the AR from civilian society – it’s a very strong and powerful message. It also shows that there are gun owners who realize that a gun is a tool, nothing more. Not something to be worshipped. I say this as a gun owner my whole life and as a vet. I do not own a semi-auto rifle and do not have a need for one.”

Melanie Weinraub: “At the simplest level, the less guns that are out there, the less chance of a crime being committed. If the number of guns decreases, the thinking that they are a neccessity and not just a convenience also decreases, hopefully allowing for future stricter gun regulation.”

The Hot Water Bottle: “I’m sorry it is so hard for some in the USA to consider the welfare of their fellow citizens in thinking of the laws we should have. It is one of our country’s worst problems.”

Another New Zealander, who calls himself Blackstone @SirWB on Twitter also surrendered his firearm. He tweeted on March 17:

Unlike John Hart, Blackstone has “muted” responses to his tweet, “mostly Americans”, because “I am not interested in talking to NZ or foreign media about this decision of mine” and “Not interested in any reckons from the American gun fraternity“. He wrote:

For all foreigners that are passing their reckons on my decision and giving their views on firearms and there use in NZ. I am not replying to you and you will be muted. You all offer nothing to New Zealand. Had a firearms licence longer than you been alive. Grew up with guns.

New Zealand police advise those who wish to turn in their firearms to first call their local police station or arms officer for advice on safely transporting them for destruction.

The online form for turning in firearms is at https://forms.police.govt.nz/forms/firearms-hand-in.


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