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On July 4, Jeb Bush tweets veiled threat at President Trump

Today is the 243rd anniversary of that first Fourth of July in 1776 when 56 men convened in a hot, stuffy room in Philadelphia to deliberate on and sign the Declaration of Independence.

See “Remembering that first Fourth of July“.

Jeb Bush was the GOP establishment’s choice to be the party’s 2016 presidential candidate. But he lost the Republican primaries to Donald John Trump.

For that, Jeb and the other Bushes never forgave Trump. See:

This is how Jeb Bush chose to honor Independence Day 2019.

At 5:02 AM this morning, Jeb tweeted “Three Presidents Die on July 4th: Just a Coincidence?,” with a link to an article on constitutioncenter.org explaining how three Founding-Father Presidents—John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe—all died on July 4.

Is that a veiled threat directed at President Trump?

Tweeters in response to Jeb certainly think so:

@WillOBurns: “Why the hell would Jeb Bush post this today?”

@dorothymag: “Wow! Code much?”

@MarkDice: “We know you’re wishing for Trump to be added to that list. You and your family are war criminals and traitors to this great country.”

@michaeljashmore: “Wow! Seems like an implied threat!!?

@OGwhiz: “Well, if anything happens to today, guess where they’re going to look first, Jeb. “Projection” says a lot. Shame on you.”

@lauderdaleagent: “Are you threatening our Jeb?!?! Looks like a veiled threat. Reported.”

@DannyH30961773: “Jeb wants killed today

@DomPerty: “Why do you still have a security detail protecting this family when they are threatening the life of our current president?”

@DomPerty: “This was a threat on – It came from a very wealthy, influential person who has many contacts in the government and lots of money to contract someone. If I was employed by the Secret Service and saw this post, it would become suspect and be deemed a credible threat.”

This isn’t the first time passive-aggressive Jeb Bush made a veiled threat against Trump.

On Jan. 22, 2016, in the midst of the GOP primary battles, Jeb tweeted this veiled threat: “I’d be careful Donald”.

See “Jeb Bush’s threat against Trump: ‘I’d be careful Donald’

H/t Summit News


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What did Laura show Jeb at Pres. George H.W. Bush’s funeral?

Yesterday, at former President George H.W. Bush’s funeral, former First Lady Laura Bush showed Jeb Bush a piece of paper (the funeral program?).

In a split second, Jeb’s demeanor drastically changed — from smiling, with his right hand over his heart, to looking shocked and very distraught.

Here’s the video segment:

Whatever that was on the piece of paper was something so obvious and quickly conveyed that all it took was a quick glimpse for Jeb to realize the import.

What was it?


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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Jeb Bush’s threat against Trump: ‘I’d be careful Donald’

I didn’t know this until I saw a retweet of this last night.

A year ago on Jan. 22, 2016, in the midst of the GOP primary battles, Jeb Bush tweeted this veiled threat at his primary election opponent Donald Trump:

Jeb Bush’s tweet provides the context for how to interpret his father George H.W. Bush’s throat-slash hand gesture a month later, at the GOP debate in Houston, Texas.


Stripped of their patrician veneer, the Bushes behave like a mafia crime family.

There are persistent rumors on the net that Barbara Bush is the daughter of British occultist satanist Aleister Crowley, whose motto was “Do As Thou Wilt”.

Barbara’s father was Marvin Pierce, president of the McCall Corporation that published McCall’s and Redbook magazines. It is alleged that in early 1924, Barbara’s mother, Pauline Pierce, visited her friend Nellie O’Hara in Paris, France. Residing in O’Hara’s home at the time was Aleister Crowley.

During Pauline’s visit, Crowley underwent an initiation into the Masonic Ipsissimus Grade — the highest magickal achievement in his Ordo Templi Orientis religious organization. The initiation rite included choosing one or more experienced attendants, charged with arousing and exhausting him sexually by every means possible.

Pauline returned to America, and on June 8, 1925, eight months after Crowley’s initiation, gave birth to a daughter she named Barbara. Barbara Pierce grew up to marry George H. W. Bush, who later became President of the United States, and gave birth to George W. Bush and Jeb Bush.

In the side-by-side pics below, Barbara Bush (top right, bottom left) does bear an uncanny resemblance to Aleister Crowley (top left, bottom right).

Net rumor is that satanist Aleister Crowley was Barbara Bush’s biological father

See also “Barbara Bush says she loves Bill Clinton“.

UPDATE (Jan. 18, 2017):

A day after I published this post, news came that both George H.W. and Barbara Bush are hospitalized: he’s in intensive care for pneumonia; she for “fatigue and coughing”.

Trump tweeted that he’s “looking forward to a speedy recovery” for the two Bushes. (CNN)


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The biggest Wall Street whores among 2016 presidential candidates are…

No. 1: Jeb Bush, Republican

No. 2: Hillary Clinton, Democrat

No. 3: Ted Cruz, Republican

No. 4: Marco Rubio, Republican

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Wall Street or the securities and investment industry dominates the campaign contribution money race, having given $102 million to the 2016 presidential candidates and their super PACs.

Here’s another clearer graph (source: ZeroHedge):

Still think there’s a difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Still think Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are for the “little guy”?

Donald Trump has received the least amount of money from Wall Street and, therefore, is the least beholden to Goldman Sachs, et al.

See also:

On January 12, 2016, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act — a bill that would have given Congress the authority to audit the Federal Reserve — fell 7 votes shy of clearing the 60-vote threshold needed to advance out of the chamber. The vote was 53-44.

The 44 senators who voted “No” are all Democrats.

Spearheaded by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), the bill, if passed, would have expanded oversight over the central bank and, for the first time, empowered the Government Accountability Office to audit the Federal Reserve.

This was how the 2016 presidential candidates who are senators voted (source: The Daily Signal):

  • Rand Paul (R-KY), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voted “Yes”.
  • Ted Cruz (R-TX) initially said he would vote “Yes,” but ended up not voting.

See also:


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The full context of what Ben Carson said about Terri Schiavo

Ben Carson is in another controversy.
This time it’s over what he said about the tragic case of Terri Schiavo — the woman who died in 2005 from dehydration and starvation, after years of legal and political battles, and 15 years after slipping into a coma that doctors later called a persistent vegetative state.
Terri Schiavo
On Nov. 14, 2015, Adam C. Smith of the Tampa Bay Times reported that Carson disagreed with then-Florida governor Jeb Bush’ attempt to bypass court rulings to force the re-insertion of feeding tubes for Schiavo, and referred to the Terri Schiavo case as “much ado about nothing.”
Consistent with his reaction in previous controversies, Carson insisted in an exclusive to LifeSiteNews on Nov. 18 that his remarks had been “taken out of context and misinterpreted.” He said: “When I used the term ‘much ado about nothing,’ my point was that the media tried to create the impression that the pro-life community was nutty and going way overboard with the support of the patient.”
Ben Johnson reports for LifeSiteNews, Nov. 19, 2015, that some pro-life leaders remained uneasy after hearing Carson’s explanation, and numerous LifeSiteNews readers said they wished they could know “the context” via a full recording of the exchange between the Tampa Bay Times (TBT) reporter and Ben Carson.
The same day, Nov. 19, TBT reporter Adam C. Smith posted a full transcript of the exchange with Carson during the Florida GOP’s Sunshine Summit conference:

Times: Dr. Carson, a few years ago when Gov. Bush was in charge of the state, he and the Florida Legislature moved to overturn the court decision on Terri Schiavo to force the feeding tube to be reinserted. What was your view of that as a doctor at the time?
Carson: Well, I said at the time, “We face those kinds of issues all the time and while I don’t believe in euthanasia, you have to recognize that people that are in that condition do have a series of medical problems that occur that will take them out. And your job is to keep them comfortable throughout that process and not to treat everything that comes up.”
Times: Did you think it was appropriate for Congress and the Legislature to
Carson: I don’t think it needed to get to that level. I think it was much ado about nothing. Those things are taken care of every single day just the way I described.

From the transcript above, by “much ado about nothing,” Carson clearly was referring to the efforts by then Florida governor Jeb Bush to intervene in the Schiavo case in order to save her life.
Schiavo’s brother, Bobby Schindler, who leads the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network and has praised Governor Bush’s handling of his sister’s case, said in a column that Carson’s followup comments are not reassuring. Schindler wrote in TBT‘s Buzz blog:

“I have deep respect for the accomplishments and commitment Dr. Carson has shown for life. But our family remains deeply troubled that in seeking to clarify his remarks, he has not unequivocally condemned what happened to my sister. In fact, his suggestion that simple ‘consensus’ among family members and health care providers could justify what happened to my sister is problematic. If I had agreed with Michael Schiavo (Terri’s husband) to starve and dehydrate my sister to death, would that have made it right?”

Orlando lawyer, John Stemberger, one of Florida’s most prominent social conservative activists, said Carson’s Schiavo comments have seriously damaged his appeal to many voters:

“I like Ben Carson a lot, but it is very disappointing that he does not even understand the basic pro-life principle that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. Terri was never in an active dying process. She was a severely disabled person who was killed through the brutal and painful process of starvation and dehydration. While Ben Carson may think this is ‘much to do about nothing,’ for most pro-life voters, it morally disqualifies him as a candidate. He is not thinking clearly about this matter and should reconsider his careless comments.”

Ben Carson has a painting in his home of himself in the foreground, with Jesus standing behind him.

Painting of young Carson and Jesus in hallway

Painting of young Carson and Jesus in hallway

Would our Lord Jesus Christ call Bush’s and others’ efforts to rescue Terri Schiavo “much ado about nothing”?
There are also important policy reasons for conservatives to be skeptical about Ben Carson, see Kelleigh Nelson’s article in NewsWithViews.

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Daniels Drops Out; GOP Old Guard Frantic for Replacement RINO

Thanks Tom..LOL

Editor’s note
As I was saying on another thread that the GOP will only back RINOs. The GOP is falling apart and/or pulling a Newt. They want Romney, but he will be crushed. Please America, time to put the boots on. We are going to have to  fight like it’s for all the marbles. That means donating…even if it’s a buck. Donate money, time, anything, because I think we have a very good chance with a third party or tea party platform. It’s time to put these RINO bastards out to pasture, or better yet, let them go with Skippy to the big outhouse.
The Anguish of the RINOs.
Posted by Judson Phillips on May 22, 2011 at 1:54pm in Tea Party Nation Forum Send Message View Discussions
There is a sound heard all across America today. No, it is not the cicadas, which in some parts of the country are rising from their 13-year slumber. It is the sound of establishment Republicans crying.
Mitch Daniels isn’t running for President.
In a midnight email, Daniels told supporters of his decision. His reasons were personal. His wife and his four daughters did not want him to and it is hard to undertake running for President with anything less than full family support.
The establishment spinmeisters have gone into warp speed to try and spin this and pressure another establishment candidate to run. The Daily Caller’s headline read, “In the wake of Daniels’ announcement, will GOP turn to dream candidates?” Of course their idea of dream candidates included Paul Ryan (not running), Chris Christie (thankfully not running) and Jeb Bush (please never another Bush anywhere near the White House).
Politico featured a similar story with a similar cast (Substitute Rick Perry for Jeb Bush, and Perry has said he isn’t running).
On Meet the Press, or as Rush Limbaugh likes to call it, Meet the Depressed, GOP consultant Mike Murphy parroted the establishment lines. First, the race would come down to the three establishment candidates, Romney, Huntsman and Pawlenty and there would be one candidate there for “entertainment value,” possibly Herman Cain.
There is fear and loathing in the establishment. Fear because they know they do not have a good candidate. Romney manages to raise a lot of money but everyone knows that if he is the nominee, the Obama team is going to beat him to death with Romneycare. Huntsman is a joke. He is the poster child for being a RINO. He once wrote fan boy letters to Obama telling him what a great leader he is. Team Obama will beat him to death with his own quotes about the greatness of Obama. Pawlenty seems like a nice guy, but he has the political firepower of a dead armadillo.
The establishment loathing of the Tea Party could not be more obvious. While the GOP cannot seem to get out any type of messaging to oppose the Obama regime, they are doing a good job of trying to message against anyone with Tea Party support. Charles Krauthammer used the term “entertainment value” on Herman Cain’s candidacy. He also used a similar term referring to Donald Trump’s candidacy, as Trump started surging in the polls. Expect a similar treatment for Michele Bachmann, if and when she starts to surge in the polls.
The GOP establishment does not get it and is doing its best to relegate the GOP to history right next to the Whig party it replaced. There is a huge disconnect between the establishment and the rank and file GOP as well as conservative Americans. Earth to GOP: This is your base.
The GOP base loved it when we heard Donald Trump rip the Chinese or for that matter Obama. The rank and file love Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann when they do the same thing. The base wants the GOP to go after the other side. The base is ready for a fight. The base wants to get into a fight. The base wants to win this fight.
Meanwhile, the establishment Republicans, Romney, Gingrich, Huntsman and Pawlenty stagger around like freshly castrated cattle, wondering what has happened to an important part of their anatomy.
The GOP needs to understand, this election is a cross roads for it. If the GOP establishment pushes another legacy candidate like Romney or another RINO like Huntsman or Pawlenty, the conservative base will bolt from the GOP. Unless the GOP buys a clue and returns to its conservative roots and nominates a real conservative fighter for President, by 2016, there will be a third party in this country…
The GOP.

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