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US Soldier in intensive care after attack outside restaurant in Tacoma

Hope they catch the cowards.

 Specialist Korry McClanahan

Specialist Korry McClanahan

From KIRO TV: He doesn’t look like my son right now,” said Lisa Senecal while in tears from her son’s bedside.  Specialist Korry McClanahan, 25, is motionless in bed, his head wrapped in gauze. Until late Friday night, he spent almost every day working out. Now his family doesn’t know if he’ll ever move again.
McClanahan got to Joint Base Lewis-McChord from Fort Hood, Texas, a few weeks ago. On Friday he and another soldier went to Steel Creek American Whiskey Co. in downtown Tacoma to play pool. At about midnight they went outside to smoke.
The other soldier says a group of six men, speaking in Russian, approached them and started picking a fight. The soldier says he and McClanahan wanted no part of it and tried to walk away.
The group followed and “bum rushed” them.  He says McClanahan was punched in the face. He was knocked out. When he fell, his head slammed into the ground.         
The soldier says the men piled into a black Infiniti G35, model year 2005 or 2006. They sped off. He called 911. And McClanahan has not spoken since.
“They don’t know what the long term affect is going to be,” said his mother. She says her son has not responded to any commands. He has opened his eyes but does not seem to comprehend or react to anything.            
She’s been whispering to him, telling him she loves him and he needs to get better for his own 4-year-old son.
She’s barely slept; worried she’ll miss some movement or communication from her son. Exhausted and in tears, she said she still wanted to talk to KIRO 7 because “no mother, no father, no family should have to go through what our family is going through.” She broke down, and barely managed to say, “They need to be caught.”
Tacoma police say an investigator has just gotten the case. They would not disclose any other information.           
KIRO 7 went to Still Creek Grill and saw surveillance cameras inside the restaurant. Employees made it clear that the attack happened off their property and would not say whether the cameras had gotten images of the suspects inside the restaurant before the attack. An employee did say they were cooperating with police.
Senecal has no doubt that someone out there knows who put her son in the hospital. “They need to come forward because these men that did this need to be caught. If they aren’t caught they’ll just do this to someone else.”

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Medal of Honor


Obama awards JBLM sergeant with Medal of Honor

President Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Honor Tuesday to a Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) Army sergeant who lost his hand in Afghanistan when he tried to toss an enemy grenade away from himself and two colleagues.

“Today, we honor a singular act of gallantry,” Obama said. “The Medal of Honor reflects the deepest gratitude of our nation.” Sgt. 1st Class Leroy Arthur Petry is the second living, active-duty service member to receive the nation’s highest military decoration for actions in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

Petry was being recognized for courageous actions during combat operations against an armed enemy in the eastern Afghan province of Paktia in May 2008. The 31-year-old was shot in both legs and then lost a hand while throwing an enemy grenade away from himself and two fellow Army Rangers – all the while continuing to call out orders so that his unit could fulfill its mission, according to soldiers who served with him. “Leroy Petry showed that true heroes still exist and they are closer than you think,” Obama said.

Petry was serving with the 75th Ranger Regiment when he was wounded during a rare daylight raid to capture a high-value target. Petry was clearing the courtyard of a targeted compound with Pvt. 1st Class Lucas Robinson when they came under fire. A bullet pierced both of Petry’s legs, and he and Robinson took cover by a chicken coop. As Sgt. Daniel Higgins arrived, a grenade was thrown from the other side of the coop, landed about 30 feet away and exploded, wounding Higgins and Robinson. A second grenade landed even closer to the three wounded Rangers – just a few feet away. Petry grabbed it and tried to toss it away, but it exploded in his hand.

To be singled out is very humbling. I consider every one of our men and women in uniform serving here, abroad, to be our heroes,” Petry said. “They sacrifice every day and deserve your continued support and recognition.”

Despite being eligible for a medical discharge, he has chosen to stay on active duty and is working near his unit at JBLM helping injured soldiers adjust to life after battle.

What a true hero and an inspiration for us!  God Bless him and his family.


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Terrorist Attack in Seattle Thwarted


Wanna-be terrorist Khalid Abdul-Latif

2 men accused in plot to attack Seattle recruiting station

Good job by law enforcement and the witness that came forward in preventing this from happening.  In Seattle, two men were arrested Wednesday night and accused of plotting to attack a Seattle military recruiting station with machine guns and grenades, federal officials said.

Federal prosecutors identified the two as Khalid Abdul-Latif, aka Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, of Seattle, and Walli Mujahidh, aka Frederick Domingue, Jr., 32, of Los Angeles.

Both were charged in federal court Thursday with terrorism, conspiracy to murder officers and employees of the United States, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and firearms charges.

The complaint states that Abdul-Latif and Mujahidh purchased machine guns and planned to use them in an attack on the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) on East Marginal Way in Seattle, which also houses a day care center.

United States Attorney Jenny A. Durkan said in a statement that law enforcement officials had been monitoring the pair after receiving a tip from someone who said they had been approached about participating in the attack. That person then worked with law enforcement to help foil the plot. Unbeknownst to the suspects, their weapons also were rendered inoperable and posed no risk to the public.

Federal prosecutors said the two suspects initially planned an attack on Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), but later changed targets. The pair intended to carry out their attack with both grenades and machine guns, according to prosecutors.

Mujahidh sent a text message saying, “Everything is fine just waiting to be with you brothers for the sake of Allah. … Allah grant us success in what we go forth to accomplish,” according to court documents.

Driven by a violent, extreme ideology, these two young Americans are charged with plotting to murder men and women who were enlisting in the Armed Forces to serve and protect our country. This is one of a number of recent plots targeting our military here at home,” said Todd Hinnen, acting assistant attorney general for national security.

Well since Mr. Hinnen won’t say it, I will: These young Muslim Americans were driven by radical Islam to kill fellow Americans.  It’s called JIHAD. Thank God this plot was foiled.


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