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Was That a Fake Baby Bump?

Here’s something totally non-political for a Friday….
Beyoncé is a very popular pop singer and actress. I’ve never listened to her, other than her serenading Barry and Moochelle as the “First Couple” danced at his 2009 inaugural ball.
But I do know that Beyoncé’s husband is Jay-Z, a wildly successful rapper, record producer and entrepreneur, because of the sinister name of one of his songs, “Lucifer,” and the occult symbolism in his music.
Beyoncé says she’s pregnant and is due to give birth in February, which means she’s in her second trimester.
Earlier this week, she appeared on the Australian talk show “Sunday Night HD.” As Beyoncé sat down before her interviewer, her baby bump appeared to collapse, fueling rumors that she’s wearing a prosthetic belly, and that she and Jay-Z had hired a surrogate to carry the baby, their first.
Here are pics of her sitting down, showing the peculiar collapsed baby bump. To watch an ABCNews video of this, click here.

I know this belongs in the category of Pop Culture Trivia, but it just looks weird to me. I wonder what readers of FOTM who have carried a pregnancy to term think. Let’s hear from you!

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