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Ron Paul Gets Vicious

Ronald Reagan says there’s an 11th Commandment for Republicans: “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.”
On Friday, Dec. 16, 2011, appearing on NBC’s Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the nominally Republican (but really Libertarian) candidate Ron Paul was asked what he thought of his opponents with whom he’s competing to be the GOP presidential nominee.
Paul described Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as, respectively, a former Massachusetts governor and former Speaker of the House.
Then, stripping off his genial avuncular mask, Paul turned vicious.
About Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, he had three words: “She hates Muslims.” About former U.S. Senator Rich Santorum, Paul had five words: “He hates gays and Muslims.”
So Ron Paul now can read what’s in another’s heart?
By the way, Ron Paul supporters like to tout their man as being a Constitutionalist. Do they know that Paul thinks it’s “irrelevant” whether Obama is constitutionally eligible to be President?
H/t FOTM’s beloved Sage_brush.

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