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Bernie Sanders shirtless in the Soviet Union: 1988 video

Top Rope Travis is a rabid leftist who voted for avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) in the 2016 primary election, and who is part of a campaign to draft Beto O’Rourke to run for the presidency in 2020 (@RunBeto2020).

A former 3-term representative for Texas’s 16th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, O’Rourke narrowly lost the 2018 Texas Senate race to Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. See him dressed up as the Baphomet here.

On January 28, 2019, Travis tweeted a video of then 47-year-old Bernie Sanders with a group of other Vermonters, in a visit to the former Soviet Union in 1988.

The group was an official delegation from Burlington, VT, led by Sanders, their mayor. The trip was also a honeymoon as Sanders had just married his second (and current) wife, Jane, who would go on to become the ignoble, $160k/year president of Burlington College, from which she resigned in 2011, leaving the college with a crushing debt that led to its closure in 2016.

The video shows Sanders and his group sitting at a table, chatting and singing.

For some bizarre reason, Sanders and other men in the group are shirtless, exposing their naked torsos. We hope it was just their torsos that were naked.

The video clip ends with the group singing “This land is my land”.

Travis has since deleted that tweet.

See also “Wealth-bashing Bernie Sanders is a millionaire“.


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Report claims Bernie's wife attempted to evict disabled group home residents

Jane and Bernie Sanders

Jane and Bernie Sanders, faux socialists

Well, this is an interesting development in the “political witch hunt” against him and his wife. Apparently there was no room in one of the Sanders’ three homes to help out the disabled residents…
From Fox News: Sen. Bernie Sanders’s wife has been accused of heartlessly trying to boot disabled group home residents when she was president of a Vermont college and closed on a real estate deal now under FBI scrutiny.
The home with 16 residents was on property Jane O’Meara Sanders purchased for Burlington College in 2010 as part of an expansion project, the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch claimed Thursday.
Reports this week say Sanders is under FBI investigation in connection with her role in securing financing for the project which didn’t pan out and led to the college’s closure.
Sanders and Sen. Sanders have reportedly hired defense attorneys in connection with the probe. Sen. Sanders called the accusations against his wife “pretty pathetic” and politically motivated.
Judicial Watch says Mrs. Sanders sent a letter to an attorney representing the HowardCenter group home in January 2011, saying she was having trouble evicting the 16 residents.
“It is simply not fair to expect the College to continue to carry the burden of the expenses associated with housing both you population and ours until February 2012,” she said in the letter Judicial Watch obtained under a public records request.
“The home for the disabled was being leased from the diocese and Jane was supposed to help relocate the residents, not evict them,” Judicial Watch reported. The group contended the comments showed Mrs. Sanders’ heartlessness.
The office of Sen. Sanders, I-Vt., did not return a request for comment.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Vermont initiated eviction proceedings against HowardCenter after selling the 32-acre property to Burlington College, Vermont’s alternative weekly Seven Days reported in March, 2011. The eviction notice gave HowardCenter until November 2010 to leave.
But the diocese extended the notice after HowardCenter said it needed more time to find another home, the paper reported.
Mrs. Sanders was chagrined to be caught up in what amounted to an eviction of mentally disabled tenants, according to the paper.
“We are not trying to be the bad guys here,” she was quoted as saying.  “We have always said that we’d be helpful and we’d try to help them as they found a new home — and we have. At first, we agreed to delay for one semester, and even that was pushing it for us. Six months beyond that is not realistic.”
Sanders  told the weekly that Burlington and the diocese had made financial sacrifices to allow HowardCenter to stay past the eviction date.
“We thought a year’s time was appropriate, and it’s worrisome that they haven’t found a place yet, but there is really no choice any longer,” she was quoted as saying.

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Wealth-bashing Bernie Sanders is a millionaire

Hypocrite (definition):
A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

Jane and Bernie Sanders

Jane and Bernie Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders identifies as a socialist, but is campaigning for the presidency as a Democrat.
As Kerri Anne Renzuli, reporting for Time magazine, points out, Sanders “rails against the ‘billionaire class,'” calls income inequality “the greatest moral issue of our time,” and has made a big point of contrasting his modest income against his competitors in this election.
While Sanders is indeed far less wealthy than multi-millionaire Hillary Clinton and many of his Senate colleagues, he is not the man of modest means he pretends to be. Even worse, his pretense is engineered via lies of omission.
Sanders and his wife, Jane — a retired educator and college president — claimed an income of $200,000 for 2014, comprised of:

  • Sanders’ $174,000 salary as a senator.
  • $5,000 a year pension payment from his stint as mayor of Burlington, Vt.
  • He and his wife’s Social Security benefits. (Bernie is 74, Jane is 65).

In July 2015, Politico reported that on his presidential personal financial disclosure form, Sanders claimed total assets of less than $750,000 ($194,026 to $741,030) — a broad combination of investment funds, all in his wife’s name — and $25,002-$65,000 in credit card debt on his Visa cards.
But Sanders left out his other assets, which tell a different story. They consist of the following:

  1. Sanders’ government retirement savings account — the well-regarded 401(k)-like Thrift Savings Plan — estimated to be $500,000 to more than $700,000 by the end of 2015, thanks in part to the government’s matching contributions.
  2. The pension Sanders will receive when he retires from Congress, estimated to be $71,340 a year.
  3. His wife’s retirement funds of an unknown amount from being a college provost, interim president, and president.

The Sanders also own at least 2 homes — in Vermont and on Capitol Hill. In July 2015, on MSNBC yesterday, Jane Sanders mentioned a third home — a condo that she and her husband recently sold, which would likely inflate their net worth (even at the lower estimates) to over a million dollars.
Altogether, Time magazine estimates Bernie and Jane Sanders’ effective retirement nest egg could be $2 million, which is well above the U.S. average. About half of U.S. households 55 and older have no retirement savings, according to a GAO report released last summer. And of those who do, households age 65-74 had a median $148,000 saved.
Even Sanders’ annual pension alone would be far above the $36,895 that the median American household with at least one member over 65 earns in a year, according to the Pension Rights Center.
All of which led Time to call Bernie Sanders “a de facto millionaire”.
H/t FOTM‘s Dave

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