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Just what we need: More Hollyweirdos telling us how #ITakeResponsibility

Since these libtards aren’t filming, they’ve teamed up with NAACP to create another cringe-worthy black & white video to lecture us. This time they want to tell you about how you can take responsibility for your inherent racism, or something.

Fun fact: Libtard Kristen Bell (who appears in this video first at the :15 mark) was the voice of Molly from the cartoon, Central Park. From a review of the show: Daughter Molly (Kristen Bell) is dealing with aspects of her biracial identity through a comic series she doodles, while son Cole (Tituss Burgess) is full of love, which becomes a problem when he adopts a missing dog that happens to belong to the nefarious Bitsy Brandenham (Stanley Tucci – who also appears in this NAACP video), a diminutive billionaire with designs on taking over and commercializing Central Park.”

Here’s the character Kristen represented:

Wonder if Kristen, in her desire to take responsibility, will forego any future Hollyweird biracial character jobs in order for a TRUE biracial women to secure the job. Guess that might depend upon how much the gig pay$.

Since you probably won’t recognize most of the “celebrities” in this video, there a list of them here (if you care).

Rob Smith has the perfect response to these celebrities: “Just not be an a@@hole.”

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