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Islamic Thinkers Society Planning Protest at White House

An extremist group from New York City known as the Islamic Thinkers Society has announced a march on the White House set for March 3. The agenda for this protest is to call for Sharia law in the United States to conform with the overall goal of a global Muslim caliphate.

courtesy CNN

While it might be tempting to laugh this off as a few harmless goons, the influence of this particular group should not be underestimated. The photo above shows two confirmed terrorists who got arrested at JFK airport in June 2010. One week before getting arrested, they were spotted with disturbing  paraphernalia at a rally organized by none other than the Islamic Thinkers Society.

Police and terrorism trackers have been watching the group for years. As far back as 2005, even the New York Times was worried enough to cover it. Reporter Andrea Elliot noted “it bears a  strong resemblance to Islamist movements in England that try to unite Muslims by inciting anger.”

The Militant Islam Monitor blog has an interesting entry which deals in how this group is connected to jihad efforts at large. It has close ties to outlawed European groups, and though it supposedly rejects outright violence, its belief statement sounds like a carbon copy of Al Qaeda’s.

After the arrests in 2010, CNN reported this:

While they have few full-time members and their rallies are sometimes sparsely attended, the Islamic Thinkers Society and Revolution Muslim have thousands of followers online, many of them American. According to counterterrorism officials they also organize private gatherings in the greater New York area.

Apparently the group’s popularity keeps going up. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, celebrity jihadist Anjem Choudary – the guy who had that massive cat fight with Sean Hannity on Fox – is planning to attend the March 3 protest.

If this rally does indeed happen (particularly if Choudary attends) it will mark the day people will eventually see as the beginning of Muslim riots in America.

yes, they are so far gone they think Obama is a Zionist

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