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US Drone Brought Down by Electronic Warfare Ambush

UPDATE (12.12.2011):
Obama administration asks Iran to, pretty please, return the drone. Iran says up yours. Go here for story.
UPDATE (12.15.2011):
An Iranian engineer says Iran had hijacked the US drone, by “spoofing” it into landing in enemy territory instead of its home base in Afghanistan. Go here for story.

Iran displays captured U.S. drone

The era of electronic warfare is on us.
That U.S. stealth drone captured by Iran last Sunday, Dec. 4, had been brought down by an electronic warfare ambush. This confirms Tehran’s claim that the top-secret RQ-170 Sentinel was downed by a cyber attack.
DEBKAfile reports, December 8, 2011, that Iran exhibited the drone and its almost perfect condition refutes the US military contention that the Sentinel’s systems had malfunctioned. If this had happened, it would have crashed and either been wrecked or damaged.
The capture of the intact drone is a major debacle for the stealth technology the US uses in its warplanes and the drone technology developed by the US and Israel, who are now obliged to make major changes in plans for a potential strike against Iran’s nuclear program.

The Obama administration’s decision after internal debate not to send US commando or air units into Iran to retrieve or destroy the secret RQ-170 stealth drone which fell into Iranian hands has strengthened the hands of the Israeli faction which argues the case for striking Iran’s nuclear installations without waiting for the Americans to make their move.
Senior Israeli diplomatic and security officials who followed the discussion in Washington concluded that, by failing to act, the administration has left Iran not only with the secrets of the Sentinel’s stealth coating, its sensors and cameras, but also with the data stored in its computer cells on targets marked out by the US and/or Israeli for attack.
Like every clandestine weapons system, the RQ-170 had a self-destruct mechanism to prevent its secrets spilling out to the enemy in the event of a crash or capture. This did not happen. Tehran claimed the spy drone was only slightly damaged when they downed it.
How did Iran know the drone had entered its airspace? How was it caused to land? Most of all, why did the craft’s self-destruct mechanism which is programmed to activate automatically fail to work? And if it malfunctioned, why was it not activated by remote control?
A senior Israeli security official had this to say: “Everything that’s happened around the RQ-170 shows that when it comes to Iran and its nuclear program, the Obama administration and Israel have different objectives. On this issue, each country needs to go its own way.” 
That sounds ominous….
UPDATE (Dec. 11, 2011):
The AFP reports from Tehran that Iranian military officials confirm that the drone — displaying little damage in state media images – had not been shot down as first asserted, but rather had its controls hacked by a Revolutionary Guards cyber unit.
For their part, Obama administration officials are skeptical at Iran’s claims that it had broken through encryption technology to seize control of the aircraft, instead hypothesizing that the drone suffered a malfunction. But none was able to explain how the drone – programmed to either automatically return to its base in Afghanistan or possibly even self-destruct – was recovered by the Iranians.

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OPEC, Iran and Iraq – No Man's Land for the MSM?

I don’t recall this being covered in the American MSM in August.  They were pre-occupied with Bambi’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation.   
From the British press, I just came across two related stories that may have to do with Obama’s recent announcement of pulling out troops from Iraq by the end of December.    What do you think?   ~LTG

Qassem Suleimani: the Iranian general ‘secretly running’ Iraq

7/28/2011   Martin Chulov reports on the elusive Iranian with so much Iraqi influence that Baghdadis believe he is controlling the country.  Whole Story Here

Iran revolutionary guards commander becomes new president of Opec

8/3/2011     Rostam Ghasemi joins Ahmadinejad cabinet as oil minister, automatically making him head of global oil organisation.   Whole Story Here


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Al Qaeda to Mahmoud: Zip It!


Camel hygienist at work

It seems the 7th Century bass-ackward illiterate camel-washers behind the 9/11 attacks on our country are not a little irritated at Ackhmedinnadinnjerjacket for repeatedly saying that the US was responsible for said attacks.
Via nydailynews.com:

Al Qaeda wants Iran’s bombastic leader to stop saying the U.S. was behind 9/11.
That’s because the terror group wants sole responsibility for the horrific attacks.
In the latest issue of its English-language magazine, Inspire, Al Qaeda lit into Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s repeated statements that 9/11 was the work of the American government.
“Al Qaeda … succeeded in what Iran couldn’t,” wrote an author named Abu Suhail, the Jerusalem Post reported. “Therefore it was necessary for the Iranians to discredit 9/11 and what better way to do so? Conspiracy theories.”
The article accused Iran of merely being “jealous” of Al Qaeda, according to ABC News.
“For them, Al Qaeda was a competitor for the hearts and minds of the disenfranchised Muslims around the world,” Suhail wrote.
Ahmadinejad has spoken several times about 9/11 over the years, most recently during his visit to the UN.
During his speech, he said those who question the official story of Sept. 11 are treated to “sanctions and military actions,” and noted the U.S. killed Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden instead of bringing him to trial.
Nearly 3,000 people died on Sept. 11, 2001, when hijackers took over three passenger jets and crashed them into the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. A fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania when the passengers fought back against the terrorists.

No, you really cannot make this stuff up.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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Iran Snatching Up Libyan SAMs?

I posted yesterday concerning 20,000 portable surface-to-air missiles that had gone missing in Libya.
In doing a little follow-up, I ran across a story that suggests some of the missing missiles have fallen into the hands of the Iranian Hitler, and have been transferred to the Sudan.
Via telegraph.co.uk:

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have stolen dozens of sophisticated Russian-made surface-to-air missiles from Libya and smuggled them across the border to neighbouring Sudan, according to Western intelligence reports.
The weapons were seized by units attached to the Guards’ elite Quds Force, which travelled to Libya from their base in southern Sudan.
Acting on orders received from Revolutionary Guards commanders in Iran, they took advantage of the chaos that engulfed Libya following the collapse of the regime of former dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to seize “significant quantities” of advanced weaponry, according to military intelligence officers in Libya.
They say the weapons stolen by Iran include sophisticated Russian-made SA-24 missiles that were sold to Libya in 2004. The missile can shoot down aircraft flying at 11,000 feet, and is regarded as the Russian equivalent of the American “stinger” missiles that were used by the US-backed mujahideen to defeat Soviet forces in Afghanistan in the 1980s. It is similar to the weapon used by al-Qaeda in the failed attempt to shoot down an Israeli passenger jet taking off from Kenya’s Mombasa airport in 2002.
Intelligence officials believe the missiles and other weapons seized from Gaddafi’s abandoned arsenals were smuggled across the Libyan border to southern Sudan earlier this month where they are now believed to be held at a secret storage facility run by the Revolutionary Guards at al-Fashir, the capital of North Darfur. Some of the missiles are also reported to have been smuggled into Egypt.
The governments of Iran and Sudan recently signed a defence cooperation pact, and hundreds of Revolutionary Guards are based in Sudan where they help to train the Sudanese military and help to support the Sudanese government’s campaign against rebel groups. The Guards also have a number of training camps that are used to train Islamist terror groups.
Intelligence officials now fear that the missiles and other weapons will fall into the hands of extremists and will be used to carry out terror attacks.
In the past Iran has been accused of smuggling weapons from Sudan to the Gaza Strip, where they have been used to launch attacks against Israel. In 2009 Israeli warplanes bombed an Iranian arms convoy in Sudan that was carrying weapons to Hamas militants based in Gaza.

You can read the rest at this link.

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PM Netanyahu's Stinging Speech to the UN

Last Friday, the Palestinians formally presented to the United Nations their “demand” for statehood, based on the borders that existed before the 1967 Six-Day War. Such a state would mean Israel’s reversion to its pre-1967 borders. That, in turn, means that, with the West Bank gone, Israel’s mid-section is severely narrowed. Lacking strategic depth, the state of Israel will be territorially indefensible, as you can see by the red arrow in this map:

There is also the small matter [sarcasm!] of a Palestinian state that vows its eternal enmity to Israel….
This is Israel’s rebuttal, delivered by its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the UN, September 23, 2011, 4:08 p.m.:
Netanyahu made these important points:

  1. We can’t just wish for peace. Peace can only be achieved via security.
  2. A Palestinian state would render Israel indefensible (no strategic depth).
  3. Palestinians keep vowing to destroy Israel and refusing to negotiate.
  4. Conclusion: There can only be a Palestinian state if and after Palestinians and Israel have negotiated a peace settlement.

In his speech, Netanyahu especially dealt a stinging rebuke at the UN which deserves wider attention. Here are some choice excerpts from his speech:
“I extend my hand to the Palestinian people, with whom we seek a just and lasting peace.
Ladies and gentlemen, in Israel our hope for peace never wanes. Our scientists, doctors, innovators, apply their genius to improve the world of tomorrow. Our artists, our writers, enrich the heritage of humanity. Now, I know that this is not exactly the image of Israel that is often portrayed in this hall. After all, it was here in 1975 that the age-old yearning of my people to restore our national life in our ancient biblical homeland — it was then that this was braided — branded, rather — shamefully, as racism. And it was here in 1980, right here, that the historic peace agreement between Israel and Egypt wasn’t praised; it was denounced! And it’s here year after year that Israel is unjustly singled out for condemnation. It’s singled out for condemnation more often than all the nations of the world combined. Twenty-one out of the 27 General Assembly resolutions condemn Israel — the one true democracy in the Middle East.
Well, this is an unfortunate part of the U.N. institution. It’s the — the theater of the absurd. It doesn’t only cast Israel as the villain; it often casts real villains in leading roles: Gadhafi’s Libya chaired the U.N. Commission on Human Rights; Saddam’s Iraq headed the U.N. Committee on Disarmament.
You might say: That’s the past. Well, here’s what’s happening now — right now, today. Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon now presides over the U.N. Security Council. This means, in effect, that a terror organization presides over the body entrusted with guaranteeing the world’s security.
You couldn’t make this thing up.
So here in the U.N., automatic majorities can decide anything. They can decide that the sun sets in the west or rises in the west. I think the first has already been pre-ordained. But they can also decide — they have decided that the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest place, is occupied Palestinian territory.
And yet even here in the General Assembly, the truth can sometimes break through. In 1984 when I was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, I visited the great rabbi of Lubavich. He said to me… you’ll be serving in a house of many lies. And then he said, remember that even in the darkest place, the light of a single candle can be seen far and wide.
Today I hope that the light of truth will shine, if only for a few minutes, in a hall that for too long has been a place of darkness for my country. So as Israel’s prime minister, I didn’t come here to win applause. I came here to speak the truth. (Cheers, applause.) The truth is — the truth is that Israel wants peace. The truth is that I want peace. The truth is that in the Middle East at all times, but especially during these turbulent days, peace must be anchored in security. The truth is that we cannot achieve peace through U.N. resolutions, but only through direct negotiations between the parties. The truth is that so far the Palestinians have refused to negotiate. The truth is that Israel wants peace with a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians want a state without peace. And the truth is you shouldn’t let that happen.
…a malignancy is now growing between East and West that threatens the peace of all. It seeks not to liberate, but to enslave, not to build, but to destroy.
That malignancy is militant Islam. It cloaks itself in the mantle of a great faith, yet it murders Jews, Christians and Muslims alike with unforgiving impartiality. On September 11th it killed thousands of Americans, and it left the twin towers in smoldering ruins. Last night I laid a wreath on the 9/11 memorial. It was deeply moving. But as I was going there, one thing echoed in my mind: the outrageous words of the president of Iran on this podium yesterday. He implied that 9/11 was an American conspiracy. Some of you left this hall. All of you should have. (Applause.)
Since 9/11, militant Islamists slaughtered countless other innocents — in London and Madrid, in Baghdad and Mumbai, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in every part of Israel. I believe that the greatest danger facing our world is that this fanaticism will arm itself with nuclear weapons. And this is precisely what Iran is trying to do.
Can you imagine that man who ranted here yesterday — can you imagine him armed with nuclear weapons? The international community must stop Iran before it’s too late. If Iran is not stopped, we will all face the specter of nuclear terrorism, and the Arab Spring could soon become an Iranian winter. That would be a tragedy. Millions of Arabs have taken to the streets to replace tyranny with liberty, and no one would benefit more than Israel if those committed to freedom and peace would prevail.
This is my fervent hope. But as the prime minister of Israel, I cannot risk the future of the Jewish state on wishful thinking. Leaders must see reality as it is, not as it ought to be. We must do our best to shape the future, but we cannot wish away the dangers of the present.
And the world around Israel is definitely becoming more dangerous. Militant Islam has already taken over Lebanon and Gaza. It’s determined to tear apart the peace treaties between Israel and Egypt and between Israel and Jordan. It’s poisoned many Arab minds against Jews and Israel, against America and the West. It opposes not the policies of Israel but the existence of Israel.
Now, some argue that the spread of militant Islam, especially in these turbulent times — if you want to slow it down, they argue, Israel must hurry to make concessions, to make territorial compromises…. there’s only one problem with that theory. We’ve tried it and it hasn’t worked. In 2000 Israel made a sweeping peace offer that met virtually all of the Palestinian demands. Arafat rejected it. The Palestinians then launched a terror attack that claimed a thousand Israeli lives.
Prime Minister Olmert afterwards made an even more sweeping offer, in 2008. President Abbas didn’t even respond to it.
But Israel did more than just make sweeping offers. We actually left territory. We withdrew from Lebanon in 2000 and from every square inch of Gaza in 2005. That didn’t calm the Islamic storm, the militant Islamic storm that threatens us. It only brought the storm closer and make it stronger.
Hezbollah and Hamas fired thousands of rockets against our cities from the very territories we vacated. See, when Israel left Lebanon and Gaza, the moderates didn’t defeat the radicals, the moderates were devoured by the radicals. And I regret to say that international troops like UNIFIL in Lebanon and UBAM (ph) in Gaza didn’t stop the radicals from attacking Israel.
We left Gaza hoping for peace.
We didn’t freeze the settlements in Gaza, we uprooted them. We did exactly what the theory says: Get out, go back to the 1967 borders, dismantle the settlements.
…But ladies and gentlemen, we didn’t get peace. We got war. We got Iran, which through its proxy Hamas promptly kicked out the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority collapsed in a day — in one day.
…So you might understand that, given all this,Israelis rightly ask: What’s to prevent this from happening again in the West Bank? See, most of our major cities in the south of the country are within a few dozen kilometers from Gaza. But in the center of the country, opposite the West Bank, our cities are a few hundred meters or at most a few kilometers away from the edge of the West Bank.
So I want to ask you. Would any of you — would any of you bring danger so close to your cities, to your families? Would you act so recklessly with the lives of your citizens? Israel is prepared to have a Palestinian state in the West Bank, but we’re not prepared to have another Gaza there. And that’s why we need to have real security arrangements, which the Palestinians simply refuse to negotiate with us.
…Israel is such a tiny country. Without Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, Israel is all of 9 miles wide.
I want to put it for you in perspective, because you’re all in the city. That’s about two-thirds the length of Manhattan. It’s the distance between Battery Park and Columbia University. And don’t forget that the people who live in Brooklyn and New Jersey are considerably nicer than some of Israel’s neighbors.
So how do you — how do you protect such a tiny country, surrounded by people sworn to its destruction and armed to the teeth by Iran? Obviously you can’t defend it from within that narrow space alone. Israel needs greater strategic depth, and that’s exactly why Security Council Resolution 242 didn’t require Israel to leave all the territories it captured in the Six-Day War. It talked about withdrawal from territories, to secure and defensible boundaries. And to defend itself, Israel must therefore maintain a long-term Israeli military presence in critical strategic areas in the West Bank.
I explained this to President Abbas. He answered that if a Palestinian state was to be a sovereign country, it could never accept such arrangements.
And there are many other vital security issues that also must be addressed. Take the issue of airspace. Again, Israel’s small dimensions create huge security problems. America can be crossed by jet airplane in six hours. To fly across Israel, it takes three minutes. So is Israel’s tiny airspace to be chopped in half and given to a Palestinian state not at peace with Israel?
…I bring up these problems because they’re not theoretical problems. They’re very real. And for Israelis, they’re life-and- death matters. All these potential cracks in Israel’s security have to be sealed in a peace agreement before a Palestinian state is declared, not afterwards, because if you leave it afterwards, they won’t be sealed. And these problems will explode in our face and explode the peace.
The Palestinians should first make peace with Israel and then get their state. But I also want to tell you this. After such a peace agreement is signed, Israel will not be the last country to welcome a Palestinian state as a new member of the United Nations. We will be the first. (Applause.)”
For the full text of Netanyahu’s speech, CLICK HERE.

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Freed US Hiker Bashes the US

Typical lefties.  The two hikers freed from Iran turn out to be flaming liberals that bash America.  The hikers’ friend, Shon Meckfessel, appeared on Democracy Now! and had this to say about Shane Bauer, one of the freed hikers.
“He (Shane) immediately called for the release of all political prisoners, all unjustly detained prisoners in America and in Iran.”  (at the 4:23 mark).

Bauer also stated that, “Sarah, Josh and I oppose U.S. policies towards Iran which perpetuate this hostility.”
The website Hyscience has an excellent summary of the backgrounds of Bauer and the other freed hiker, Josh Fattal.  Both attended the flaming liberal UC Berkeley.  Bauer is a freelance photojournalist and journalist who has worked for such leftist propaganda rags as Mother Jones, The National, and Berkeley mouthpiece Pacifica News Service.

Josh Fattal, is an environmental activist “tree-hugger” and leftist “educator” who was involved prior to this incident with a project in Aprovecho, Oregon, where he explored and promoted “sustainable living”.
Perhaps that should have stayed in Iran.

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Earth to satellite: When will you hit — and where?

By MARCIA DUNN – AP Aerospace Writer | AP – 11 hrs ago
I don’t know about you but 1 in 3200 is not that bad. You have a better chance of getting hit with space junk than the lottery or getting struck by lightning.

~ Steve~                                    H/T  igor

By MARCIA DUNN – AP Aerospace Writer | AP – 11 hrs ago
CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) — NASA scientists are doing their best to tell us where a plummeting six-ton satellite will fall later this week. It’s just that if they’re off a little bit, it could mean the difference between hitting Florida or landing on New York. Or, say, Iran or India.
Pinpointing where and when hurtling space debris will strike is an imprecise science. For now, scientists predict the earliest it will hit is Thursday U.S. time, the latest Saturday. The strike zone covers most of Earth.
Not that citizens need to take cover. The satellite will break into pieces, and NASA put the chances that somebody somewhere will get hurt at just 1-in-3,200.
As far as anyone knows, falling space debris has never injured anyone. Nor has significant property damage been reported. That’s because most of the planet is covered in water and there are vast regions of empty land.
If you do come across what you suspect is a satellite piece, NASA doesn’t want you to pick it up. The space agency says there are no toxic chemicals present, but there could be sharp edges. Also, it’s government property. It’s against the law to keep it as a souvenir or sell it on eBay. NASA’s advice is to report it to the police.
For rest of story Pls Go HERE!!!!

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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words


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America At the Precipice

In a letter to James Madison in 1786, George Washington wrote that “No morn ever dawned more favorable than ours did; and no day was ever more clouded than the present! Wisdom, and good examples are necessary at this time to rescue the political machine from the impending storm.”
Those words are as true in 1786 as they are today.
We stand at the edge of a precipice and, whether or not we succeed in rescuing America from the abyss depends on what each of us — you and you and you and I — does.
The good news is that it appears that the American people finally recognize a very simple fact: Skippy is a commie!
A new Rasmussen Reports poll of 1,000 American adults found that a majority, 54%, believe Obama is more to the left than they are. (Another 26% don’t see much difference between their own ideology and his; and a lunatic fringe of 12% see Obama as more conservative than they are.)
But Obama — just like the communist party apparatchik of the former Soviet Union who preached socialism-communism but shopped in unmarked special stores for caviar and western blue jeans while the “proletarian” masses stood in long lines for milk and toothpaste — sure loves to surround himself with luxury.

For his reëlection campaign in the Midwestern cornbelt, Obama is traveling in a new luxury bus, with a $1.1 million pricetag. The bus had been purchased by the Secret Service, which means you and I and the other 53% of Americans who still pay income taxes. So what if America’s $16 trillion national debt now equals our GDP?
It’s an impenetrable-looking conveyance the size of a cross-country Greyhound, painted all in black, with dark tinted windows and flashing red and blue lights. To top it off, the bus was made in Canada!
And finally, by turning his back on Israel, Skippy is emboldening the Jew-haters in the Mid East.
Iran is itching to ignite the apocalypse. Iran’s chief military commander is ratcheting up the war rhetoric, warning Israel that its citizens should flee the Middle East or face annihilation, and threatening that “the heads of the Zionist government and Mr. Netanyahu should prepare themselves for the cage (prison).”
With so many awful people around the world, it is hard to choose  which one is the true Anti-Christ. So many candidates, so little time! But if that looney Mahmoud Ahmadinejad really fulfills his oft-stated promise to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth, we’ll know he’s the one.
~Siegfried & Eowyn

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Iranian Woman Spares her Attacker

Blind and disfigured for rejecting marriage proposal / AP photo

Iranian Woman Blinded, Disfigured by Acid Spares Attacker the Same Fate

The Blaze/AP — An Iranian woman who was blinded by a suitor who threw acid on her face has pardoned her attacker at the last minute, sparing him from being blinded by acid as retribution.
Iranian state television broadcast footage Sunday of Ameneh Bahrami in the operating room with her attacker, Majid Mohavedi, who was on his knees waiting for her to drop acid in his eyes as punishment. Bahrami said she has forgiven Mohavedi and pardoned him. State TV showed Mohavedi weeping and saying Bahrami was “very generous.”
Mohavedi poured acid on Bahrami’s face in 2004 for rejecting his marriage proposal, disfiguring her face and leaving her blind in both eyes.
Bahrami had demanded qisas, or “eye for an eye”-style justice, allowed under Shariah law. A 2008 Iranian court order agreed with her, ruling she would be allowed to pour the corrosive chemical in Mohavedi’s eyes as retribution.
She was quoted on Iranian television saying, “I never wanted to have revenge on him. I just wanted the sentence to be issued for retribution. But I would not have carried it out. I had no intention of taking his eyes from him.” Bahrami told the Iranian Students’ News Agency that she also chose to forgive Mohavedi for her country, “since all other countries were looking to see what we would do.”
“God talks about qisas in the Koran but he also recommends pardon since pardon is greater than qisas and I wanted to do a greater job,” she said. Bahrami’s mother said she was proud of her daughter: “Ameneh had the strength to forgive Majid. This forgiveness will calm Ameneh and our family.”
The “religion of peace” could use a few more good people like this woman. May God keep her safe in the future.

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