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UN admits the sun may cause global warming

Skeptics of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming have been saying for years now, that if the Earth indeed is warming — which is also disputed (see “Global Cooling for Last 10 Years” and “Climategate scientist: no global warming since 1995“) — the cause is not human but rather solar activities.

The United Nations’  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the world’s most powerful proponent of both global warming (now called “climate change”) and man-made global warming. The IPCC’s report on global warming even garnered a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, which the UN body shared with climate hypocrite-fraudster Al Gore.

GorePachauriAl Gore and Chair of UN’s IPCC Rajendra Pachauri (a porn writer) with their Nobel Peace Prize

But the IPCC report was found to be riddled with mistakes: The Himalayan glaciers are not melting. The Amazon rain forest are not disappearing. And it’s 20%, not 55%, of the Netherlands that is below sea level.

Now another report by the same IPCC finally admits what some scientists have been saying for years — our Sun’s activities may play a significant role in global warming!

solar flareNASA image of a solar flare on the Sun, taken in June 2012.


Maxim Lott reports for FoxNews, February 01, 2013, that a leaked draft of an upcoming report by the United Nations’ IPCC says that heat from the sun may play a larger role than previously thought: “[Results] do suggest the possibility of a much larger impact of solar variations on the stratosphere than previously thought, and some studies have suggested that this may lead to significant regional impacts on climate.”

The report was leaked by StopGreenSuicide blogger Alec Rawls, who told FoxNews.com that the U.N.’s statements on solar activity were his main motivation for leaking the document.

Rawls first leaked the report last December. He wrote on his blog: “The public needs to know now how the main premises and conclusions of the IPCC story line have been undercut by the IPCC itself.”

He also blames the U.N. for burying its point about the effect of the sun in Chapter 11 of the report: “Even after the IPCC acknowledges extensive evidence for … solar forcing beyond what they included in their models, they still make no attempt to account for this omission in their predictions. … It’s insane.”

Despite the IPCC’s admission, some climatologists still say that the report is important, but not game-changing.

Pat Michaels, the former president of the American Association of State Climatologists, and current director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, said: “The solar component is real but not of sufficient magnitude to have driven most of the warming of the late 20th century.” Michaels also points out that the U.N. report says the effect of solar activity will be “much smaller than the warming expected from increases in [man-made] greenhouse gases.”

But even Michaels admits that while the Earth had warmed over the last two decades, it did so more slowly than the U.N. had predicted: “Climate science has the problem of trying to explain why we are now in our 17th year without a significant warming trend. As a result, you are seeing many forecasts of warming for this century being ratcheted down.”

Aaron Huertas of the Union of Concerned Scientists says that the focus on solar activity distracts from the big picture — the fact that the Earth is warming: “I see climate contrarians try this trick almost every time a big new solar study comes out. They somehow tend to neglect mentioning that solar variation is smaller than the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide. The basic evidence is that solar activity has varied a bit while global temperature keeps going up.”

Blogger Rawls argues what should really worry us is not global warming, but global cooling, due to a fall in solar activity: “Unlike warming, cooling really is dangerous, regularly dropping the planet into hundred-thousand-year-long glacial periods.”

An estimate from NASA said that solar variations caused 25% of the 1.1 degree Fahrenheit warming that has been observed over the past century. NASA has said that there is evidence that the most recent “Little Ice Age” was caused by a dip in solar activity: “Almost no sunspots were observed on the sun’s surface during the period from 1650 to 1715. This extended absence of solar activity may have been partly responsible for the Little Ice Age in Europe,” during which temperatures were colder by about 1.8 degrees F than they are today.

Global Warming, man-made or sun-made, is no idle chatter among scientists.

Global Warming has very serious implications and consequences because it is used by very powerful forces in our world, behind the façade of the United Nations, to push for Agenda 21 — a blueprint for global political control.

The number 21 refers to an agenda for the 21st Century. In the name of environmentalism and sustainability, Agenda 21 is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally, and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment.

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A report by the Royal Academy of Engineering warns that a solar “superstorm” will hit Earth some time in the near future, knocking out  communications satellites, and cause dangerous power surges in the national grid and disrupt crucial navigation aids and aircraft avionics. But it’s impossible to predict more than about 30 minutes before it actually happens. Solar superstorms are estimated to occur once every 100 or 200 years, with the last one hitting the Earth in 1859.



A Year Ago, Gore Said World’s Snow & Ice Disappearing

With the UK emerging from its record freeze and the U.S. east coast still gasping from the recent snowstorm that has stranded thousands of air passengers — many won’t get a plane out until after the New Year! — we should all remember what Global Warming guru and profiteer Al Gore said just one year ago.

He said the world’s snow and ice are disappearing. Yes, he did.


Al Gore al fresco. Design by BKeyser

Gore Reports Snow and Ice Across the World Vanishing Quickly

Environment News Service – Dec 14, 2009

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Snow and ice across the planet are melting much faster than anticipated, and the cryosphere – the Earth’s ice and snow cover – is very vulnerable to climate change, finds a new report presented today at the United Nations Climate Summit by former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre. Snow cover is diminishing, and glaciers from the Himalayas to the Alps are melting rapidly, with the greatest reductions in the Andes and the Rockies, the report shows.

“The Arctic ecosystem, the world’s glaciers, indeed the entire cryosphere is at risk if we don’t cut the pollution that causes global warming,” warned Gore. “This report, the result of over two years of work with Foreign Minister Støre and many of the world’s top scientists, demonstrates that we must take action now to solve the climate crisis,” Gore said.

The most important new findings relate to Antarctica, which previously had seemed immune to the loss of ice that has occurred in other areas, shows signs of a net reduction of ice on a similar scale to that of inland Greenland. And the report shows that the rate of reduction in the Greenland ice cap has tripled in the last 10 years alone. “This is disturbing news,” said Foreign Minister Støre. “The world’s leaders must reach an agreement that ensures dramatic cuts in emissions of greenhouse gases.”

The previous figures from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which were published in 2007, indicated that sea levels would rise by almost half a meter (18 inches) by 2100; this is now a minimum estimate, according to the report. Since the rate of melting in Greenland and other areas is now faster than anticipated, it is now estimated that sea levels will rise between 0.5 and 1.5 meters by 2100, and in the worst case by 2.0 meters (6.5 feet).

This sea-level rise will affect many hundreds of millions of people living in coastal areas throughout the world. When snow and sea ice melt, less sunlight is reflected away from the surface of the Earth, and when permafrost melts, more of the greenhouse gases methane and carbon dioxide are released. Both these changes further increase global warming and thus cause ice to melt even faster, the report confirms. The melting of glaciers can cause extensive water shortages. Today, more than a billion people depend on water from the Himalayan plateau.

“This gives cause for concern,” said Støre. “The overriding message is that we have to succeed in Copenhagen. The countries of the world must agree on measures that limit emissions of greenhouse gases, and restrict global warming to 2�Celsius.”

A target temperature rise of two degrees above the pre-industrial temperature, or around 1.2�C above today’s level is a target that has been widely agreed to by government leaders, including the Group of Eight industrialized countries in July, the Major Economies Forum the following month and at the UN Secretary-General’s climate summit in New York in September.

Nevertheless, negotiators at the Copenhagen talks now in progress have not agreed on how to achieve this limit. Foreign Minister Støre said, “We need an emergency plan for the crysosphere, with immediate measures to save as much of our ice and snow cover as possible.” “We should start by cutting emissions of short-lived drivers of climate change such as soot and ozone, which are not included in any climate agreement today, and we also need to pay more attention to short-lived greenhouse gases such as HFCs and methane,” said Støre. “Measures to reduce these would have immediate effect and cost relatively little.”

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A reminder:

The claims made by the UN’s climate body, the IPCC, are bogus. A review by the InterAcademy Council (IAC) found that the IPCC’s 2007 benchmark climate change report contained exaggerated and false claims about melting Himalayan glaciers, disappearing Amazonian rain forests, and rising sea levels. See my Sept 2, 2010 post, UN Lied About Climate Change.”