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Too bad, so sad: Libtard Lena Dunham’s feminist “Lenny Letter” shuts down

As far as I’m concerned, the less we have to hear from this womyn the better.

From Hollywood Reporter: Another joint venture from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner has come to an end, as the Girls showrunners are going in separate directions after ending their producing partnership three months ago.

The pair’s Lenny Letter newsletter aimed at smart young women, which started as a weekly offering but increased its frequency to twice a week, is shutting down. An email to subscribers Friday morning confirmed reports Thursday from the New York Post and Digiday, which obtained an email saying staffers were informed of the closure last week.

In the Friday message, Dunham and Konner wrote “this is Lenny’s final chapter,” and said, “While there’s no one reason for our closure, this change allows for growth and a shift in perspectives — ours and yours.” They also praised subscribers for creating “a fiercely passionate community of dedicated readers, writers, and artists” and encouraged readers to “continue to push forward the voices that need a platform, the untold stories that deserve to be heard, the diversity that the publishing industry claims to value but has never mastered.”

And they urged people to vote, and help others do the same, in the upcoming midterm elections on Nov. 6 as a way to make real change.

“Real change-making takes work, and part of that work will come this November,” Dunham and Konner wrote. “There is nothing more critical to counteracting the daily devastation of the current regime than the midterm elections. Knock on strangers’ doors, drive people who can’t drive themselves to the polls, host a postcard-writing party to encourage unlikely voters, canvas at Taylor Swift concerts. Do whatever it takes.”

Later on Friday, Konner posted about the end of Lenny Letter on her Instagram account, writing, “Goodbye, Lenny Letter. Our final issue is a special one. Thank you to everyone who read it, wrote it, photographed and illustrated it.”

Dunham and Konner launched Lenny in 2015 as a weekly email newsletter aimed at smart young women.

Lenny Letter, was designed to feature a mix of personal essays and articles about politics, fashion and entertainment, all from a contemporary feminist perspective.

The initiative quickly featured high-profile essays, including one by Jennifer Lawrence in which she talked about her surprise and dismay when she learned she was being paid less than her male co-stars on American Hustle. Subscribers receive the newsletter twice a week.

Dunham and Konner intended to embark on a six-city Lenny IRL tour in 2017 before Dunham was forced to cancel due to ongoing health issues related to her endometriosis.

Read the whole story here.

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