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Take this fun personality inkblot test!

BabaMail has a fun, quick Inkblot Test to plumb your personality.

The test says:

We all know inkblots can be superseded by our imagination, like clouds, and seen as any number of shapes. However, these inkblots are a bit different. For starters, they’re colorful. For another, this isn’t a clinical psych test, but more of a personality test. Tell us what you see, and we’ll tell you what we’ve learned about you!

To take the test, click here.

After you’ve taken the test, please share with us your result.

Mine was “100% Logic”:

You are a highly rational thinker! You use logic and common sense to make decisions and react to different situations. There are obviously times when you use emotions to dictate your behavior, but hey, you’re only human! You should feel proud that you are intellectual, mature and able to guide your life using reason and rationale!


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