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Congressman says investigations of Obama are underway in House, Senate & FBI

Dare we get our hopes up?

Kenny Marchant is the Republican U.S. Representative for the 24th Congressional District of Texas. The district includes several areas around Dallas and Fort Worth.

A reader of Obama Release Your Records, “Dougster,” wrote a letter to Congressman Marchant about impeaching Obama. Below is the letter Dougster received from Rep. Marchant.

KennyMarchantJuly 8, 2013

Dear ________,

Thank you for contacting me regarding your desire for articles of impeachment to be brought against the President. When considering the issues before me, it is very important to know the views and concerns of my constituents.

I share your outrage over the multiple scandals involving the Internal Revenue Service, the State Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice, and other agencies under this Administration. Each is alarming and each warrants a high degree of scrutiny.

When articles of impeachment are introduced against the President, the House Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction to consider them and collect critical information. The Committee would then decide whether to move forward with charges that amount to “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” From there, the articles would then be presented for a vote in the full House and, if passed, be sent to the Senate where a 2/3 majority vote is required for removal from office.

There are currently investigations underway in the House, the Senate, and at the FBI to gather as much information from the Administration as possible. I am involved with and support these investigations so that we can get all information about those that are responsible in order to hold them accountable. Namely, the President is under the most scrutiny and will have to face the truth of what we know to be fact in the many investigations.

Thank you for expressing your concerns to me. I greatly value your opinion and encourage you to contact me with your thoughts and questions. Please visit my website, http://www.marchant.house.gov, and sign up for any e-newsletter to stay updated on how I am serving you and the 24th District of Texas. It is an honor to represent you in Congress and I look forward to hearing again from you soon.


Kenny Marchant
Member of Congress


Here’s a scanned image of Marchant’s letter (click to enlarge):

Marchant letter

Rep. Kenny Marchant, age 62, was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2005. Prior to entering politics, he had worked as a real estate developer and owned a homebuilding company.

He began his political career in the Carrollton City Council, followed by Mayor of Carrollton, and 7 years in the Texas House of Representatives where he was named a Top Ten Legislator by Texas Monthly and Legislator of the Year by the Texas Municipal League.

In Congress, his committee assignments include membership in the House Committee on Ways and Means and its Subcommittee on Oversight.



Sitting Ducks

sitting ducks



Navy spokesman explains why carriers lined up in a row

Published: 12 hours ago

A photo of five U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers docked in Norfolk, Va., the world’s largest naval station, has gone viral on the Internet amid speculation the ships could be sitting ducks for a Pearl Harbor-type attack or were docked due to sequestration.

According to a U.S. Navy spokesman who spoke on background to WND/G2Bulletin, the first supposition is false while the second is partially true.

The photo first appeared in early February amid concerns that having the carriers lined up in one location breached long-standing Navy protocol.

One website called it a “Big Mistake in Norfolk! Remember Pearl Harbor 1941″ and “an outrage of epic proportions.”

A caption at another website under a photo of the carriers said the Obama administration had ordered them into harbor for “routine” inspections and that heads of the Navy were flabbergasted by the presumed violation of protocol.

Further comments said that the lineup was the first since Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor  was attacked by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/did-navy-make-pearl-harbor-mistake-again/#VrVBSrYEQ2w4FzMp.99

I’m posting this in haste, because word has to get out. This is a deliberate betrayal of America. How many WMD attacks would it take to make America unable to fight back? Until now, it would require a few. But with the bulk of our carriers lined up, all our enemies need is one bomb. This can only be deliberate.   ~ TD

Joe Biden Says Impeach – Or Maybe Not

H/t ImpeachObamaCampaign.com and beloved fellow Tina!


Obama’s Connecticut Soc Sec No. Traced to Man in Hawaii, d. 1981

It is illegal to use someone else's Social Security no. Jail this man!


by randyedye – BeforeIt’sNews – April 12, 2011


This news is breaking: This is bad news for Obama.

This is what we know so far. We get more info on Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890, had CT SSN obtained in 1976 and died in HI around 1981. There are 2 SS numbers for him and records show him dying in 2 different states: CA and HI around 1981.

The reason this is important, is because there is a similar fact pattern to Obama. Barack Obama is residing today in the White House, using CT SS number 042-68-4425, issued in CT in and around March 1977 to an elderly individual named John Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890, who is presumed dead and whose death was either never reported to the SS administration or reported and deleted from the database by someone.

Obama’s maternal grandmother Madelyn Dunham, worked as a part-timer or volunteer in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse. Thus she would have access to the estate files of anyone who died there. Thus if the elderly man originally from CT died intestate in Hawaii with no known relatives, Grandma Dunham would have known this person is a prime candidate to steal the SSN of since there would be no known surviving family worrying about the death benefit from SSN and that the benefit was not likely applied for and thus SSA did not know he died. Thus the SSN remained active for the deceased person and Obama could “adopt” it as his own. This is a clear case of identity theft at the federal level.

This is what we know about Ludwig:

In 1924, Jean Paul Ludwig worked for Senator Reed of PA, in Washington DC.

On the ship manifest of ‘Leviathan’, he listed Senator Reed in Washington, DC as his employer, in answer to where he intended to live in the US.

Jean Paul Ludwig had been in the US for 3 yrs in 1924, but he was listed on the “Immigration” manifest and refered to as an alien in the column headings.

Listed under “States Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival”, New York, Aug 12, 1924:

Jean Paul Ludwig, Date of Arrival: Aug 12, 1924, Port of Departure:
Cherbourg, France, Line#: 0008

Line #8: By Whom was Passage Paid: Emp. Mr. Reed; Whether in possession of $50: Yes; Whether ever before in US: Yes; If Yes-Period of Years: 3; Where: PA

Whether going to join relative or friend: Empl. Senator Reed, Washingto, DC

Length of time alien intends to remain in the US: Always

Height 5′5″, Complexion Dk., Hair Br., Eyes Br., Marks of ID: None

Place of Birth: France, Ammersville.

First Name: Jean P.
Last Name: Ludwig
Ethnicity: France
Last Place of Residence: Washington, D.C.
Date of Arrival: Aug 12, 1924
Age at Arrival: 34 Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Leviathan
Port of Departure: Cherbourg, France
Manifest Line Number: 0008

U.S. Social Security Death Index
Name: Jean Ludwig
Birth Date: 17 February 1890
Zip Code of Last Residence: 96816 (Honolulu,HI)
Death Date: June 1981
Estimated Age at Death: 91
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A big h/t to Microsoft whistleblower Tony Whitcomb!


Some Women Never Learn

She was 22; he was 49.

She was single; he was married.

He was the most powerful man in the world; she was a lowly but flirtatious  intern.

She fellated him in the office, while he diddled her with a cigar. But none of that was really sex, because one has to define what “is” is.

When the scandal broke open, whatever reputation she had was ruined, her name became a synonym for fellatio. He went on national TV, his voice the usual honeyed sincerity and his face red with faux outrage, to vehemently deny he ever “had sex with that woman.” Then, still denying, he committed perjury.

15 years later, still married, he is now the distinguished eminence grise, his sordid affair forgotten by his countrymen. But she is single and still pines for him, still believing that he too still pines for her.

Some women are just that way. It’s called stupidity.

H/t beloved fellow Tina.


‘I’m still in love with Bill’: Friends say why Monica Lewinsky has never got married or had kids

By Daily Mail Reporter – March 10, 2011

The scandal almost destroyed his career and left his presidency permanently tainted. But 15 years on, Bill Clinton’s former intern Monica Lewinsky has not got married or had children because she is reportedly still in love with him and ‘always will be’.

Miss Lewinsky, 37, has run a successful business, hosted a reality television show and moved overseas – but has never found love, according to friends.

‘Monica still hasn’t got over Bill and would take him back in a second,’ a friend said. ‘She told me: “There will never be another man in my life that could make me as happy as he did”,’ the friend told the National Enquirer magazine. ‘Monica still carries a torch for him. She’s dated some guys, off and on, since the whole White House mess. But she’s never been able to get Bill out of her heart’.

Miss Lewinsky was aged 22 in 1995 when she began working in the White House and had an affair with President Clinton, which he famously denied at first.

Monica at 37

She now lives in Los Angeles, California, and does not have regular employment, reported the National Enquirer.

She has previously designed handbags and been a pitch woman for Jenny Craig. She also participated in a book, written with Andrew Morton, called Monica’s Story, for which she earned a reported $500,000. In 2006 she earned a master’s degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics, having shut her handbag line and temporarily moved to England.

Mr Clinton was impeached by Republicans in 1998, who tried to throw him out of office. But his wife Hilary said in 2007 that their marriage was ‘worth the investment’.

Miss Lewinsky said her relationship with the president involved her performing sexual acts on him – but not sexual intercourse. She famously kept a blue dress which she claimed held DNA evidence of their affair.

After allegations began to emerge, President Clinton wagged his finger and sternly told a national television audience he did not have sex with ‘that woman’.  But seven months later in 1998 he admitted he lied, wanting to protect himself and his family from embarrassment. Mr. Clinton admitted he had an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with her.

When Clinton’s memoir My Life came out in 2004, Miss Lewinsky spoke of her upset at its contents to the Daily Mail, saying rather than being a physical fling, it was a mutual relationship. ‘He could have made it right with the book, but he hasn’t. He is a revisionist of history. He has lied. I really didn’t expect him to go into detail about our relationship’, she added. ‘But if he had and he’d done it honestly, I wouldn’t have minded.’

She believed he made it sound like the dalliance came only at her initiative and was purely physical. ‘He talked about it as though I had laid it all out there for the taking. I was the buffet and he just couldn’t resist the dessert.’

Clinton wrote that his affair with Lewinsky revealed ‘the darkest part of my inner life’ and led to his temporary banishment from the White House bedroom. He said on CBS’ 60 Minutes that he became involved with Lewinsky ‘for the worst possible reason. Just because I could.’

But according to Lewinsky at the time, ‘That’s not how it was. This was a mutual relationship, mutual on all levels, right from the way it started and all the way through.’

Obama’s Deer in the Headlights Moment

Obama’s Deer in the Headlights Moment

By Tom in NC
Obama finally has a real crisis in the Middle East, rioting in Egypt and Yemen and protests in Jordan by militant islamists is threatening to plunge the entire Middle East into chaos and maybe even war.

With a weak foreign policy, Obama looks like a deer in the headlights, his warnings to Mubarak and his pleas for calm to the protestors are falling on deaf ears. They know he is weak and impotent and the violence will continue, the Muslim brotherhood is threatening to take over governments in the region with all their ties to terror.

If that happens with Obama in office and Clinton in the State Department, well let’s just say that any hope of peace in the Middle East will just be a distant memory and Israel will be surrounded by the barking dogs of war ready to strike and with Iran on the very brink of nuclear weaponry. Israel could soon be fighting for it’s very existence and I suspect that Obama would not raise a finger in their defense or be so haphazard in his response that the missiles could be raining down on them before he would even take his thumb out of his ass.

Mubarak is not a perfect leader and may very well be a dictator as some have said but he has been an ally in the Middle East and if we allow him to go the way of the Shah of Iran, then we could end up with another madman like Ahmadinejad in Egypt and an already dangerous part of the world will become off limits and deadly to any and all non-Muslims.

Meanwhile, due to our fearless leader’s total cluelessness we are no longer allowed to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, we are not allowed to drill the oil shale out west or in ANWR and if things continue to deteriorate in the Middle East, it won’t be long until gas prices exceed $4, $5, $6 or higher per gallon. Liberals have seen to it that we are no longer capable of being self sufficient when it comes to energy. Since so-called green energy is nothing more than an elaborate boondoggle designed by liberals to con the American people out of their money through taxpayer subsidies, they have guaranteed our dependence on foreign oil at prices we no longer have any control over.

Obama and the liberals may have very well put the final nail in our economic coffin. As events in Egypt and other Arabic countries spiral out of control, we must not think that just because they are half a world away, America will not feel the ripple effects — increased terrorist threats, higher fuel prices and economic instability.

Obama has got to be impeached and removed from office. Republicans in the House must begin impeachment proceedings right away. His lies, under the table deals and outright disregard for the Constitution make Obama the worst, most corrupt president in our history.

He must be stopped. NOW!

Calls For Military Intervention, Impeachment & Revolution

On October 15, I posted Americans Are Speaking Out in Open Rebellionabout anti-Obama signs, billboards, and bumperstickers spreading like wildfire across America, such as this one:

As we get closer to the pivotal November 2 elections, it is not just nameless faceless everyday Americans who are speaking their minds. Increasingly, voices attached to names are calling on the military to step in to make matters right in America, or for impeachment, or should all efforts fail, outright revolution.

Military Coup

Writing for the Canada Free Press on October 18, 2010, Thor Asgardson concludes:

What is most remarkable at this juncture, is the fact that a military man with an impeccable service record, is putting his career on the line by facing courtmartial in a kangaroo court, for refusing to obey deployment orders from an obvious usurper.

Highly decorated Army surgeon, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin has become the sacrificial lamb for the sins of the Obama regime, insofar as he now stands alone to challenge Obama´s eligibility to serve in the capacity of president, where numerous prior lawsuits against the regime have failed, due to Obama´s total control over all facets of government checks and balances.

Obama has actually attained the status of a dictator, which former President George W. Bush would only muse over in jest of fancy.

[…] The only man who should be facing a military tribunal, is the one who now sits in the Oval Office. It is hoped that the United States military will coalesce around Lt. Col. Lakin—and the nation—to release the corporate stranglehold on our country, by deposing the usurper president from power by military coup.

The United States military must come forth as the spearhead of the Second American Revolution, to deliver the American people from bondage to usury at the hands of the Federal Reserve and to restore justice and rule of law to our republic. This great task requires a military occupation on Capitol Hill, to elicit regime change.


Tim Walberg

As early as September 1, 2010, a columnist for the Washington Times already had called for impeaching Obama. His call is now joined by a GOP candidate for the House of Representatives from Michigan’s 7th Congressional district, former Congressman and former pastor Tim Walberg.

As reported by Floyd Brown on October 19, 2010:

Walberg told a town hall audience last week the president should dispel rumors about his eligibility by unveiling his full birth certificate. He stated, “I’m going to take him at his word that he’s an American citizen.” However, the president should show his full, long-form birth certificate to a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers and journalists — including Congressional leaders of both parties, a representative of the judiciary, Alan Colmes, and Rush Limbaugh. Walberg said in that situation, “I would lay out my birth certificate on the table” and tell those who verified it, “Now go and report it.”

The trouble, he said, is that no one is holding the executive branch accountable. The powers of the presidency are such that “the Executive has an awful lot of power to keep from showing certain things unless the courts will stand up to him.”

Then Walberg laid the i-word out on the table. “Or unless Congress, in majority, will stand up,” he said, “up to and including impeachment.”


GOP congressional candidate Stephen Broden, an African American, is prepared to go even further than impeachment. Melanie Mason of the Dallas Morning News reports on October 22, 2010:

Stephen Broden

Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden stunned his party Thursday, saying he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if elections did not produce a change in leadership. In a rambling exchange during a TV interview, Broden, a South Dallas pastor, said a violent uprising “is not the first option,” but it is “on the table.” That drew a quick denunciation from the head of the Dallas County GOP, who called the remarks “inappropriate.”

Broden, a first-time candidate, is challenging veteran incumbent Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas’ heavily Democratic 30th Congressional District.

…In the interview, Brad Watson, political reporter for WFAA-TV (Channel 8), asked Broden about a tea party event last year in Fort Worth in which he described the nation’s government as tyrannical. “We have a constitutional remedy,” Broden said then. “And the Framers say if that don’t work, revolution.”

Watson asked if his definition of revolution included violent overthrow of the government. In a prolonged back-and-forth, Broden at first declined to explicitly address insurrection, saying the first way to deal with a repressive government is to “alter it or abolish it.”

“If the government is not producing the results or has become destructive to the ends of our liberties, we have a right to get rid of that government and to get rid of it by any means necessary,” Broden said, adding the nation was founded on a violent revolt against Britain’s King George III.

Watson asked if violence would be in option in 2010, under the current government. “The option is on the table. I don’t think that we should remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms,” Broden said, without elaborating. “However, it is not the first option.”

H/t beloved fellow Tina!