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Four illegal immigrants charged in rape, beating; two were previously deported

The illegal perps/Boston Herald Photo

The illegal perps/Boston Herald Photo

Four illegal aliens from Guatemala are charged in the rape of a Massachusetts woman and the vicious beating of her boyfriend, and one of the suspects was arrested less than a month before the attack — but he was not reported to immigration authorities, as reported Fox News.

Federal immigration officials have requested detainers on Elmer Diaz, 19, Ariel Diaz, 24, Adan Diaz, 32, and Marlon Josue Jarquin-Felipe, 27, following their arrests in the March 13 incident in Framingham, The Boston Herald reported. The three Diaz men are brothers.

Adan had previously been arrested for drunken driving on Feb. 22 and Ariel was arrested for drunken driving in December, but immigration officials told The Herald they were never made aware that either was in custody. Ariel was also convicted of drunken driving and disorderly conduct and sent back to Guatemala in May 2014, but he re-entered the U.S. at some point, Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Shawn Neudauer told The Herald. Jarquin-Felipe was also deported to Guatemala in 2014, but managed to again cross the border to the U.S. undetected.

The quartet has been saddled with a slew of charges: Elmer is charged with rape, kidnapping, threatening to commit a crime and assault with a dangerous weapon; Ariel is charged with unarmed robbery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, indecent assault and battery, kidnapping and witness intimidation; Adan and Jarquin-Felipe were charged with indecent assault and battery and kidnapping. All four have pleaded not guilty.

The man and the woman, who have not been identified, were walking on Claflin Street on the night of March 13 when they were allegedly approached by the men. One offered them a beer, while another took out a condom, officials said, according to The Metro West Daily News. Soon, officials said, the men grabbed the woman and physically detained the man.

“They began carrying her against her will,” prosecutor Susan Harris said during the men’s arraignment. “She said she tried to stop them and had her feet down, but one of them picked her legs up and they carried her into an apartment.”

Ariel, Elmer and Jarquin-Felipe then allegedly began groping the woman in one room as her boyfriend, who was calling police, entered the home. Ariel is accused of head-butting the boyfriend multiple times and trying to stab him with a knife to prevent him from stopping the alleged sexual assault. “[Ariel Diaz] said, ‘I’m going to carve you up and rape your girl,’” Harris said.

But the boyfriend smashed Diaz with a beer bottle and then escaped the apartment with the woman, officials said. “After we got out, we got down to the street and she was screaming, ‘Police! Police!’ and I was like, ‘Don’t stop, just keep running,’” the man told The Herald.


FEMA camp in Texas

Every time you’re mocked and slapped with the label of “conspiracy theorist” for saying there are FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) camps in Amerika, just remind them of a fascinating 4-page KBR document, Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements, which is a solicitation for bids from subcontractors to provide services and supplies for FEMA camps.

KBR, Inc., formerly called Kellogg Brown & Root, is a top U.S. federal contractor and the largest non-union construction company in the United States. Formerly a subsidiary of Halliburton, KBR is headquartered in Houston. KBR and its predecessors have won many contracts with the U.S. military, including during World War II, Vietnam War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

According to Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements,  “services will be required in each State within each of the five regions of the continental United States.” Each FEMA camp is estimated to “range in size from 301 to 2,000 persons for up to 30 days in length.”

Here’s a screen-shot of the map of the five regions, from page 1 of Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements:

FEMA camps in 5 U.S. regionsJust such a FEMA camp has been found 35 miles east of Austin, outside the small town of Taylor, Texas.

Melissa Melton reports for Activist Post, June 26, 2013, that while getting footage for a mini-documentary, she came across this FEMA camp near Taylor, which holds several hundreds, including illegal aliens, their American family members, and children.

FEMA camp TexasThe camp is called the T. Don Hutto Residential Center, and is administered by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

FEMA camp in Taylor, TX

The residential center FEMA camp is designated for use under emergency rule, but presently houses illegal immigrants and resident aliens caught in legal limbo with ICE. At the same time, the camp’s FEMA designation also places it under FEMA command for civilian detainment in the event of an emergency, including civil unrest, economic collapse, stress from migration, natural disaster or terrorist attack, etc.

This is what the ICE “Fact Sheet” says:

The T. Don Hutto Residential Center (TDHRC) represents a unique and pioneering setting, offering the least restrictive environment permissible to manage persons in administrative U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody.

In keeping with the director’s call for civil detention reform, TDHRC represents a clear departure from historical detention settings. Residents experience expanded services that include free and open movement, recreational and educational participation, food services and medical and mental health care.

TDHRC’s person-centered philosophy guides every interaction with the residents by understanding the often complex circumstances surrounding their detention. TDHRC continues to fulfill the mission of ICE while at the same time recognizing and valuin]g the dignity of the individual.

Opened in Taylor, Texas (35 miles east of Austin), in May 2006, TDHRC has a capacity of up to 512 beds. The average length of stay is 31 days.

Tim Brown reports for Freedom Outpost that on January 23, 2013, Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL, 23rd District) introduced HR 390, the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, but there is virtually no coverage of it.

If passed, HR 390 would authorize DHS to establish no less than six “emergency centers,” i.e., FEMA camps, on military installations within the borders of the United States.Alcee HastingsDemocrat Congressman Alcee Hastings

A previous version of the bill was introduced in 2009 by the same Congressman Hastings as HR 645, which died in committee. Congressman Ron Paul was asked in 2011 about HR 645 and whether or not it could lead to Americans being incarcerated in detention camps during a time of martial law. He responded, “Yeah, that’s their goal, they’re setting up the stage for violence in this country, no doubt about it.”

According to GovTrack, the new bill, HR 390, has a 3% chance of getting past the committee.


Obama wants taxpayers to fund abortion & transgender treatment for illegals

Are you still a skeptic on whether Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda is to “hope and change” America into total ruinage?

The U.S. government is plain broke on all levels — local, state, and national. America’s national debt is more than $15 trillion and exceeds our GNP. Translated in plain English, this means what the federal government takes in (tax revenue) is less than what it spends. No wonder. The share of Americans who still pay federal income taxes is ever shrinking — to only one of every two (50.5%) Americans.

This is not sustainable!!!!

But Obama wants taxpayers to pay for abortions and transgender treatments for illegal aliens who are awaiting deportation. And he means to do that via administrative rules, thereby by-passing Congress, unless Congress steps in to stop this.

Congressman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) is outraged by this and will have a hearing on this later this month. Here’s his phone #: 202-225-4236.


The joke's on us

Ben Johnson reports for LifeSiteNews, March 2, 2012:

Under new guidelines issued by the Obama administration, immigration agents must provide taxpayer-funded abortion services, transportation to the abortion clinic, and transgender hormone therapy for illegal aliens awaiting deportation.

The policy overhaul is contained in the Performance-Based National Detention Standards (PBNDS) of 2011, issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

The new rules, the first issued since 2008, state, “A pregnant detainee in custody shall have access to pregnancy services including…abortion services.” The government must also furnish “counseling and assistance for pregnant women in keeping with their express desires in planning for their pregnancy, whether they desire abortion, adoptive services, or to keep the child.”

If the detainee says her pregnancy was the result of rape or incest, or if her life would be endangered, “ICE will assume the costs associated with a female detainee’s decision to terminate a pregnancy.” ICE agents must “arrange for transportation at no cost to the detainee for the medical appointment,” even for elective abortions.

While the policy will pay for and transport pregnant illegals to an abortion appointment, the new regulations may block female detainees’ access to crisis pregnancy centers by mandating that they have access to “non-directive” counselling.

ICE agents are told illegals must have “access to religious counseling, and non-directive (impartial) medical resources and social counseling, to include outside social services or women’s community resource groups.”

LifeSiteNews.com asked the Department of Homeland Security to clarify whether this provision would block access to emergency pregnancy centers or other facilities that do not refer women for abortion. The DHS has not responded to our questions.

The PBNDS also pay for transgender illegal immigrants to continue receiving hormone treatments to “transition” to their new sex.

When new arrivals show up, ICE must “inquire into a transgender detainee’s gender self-identification and history of transition-related care.” Transgender detainees will get to choose who does their body search “whenever possible,” and the search must be conducted in private. Housing for transgender detainees “shall consider the detainee’s gender self-identification and an assessment of placement on the detainee’s mental health and well-being.”

“Placement decisions should not be based solely” on the “physical anatomy of the detainee,” the PBNDS states.

“Transgender detainees who were already receiving hormone therapy when taken into ICE custody shall have continued access. All transgender detainees shall have access to mental health care, and other transgender-related health care and medication based on medical need. Treatment shall follow accepted guidelines regarding medically necessary transition-related care.”

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, told LifeSiteNews.com that the new policy “changes the whole concept behind medical care for people in detention.”

“The reason you have medical care for illegal immigrants in detention is that you make sure they are healthy enough to be deported…not to be a full-service medical provider,” Kirkorian told LifeSiteNews. “It’s temporary, transitional, and the idea that you’re supposed to be dental care and hormone treatments is just ridiculous.”

Krikorian, the author of How Obama is Transforming America Through Immigration, said the Obama administration received negative feedback when it first proposed the sex-change treatments months ago.

“It’s almost like it’s from The Onion,” Krikorian told LifeSiteNews. “It’s clearly not the best use of our taxpayer dollars.”

One of the people outraged by the new policy is Congressman Lamar Smith, R-TX, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. “The Obama administration’s new detention manual is more like a hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants,” he said in a statement e-mailed to LifeSiteNews.com. “The administration goes beyond common sense to accommodate illegal immigrants and treats them better than citizens in federal custody.”

Congressman Smith’s Immigration Subcommittee will hold a detention oversight hearing to address the latest PBNDS at the end of March.

U.S. birth certificates and Social Security numbers sold on black market

Three years into his presidency, that curious occupant in the White House has still not produced his original hard-copy birth certificate, but instead has a team of lawyers whose job is to get judges dismiss, without hearing, one eligibility lawsuit after another. Nor has the matter of his Connecticut-prefix Social Security number been resolved.

For the naive, gullible, or just plain complicit people who still insist this man is legit, here’s news for you:

Birth certificate and Social Security number fraud is rampant.

The latest case is the arrest of 50 people for conspiring to sell hundreds of birth certificates, Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses to illegal aliens in the U.S.

Danica Coto reports for the AP, January 1, 2012:

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Fifty people have been accused of conspiring to sell the identities of hundreds of Puerto Ricans to illegal immigrants on the U.S. mainland in the largest single fraud case ever for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE], authorities said Wednesday.

Hundreds of birth certificates, Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses were sold for up to $2,500 a set as part of a black market ring based in Puerto Rico that operated from since at least April 2009, according to ICE Director John Morton. “The vast majority were legitimate documents obtained by fraudulent or false means,” he said.

[…] The documents would be sent through priority or express mail from Puerto Rico to brokers that operated in at least 15 states including Ohio, Texas, Florida and North Carolina, officials said.

About 80% of the documents involved were sold by Puerto Ricans whose names were on them, officials said. Those documents often were then used to apply for a driver’s license or a U.S. passport or to commit financial fraud. Puerto Ricans are often an attractive target because they are U.S. citizens with Hispanic surnames.

Morton said another 20 arrest warrants were issued on Wednesday in separate but similar cases, with 61 of 70 suspects either arrested or whose surrender was arranged.

[…] The 50 suspects were indicted by a federal grand jury on Dec. 29 on one charge each of conspiracy to commit identification fraud. If convicted, they face up to 15 years in prison.


Amnesty for Illegals?

The DREAM Act (acronym for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) is a proposed piece of legislation that would provide conditional permanent residency to certain illegal and deportable alien students.

Estimates of the number of alien students who could benefit under the Act range from 7,000–13,000 to over 2 million.  Those numbers, however, are deceptive because once the illegal alien student gains U.S. citizenship, s/he can then apply for citizenship for his/her family.

The DREAM Act was first introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2001, and reintroduced on May 11, 2011. But the Obama administration isn’t waiting for Congress to act. Instead, Obama is (mis)using his executive powers to effectuate a de facto DREAM Act via an administrative rule — a memo by the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to ICE agents to not deport illegal aliens who would qualify for amnesty under the DREAM Act.

Congressman Vern Buchanan (R), who represents the 13th District in Florida, has a poll on his website on amnesty for illegal immigrants aliens.

Go HERE to voice your opinion!


College Chancellor Has S-M Torture Dungeon in House

Higher education is so edifying!

In the course of a raid by federal immigration agents, it came to light that the Chancellor of the University of Northern Virginia (UNVA) — a controversial for-profit school suspected of aiding and abetting in immigration visa fraud — is a fetish of kinky sadomasochist sex who’s transformed the basement of his suburban home into a dungeon complete with bondage racks.

The Smoking Gun reports on August 1, 2011, that in addition to being UNVA’s chancellor, 64-year-old David V. Lee (pictured above) is also the chair of its board of trustees.

Lee and his girlfriend “polyfamilyinva2”recently advertised online on collarme.com, which describes itself as the “largest BDSM Community on the Planet,” seeking “attractive submissive” women who —

“wish to be part of our poly family. Ideally you will consider yourself a slave or a sub with slave tendencies. We enjoy almost all kinks, and are expert in most of them. But for us it is more the submission and commitment that matter. We provide a safe, sane home with a good balance of love and discipline. We are very serious about finding a permanent addition to our poly family. We are in excellent health and in excellent shape.”

The couple’s profile included an assortment of photos showing them in a variety of poses. In two pictures, Lee is placing a flame near the body of a naked woman wearing a bondage mask. In another photo, a shirtless Lee is seen flexing in a mirror. Another photo shows Lee’s immaculate dungeon with its polished wood floors and bondage racks. Other images from the couple’s online profile show Lee’s girlfriend attached to a wooden rack and caught in a metal spider web. Another image shows Lee’s girlfriend astride another woman, who appears to be gagged with an extension cord.

Other photos are more mundane, showing the couple at home in Santa hats and attending a holiday party.

UNVA is unaccredited, which means no accrediting body that is recognized by U.S. authorities has accredited this for-profit school. A March 2011 article in the authoritative The Chronicle of Higher Education compared UNVA’s enrollment practices and business model to those of Tri-Valley University, a California institution that was forced to close after facing an investigation for visa fraud. The Chronicle article states that UNVA enrolls Indian students who work full-time in “internships,” without being required to attend actual classes. About 90% of UNVA’s students were from India who paid between $5,000 and $10,000 for admission.

In a day-long exercise, dozens of officials from different federal agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and FBI, raided offices at UNVA’s Annadale campus and took away with them a large number of boxes full of documents and computer hard drives from its administrative division.

The ICE probe is examining whether UNVA, which was founded in 1998, has exploited visa loopholes to enroll foreign students. Investigators are seeking to determine whether some students attended classes or just used enrollment in UNVA as a method of gaining entry to the United States. During the July 28 raid, UNVA officials were served with a notice temporarily blocking the school from enrolling any new foreign students.

H/t Fellowship’s lowtechgrannie!


King Obama Grants Stealth Amnesty to Student Aliens

One of the ways the pro-illegal immigration faction seeks to advance their goal is the Dream Act.

The DREAM Act (acronym for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) is a proposed piece of legislation that would provide conditional permanent residency to certain illegal and deportable alien students.

Estimates of the number of alien students who could benefit under the Act range from 7,000–13,000 to over 2 million.  Those numbers, however, are deceptive because once the illegal alien student gains U.S. citizenship, s/he can then apply for citizenship for his/her family.

The DREAM Act was first introduced in the Senate on August 1, 2001, and reintroduced on May 11, 2011. But the Obama administration isn’t waiting for Congress to act. Instead, Obama is (mis)using his executive powers to effectuate a de facto DREAM Act via an administrative rule — a memo by the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to ICE agents to not deport illegal aliens who would qualify for amnesty under the DREAM Act.

Who needs three branches of government? What did those white fuddy-duddy Founding Fathers know? Ha!

All hail King Obama!

P.S. Even ICE agents think this is all wrong. Last year, ICE union officials issued a unanimous no confidence vote in ICE Director John Morton, citing gross mismanagement within the Agency as well as efforts within ICE to create backdoor amnesty through agency policy. Today, almost one year later, the law enforcement agents and their union haven’t changed their minds. 

H/t beloved fellow Tina.


Obama Administration Bypasses Congress; Grants Amnesty to DREAM Act Students

Federation for American Immigration Reform, June 27, 2011

In a calculated move to bypass Congress, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton issued a memo on June 17th to all ICE Field Office Directors, Special Agents in Charge, and all Chief Counsel, authorizing them to decline to remove illegal aliens who meet the qualifications for amnesty under the DREAM Act. (Memo from John Morton to ICE personnel, June 17, 2011)

In the June 17th memo, Director Morton couches this administrative amnesty as merely providing “guidance on the exercise of prosecutorial discretion to ensure that the agency’s immigration enforcement resources are focused on the agency’s enforcement priorities.” (Id. at pg 2; see also Memo from John Morton, Mar. 2, 2011) “The agency,” Morton writes, “must regularly exercise ‘prosecutorial discretion’ if it is to prioritize its efforts.” It then provides an extensive, but non-exclusive, factors ICE officers, agents, and attorneys should consider when determining whether to pursue the removal of an illegal alien. (Memo from John Morton to ICE personnel, June 17, 2011) The factors falling under the purview of the DREAM Act include:

  • The circumstances of the person’s arrival in the U.S. and the manner of his or her entry, particularly if the alien came to the U.S. as a young child;
  • The alien’s pursuit of education in the U.S., with particular consideration given to those who have graduated from a U.S. high school or have successfully pursued or are pursuing a college or advanced degrees at a legitimate institution of higher education in the U.S.;
  • Whether the person has served in the U.S. military, reserves, or national guard, with particular consideration given to those who served in combat; and
  • The person’s age, with particular consideration given to minors.

(Id. at pg 4) The memo also lists individuals present in the U.S. since childhood, minors and elderly individuals, and veterans and members of the U.S. armed forces as “positive factors” prompting particular care and consideration. (Id. at pg 5)

ICE agents are already heeding the memo’s directives. Less than a week after Director Morton issued the memo, ICE agents released University of California-Davis student Mandeep Chahal and her mother, even after the Board of Immigration Appeals ordered them removed to India. (Contra Costa Times, June 22, 2011) The Chahals’ attorney, Kalpana Peddibhotla, cited the Morton memo as the reason for her clients’ reprieve. (Id.) “I am pretty certain if that hadn’t happened, they would be sitting on a plane tonight,” Peddibhotla said. (Id.)

Leaders of the National ICE Council, a union which represents roughly 7,000 ICE agents, officers, and employees, were outraged by the memo and its implications. “Any American concerned about immigration needs to brace themselves for what’s coming,” announced Council President Chris Crane in a press release. (National ICE Council Press Release, June 23, 2011) “Unable to pass its immigration agenda through legislation, the [Obama] Administration is now implementing it through agency policy.” (Id.) The Council also charges that ICE officials worked “hand-in-hand” with the open-borders lobby, but excluded its own officers from the process of developing policies. (Id.)

Members of Congress are also alarmed by the Obama Administration’s attempt to circumvent the law. Earlier this month the House of Representatives passed an amendment introduced by Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) to the Homeland Security (DHS) fiscal year 2012 appropriations bill (H.R. 2017), which, if passed by the Senate, would in part override the Morton memo by barring DHS funds from being used to grant parole or deferred action (both forms of prosecutorial discretion) to most aliens subject to final orders of removal. The DHS bill is currently awaiting action by the Senate Committee on Appropriations. House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) is also expected to introduce legislation that would place more sweeping restrictions the Administration’s ability to grant parole, deferred action, or temporary protected status.