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The face of evil: Barry Diller, supporter of Hillary Clinton

Barry Diller is one of the Hollyweirdos who had said they would move from the U.S. if Donald Trump were elected President.

Calling Trump a mean and nasty “self-promoting hukster,” Diller, a Hillary Clinton supporter, was so certain that a Trump presidency would never happen, he said he’d put his money on it. As quoted by Bloomberg on Oct. 6, 2015:

 “If Donald Trump doesn’t fall, I’ll either move out of the country or join the resistance.”

Ever noticed that I like to find photos of people about whom I blog? I do that because I believe we can know a lot about a person from his/her visage.

So who is Barry Diller?

Let’s begin with a recent candid, frighteningly evil pic of him:

If you think Hollywood peddles garbage and poison, one of the people responsible for the Hollywood swamp is Barry Diller.

Barry Diller, 74, is a powerful Hollywood and business mogul who was a CEO at Paramount Pictures (1974-84) and Fox Inc. (1984-92), and is currently the chairman of  IAC/InterActiveCorp — a media and internet company that owns Home Shopping Network, Expedia Inc., About.com, Match.com, The Daily Beast, Vimeo, The Princeton Review, and assorted local TV stations.

Chelsea Clinton is on the Board of Directors of IAC/InterActive Corp.

In 20015, New York Times named Barry Diller “the highest paid executive,” with a total compensation that year of $295 million. With an estimated net worth of $2.6 billion, Diller’s already considerable power is magnified by his mentoring of other Hollywood moguls such as Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Born to Jewish parents in San Francisco, Diller is a known homosexual, but married fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg in 2001. Von Fürstenberg (birth name Diane Halfin), also born to Jewish parents, designed those ugly shirts for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She kept the von Fürstenberg last name after her divorce in 1972 from husband no. 1, Prince Egon of Fürstenberg, with whom she had been married for only 3 years.

Jim Stone perceptively writes:

“This election was beyond all doubt a battle between good and evil.

For a change, the side of good won. And I have a PRIME way to show the contrast between good and evil, in a way people can see.

Take a look at this picture of the top guy in the MSM, Barry Diller.

As you can see, if he has his make up on, (his false face, to cover his black hole of a soul,) he looks all right (left photo). This is the face all the evil politicians show. To the right however, you can clearly see that this guy is a Freddie Kruger when the mask comes off, he’s so evil he does not even look human – more like some sort of a demonic alien. If you look you can see the skin wrinkles on his head form the shape of devil horns. Maybe that is what ‘devil horns’ really are.

This man was Trump’s main opposition, it was this prick who more than anyone else controlled a scamming media that did nothing but lie and back stab. A picture really can be worth more than words.

Now look at an image of Trump when he’s not mad, and one where he is. See a difference? Trump always looks like one of us!”

Jim Stone concludes that “Pictures really can say it all. Here is your war between good and evil.”


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