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If I Were in the House Before the Impeachment Vote …

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I would demand time to speak, then stand at the lectern and declare:

My fellow Members of Congress – and specifically, to my brothers and sisters over on the Democrat side of the aisle – as we embark on a vote as to whether or not to impeach President Donald Trump, I bear witness before you this day.

The history of our civilization, over and over, tells us of how individuals find themselves at the juncture of events that will, with time, prove to be of lasting import, to be monumental – the proverbial “one for the history books” moments.

Yet often at that time and place the individuals themselves do not recognize the full gravity of what is transpiring; as humans we are wont to assess based upon the passions of the moment, our individual preferences and goals, or merely taking the momentary path of least resistance or to avoid potential consequences.

I submit to you that this is one of those times of lasting import. Such times, and the conduct resulting, later prove to have been an immortal test of individuals’ character and integrity. We will eventually pass on – but our actions, or inactions, at this time will become our legacy.

Consider: who now do you believe more likely to be in heaven, and who burning in Hell – those who informed the Gestapo about where Jews were hiding, or those who hid them? Those Vichy who collaborated with the Nazis, or those who joined the Resistance to fight evil?

In this chamber we face mere political unpopularity and, perhaps, loss of enriching political power – consequences which pale in comparison to the potential loss of life confronted by those about whom I just referred, those who stalwartly resisted evil.

By this vote, those of us in this chamber are being tested – and many, perhaps even a majority, will be found wanting – by choosing the transitory path of political expediency and party loyalty.

Indeed, is not this the very essence of temptation – the succumb to immediate satisfaction, but at the long-term detriment of our immortal souls?

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Harry Reid Double-crosses Himself


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Agenda 21 – New Hampshire Fights ICLEI



AN ACT prohibiting the state, counties, towns, and cities from implementing programs of, expending money for, receiving funding from, or contracting with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.
SPONSORS: Rep. Cartwright, Ches 2; Rep. Pettengill, Carr 1; Rep. L. Vita, Straf 3; Rep. S. Tremblay, Rock 3
COMMITTEE: Executive Departments and Administration


This bill prohibits the state and political subdivisions from implementing programs of, funding, receiving funding from, or contracting with, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Explanation: Matter added to current law appears in bold italics.
Matter removed from current law appears [in brackets and struckthrough.]
Matter which is either (a) all new or (b) repealed and reenacted appears in regular type.


In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Twelve

AN ACT prohibiting the state, counties, towns, and cities from implementing programs of, expending money for, receiving funding from, or contracting with the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 New Section; Towns and Cities; Prohibition Added. Amend RSA 31 by inserting after section 8-a the following new section:
31:8-b International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives; Contracts; Expenditures Prohibited. No town or city shall implement programs of, expend any sum for, be a member of, receive funding from, contract for services from, or give financial or other forms of aid to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in furtherance of the United Nations program known as Agenda 21.
2 New Section; State Budget; Prohibition Added. Amend RSA 9 by inserting after section 28 the following new section:
9:29 International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives; Contracts; Expenditures Prohibited. No agency or department of the state shall implement programs of, expend any sum for, be a member of, receive funding from, contract for services from, or give financial or other forms of aid to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in furtherance of the United Nations program known as Agenda 21.
3 New Section; Counties; Prohibition Added. Amend RSA 23 by inserting after section 1-a the following new section:
23:1-b International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives; Contracts; Expenditures Prohibited. No county nor any department thereof shall implement programs of, expend any sum for, be a member of, receive funding from, contract for services from, or give financial or other forms of aid to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) in furtherance of the United Nations program known as Agenda 21.
4 Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.
H/T Tina

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"Merry Christmas" PC Apartheid in Congress

There’s a PC apartheid in Congress.
“Merry Christmas” is banned in the U.S. House of Representatives but not in the Senate.
Mark Tapscott reports for The Examiner, Dec. 16, 2011, members of the House are told they can’t wish constituents a “Merry Christmas” in any mailing paid for with tax dollars.

The congressional franking commission that reviews all congressional mail to determine if it can be “franked,” or paid for with tax dollars, has issued an edict that no holiday greetings, including “Merry Christmas,” can be sent in official mail.
Members of Congress send millions of dollars worth of mail to constituents every year but there are official rules that govern what can and cannot be said in those mailings. Members are barred, for example, from saying anything that might be construed as advocating their re-election.
But saying “Merry Christmas” is also not permitted, according to a Dec. 12 memo from the “Franking Commission Staff” concerning “Holiday Messaging.” The memo explains:

“Members are unable at the current time to use official resources to record holiday greetings, post on social media/website, or send to constituents in franked mail or e-communications.

Member’s Congressional Handbook: GREETINGS-

Expenses related to the purchase or distribution of greetings, including holiday celebrations, condolences, and congratulations for personal distinctions (wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), are not reimbursable.

Franking Manual:

4(a). Example of Nonfrankable Items
-Birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, retirement or condolence messages and holiday greetings are prohibited.

You may make reference to the season as a whole using language along the lines of ‘Have a safe and happy holiday season.’ It may only be incidental to the piece rather than the primary purpose of the communication.”

Franking commission spokesman Salley Wood confirmed to The Washington Examiner that members of Congress indeed cannot wish constituents “Merry Christmas” in any official mailing: “Currently, incidental use of the phrase Happy Holidays is permissible but Merry Christmas is not.”
In other words, the very elected representatives who put “In God We Trust” on America’s currency are prohibited from using the greeting “Merry Christmas” in official communications to their constituents!
But that’s not the case with the Senate.
According to the regulation of the Senate Ethics Committee that handles franking issues for members of the Senate the upper chamber:

“Senators may not use the frank to mail holiday cards. However, Senators may use officially related funds to mail holiday cards to constituents. Holiday cards to friends should be sent with personal funds, not using Senate facilities. Senators also may NOT use the frank to acknowledge holiday greetings that were sent to them. Senators may express holiday greetings at the commencement or conclusion of otherwise frankable mail.

And yet, it is the Senate that has a liberal Democrat majority whereas the House has a Republican majority. Go figure.

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Wild Bill Takes on the Neutered DC Republicans


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545 Spending Monkeys


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What Do Conservatives Do Now?

Yesterday, the disastrous so-called Budget Control Act of 2011 became law. The law increases the US debt limit by more than $2 trillion; promises spending cuts that include defense; and creates a Super Committee of 12 who can raise taxes and cut entitlements.
Many conservatives feel dismayed and discouraged. We’ve played, peacefully, by the rules. We formed or joined TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party groups; blogged; wrote/called the White House and our representatives in Washington, DC; and dutifully trotted to the voting booths last November 2nd. Our efforts were rewarded with a historic midterm election that voted in a tidal wave of Republicans to state governorships, to the U.S. Senate, and to form a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Despite all our efforts, the Republicans in the House caved in and approved the debt deal with Obama. And so, yesterday Obama signed the bill into law.
Adding to our disillusionment is the fact that 70% of the GOP freshman class had voted to support the budget deal, among them is Florida’s Allen West. Many of the turncoats had been elected last November with the support of the Tea Party movement whose major cause is precisely that of cutting federal spending and reducing deficits.
So what do we do now?
I asked the other writers of the Fellowship to do some brainstorming. Simply and starkly, there really are only three choices:
1. Continue to work within the system:
We redouble our efforts and get ready for the 2012 elections. We vote out the GOP turncoats; re-elect those Republicans who had voted against the debt deal (go here for their names); vote for a true conservative in the Republican presidential primary; and most important of all, get Obama out of the White House! On that last task, here’s a hopeful message from political maven Dick Morris:
2. Overthrow the present corrupt system and restore the Constitution:
That’s a move never to be taken lightly, not only because of the certain losses of life and property, but also because of the uncertainty of success. As best as I know, there is not even a whiff of serious disaffection, even less of rebellion, among the U.S. military. But without the backing of the military, or at least a part of it, attempting a second American Revolution is quixotic and suicidal.
3. Drop out of the system:
We hit the bastards in the wallet and do whatever we can to cut off the flow of cash to Washington. We stop spending other than absolute necessities; do cash only transactions; cut up our credit cards; get our money out of banks, or at a minimum out of global banks and into local banks and credit unions. We circle the wagons, protect the homestead, and go into survivalist mode.
Seriously though, how many of us can or will do that?
So in the end, I keep coming back to Option One: Work Within the System. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there more I can do, in labor and dollars, to get the right people into office?
  • Am I in good fighting shape — physically, mentally, spiritually — for the battle? If not, get in shape!
  • If I am able (financially, family-wise) and have the aptitude (knowledge and understanding of politics; public speaking) to run for public office, why am I not doing it? Whom am I waiting for?
  • If I feel besieged, what about those House Republicans who went against their leader, that spineless RINO John Boehner, and voted against the debt deal? If your Congressman/woman is one of the 66 Samurai, send them a “Thank You” note or phonecall! (go here for the names of the 66).

Lastly, do not give in to despair. That’s a sure way for our opponents to win.
There is always hope.
I welcome your suggestions, ideas, proposals.

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The 66 Samurai: Republicans Who Voted Against Debt Deal

Remember these names.
If your Congressman/woman is one of the 66 Samurai, send them a “Thank You” note or phonecall! To contact your representative, go here.
Re-elect them in 2012. Vote against any Republican whose name isn’t on the lists below, esp. the traitor Allen West who now calls “schizophrenic” the very same Tea Partiers who had got him into the House of Representatives last November.
Republicans in the United States House of Representatives who voted against the final debt deal on August 1, 2011:

  1. Akin, Todd (Missouri)
  2. Amash, Justin (Michigan)
  3. Bachmann, Michele (Minnesota)
  4. Bishop, Rob (Utah)
  5. Brooks, Mo (Alabama)
  6. Broun, Paul (Georgia)
  7. Buerkle, Ann Marie (NY)
  8. Burton, Dan (Indiana)
  9. Chaffetz, Jason (Utah)
  10. Cravaack, Chip (Minnesota)
  11. Davis, Geoff (Kentucky)
  12. DesJarlais, Scott (Tennessee)
  13. Duncan, Jeff (South Carolina)
  14. Flake, Jeff (Arizona)
  15. Fleischmann, Chuck (Tennessee)
  16. Fleming, John (Louisiana)
  17. Forbes, Randy (Virginia)
  18. Franks, Trent (AZ)
  19. Garrett, Scott (New Jersey)
  20. Gingrey, Phil (Georgia)
  21. Gohmert, Louie (Texas)
  22. Gowdy, Trey (SC)
  23. Graves, Tom (Georgia)
  24. Griffith, Morgan (Virginia)
  25. Hall, Ralph (Texas)
  26. Harris, Andy (Maryland)
  27. Hartzler, Vicky (Missouri)
  28. Huelskamp, Tim (Kansas)
  29. Hultgren, Randy (Illinois)
  30. Hunter, Duncan (Calif)
  31. Johnson, Tim (Illinois)
  32. Jones, Walter (North Carolina)
  33. Jordan, Jim (Ohio)
  34. King, Steve (Iowa)
  35. Kingston, Jack (Georgia)
  36. Labrador, Raul (Idaho)
  37. Lamborn, Doug (Colorado)
  38. Landry, Jeff (Louisiana)
  39. Latham, Tom (Iowa)
  40. Mack, Connie (Florida)
  41. McClintock, Tom (California)
  42. Mulvaney, Mick (SC)
  43. Neugebauer, Randy (Texas)
  44. Nunes, Devin (Calif.)
  45. Paul, Ron (Texas)
  46. Pearce, Steve (New Mexico)
  47. Poe, Ted (Texas)
  48. Posey, Bill (Florida)
  49. Quayle, Ben (Arizona)
  50. Rehberg, Denny (Montana)
  51. Roby, Martha (Alabama)
  52. Rokita, Todd (Indiana)
  53. Ross, Dennis (Florida)
  54. Scalise, Steve (Louisiana)
  55. Schweikert, David (Arizona)
  56. Scott, Tim (SC)
  57. Scott, Austin (Georgia)
  58. Southerland, Steve (Florida)
  59. Stearns, Cliff (Florida)
  60. Stutzman, Marlin (Indiana)
  61. Tipton, Scott (Colorado)
  62. Turner, Michael (Ohio)
  63. Walsh, Joe (Illinois)
  64. Westmoreland, Lynn (Georgia)
  65. Wilson, Joe (SC)
  66. Yoder, Kevin (Kansas)

Republicans in the United States Senate who voted against the final debt deal on August 2, 2011:

  1. Ayotte, Kelly (NH)
  2. Chambliss, Saxby (GA)
  3. Coats, Dan (IN)
  4. Coburn, Tom (OK)
  5. DeMint, Jim (SC)
  6. Graham, Lindsey (SC)
  7. Grassley, Chuck (IA)
  8. Hatch, Orrin (UT)
  9. Heller, Dean (NV)
  10. Inhofe, James (OK)
  11. Johnson, Ron (WI)
  12. Lee, Mike (UT)
  13. Moran, Jerry (KS)
  14. Paul, Rand (KY)
  15. Rubio, Marco (FL)
  16. Sessions, Jeff (AL)
  17. Shelby, Richard (AL)
  18. Toomey, Pat (PA)
  19. Vitter, David (LA)

H/t MoreWhat.com.
For why the debt deal, aka the misnamed Budget Control Act of 2011 (it will do no such thing), is bad for America, see “The Devil is in the Details of Obama’s Debt Deal.”

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Tell House Conservatives What's On Your Mind

The radical cynics who insist elections don’t make a difference and that two main political parties are two peas in a pod probably didn’t vote in last November’s mid-term elections either. Even without their votes, the November 2nd elections did make a difference. All you have to do is look at what the Republican-led House of Representatives has been doing.
Here’s what the GOP-led 112th U.S. House of Representatives has done, since January this year:

In truth, the deal that the House made with the White House to cut a paltry $38 billion from the 2011 fiscal year federal budget turned out to be a major disappointment. All the more reason for us to let House conservatives know what we want them to do. Go HERE to take their survey!
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

Dear tina,

I want to share with you some of the early results of the Spring Issues Survey we sent out earlier this week. Thank you to all those who participated, your input helps us as we start early planning for the next round of elections in 2012. (If you haven’t had a chance to take the survey yet, it is six simple questions that will only take a moment of your time!)
We asked you which two issues facing Congress and our nation right now are the MOST important to you. Unsurprisingly, over 90% of you said that “reducing government spending and balancing the budget” is your #1 priority. Spending by our government is wildly out of control, and despite what Obama and Congressional leaders seem to think- the American people are paying attention!
According to 75% of you the second most important task facing us is repealing Obamacare. The unrestrained spending and unashamed market manipulation contained in the healthcare package Democrats rammed through Congress last year represents not only a tremendous threat to our freedom, but is a looming iceberg for our national economy.
Friends, I agree with you! Those are the two top priorities of all my fellow conservatives in the House.
In answer to the other questions in our survey we found:
  • 76% of you identify as pro-life
  • 45% said that the most important trait for a Congressional candidate is “Experience cutting the size of government,” followed by being a Tea Party member (29%).
  • 77% of respondents said that the federal government’s debt ceiling should not be raised. Another 22% allowed for it to be raised only as part of a larger agreement to significantly cut spending.
Again, thank you to those of you who took the survey. If you missed the first email, but wish to participate, please CLICK HERE to take the survey now.

Patrick McHenry
United States Congressman
Honorary Chairman, House Conservatives F

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House Democrats Adopt Martial Law Rule

UPDATE: Some readers of this post are confusing this with martial law. Please note that “martial law rule” is NOT “martial law”! The Democrats had NOT declared martial law in the United States. That being said, I have no idea why Congress gave this obscure parliamentary rule the alarming name of “martial law rule.” I think they did that out of sheer perversity.
Keep an especially watchful eye on the lameduck Congress.
Last Wednesday, December 8, the Democrat Majority adopted a Martial Law Rule. This rule allows for the consideration of any legislation, at any time, with very little notice, through December 18.
The Martial Law Rule is a parliamentary procedure so obscure and little known that Wikipedia doesn’t even have an entry on it. The rule is used by Congress to force a vote by dispensing with a longstanding House rule (Rule XIII(6a)) intended to give U.S. Representatives and the public enough time to understand significant legislation. That House rule requires that there be at least one day between a bill’s unveiling and the House floor vote, and can only be suspended if two-thirds of the House agrees. The curiously-named Martial Law Rule dispenses with Rule XIII(6a). Critics on both the left and the right have denounced the tactic, saying it empowers the majority party’s leadership to act in an authoritarian manner and endangers democratic self-government by forcing members to vote blindly on measures demanded by their leaders. [Source]
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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