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Dachshund sacrifices life saving infant from poisonous snake

A brave dachshund named Miley sacrificed her life, protecting a one-year-old infant from being bitten by a cobra.

Manila Bulletin reports that on July 19, 2019, in Barangay Lanao, Philippines,  two dachshunds fought off a cobra that tried to attack their owner, fast food manager Jaim Selim’s one-year old son.

Footage taken from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera in Selim’s residence showed the two dogs battling the cobra, which had managed to enter the house. The more the cobra got bitten by the dogs, the stronger it got, spewing out venom.

Miley, who fought the snake the hardest, absorbed most of the venomous attacks and died minutes later.

But Miley didn’t die in vain, as the dachshunds successfully killed the cobra.

Although the other dachshund was hit in the eys with the cobra’s venom, Selim immediately brought the dog to a veterinarian for treatment, and the dog survived.

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