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Cain Accuses Perry

Herman Cain adviser Mark Block accused the Rick Perry campaign Wednesday of orchestrating POLITICO’s story that revealed allegations of personal misconduct against Cain during his time at the National Restaurant Association.
“The actions of the Perry campaign are despicable. Rick Perry and his campaign owe Herman Cain and his family an apology,” Block said in an interview on Fox News.
“Both Rick Perry and POLITICO did the wrong thing by reporting something that wasn’t true.”
Block named Perry adviser Curt Anderson, who advised Cain’s failed 2004 Senate campaign and now works for Perry, as a key link between the Texas governor and the POLITICO story. Anderson has flatly denied that.
Perry spokesman Ray Sullivan said Block’s attack was entirely without basis: “No one at our campaign was involved in this story in any way. Any claim to the contrary is patently false. The first we learned of it was when we read the story in POLITICO.”
For more information… https://www.politico.com

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Third Woman Accuses Cain of Sexual Harassment

The AP is reporting that a third anonymous woman has surfaced, also accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment. Here’s the report:

A third former employee considered filing a workplace complaint against Herman Cain over what she considered aggressive and unwanted behavior when she and Cain, now a Republican presidential candidate, worked together during the late 1990s, the woman told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She said the behavior including a private invitation to his corporate apartment.

The woman said he made sexually suggestive remarks or gestures about the same time that two co-workers had settled separate harassment complaints against Cain, who was then the head of the National Restaurant Association.

She did not file a formal complaint because she began having fewer interactions with Cain, she said. Afterward, she learned that a co-worker — one of the two women whose accusations have rocked Cain’s campaign this week — had already done so. She said she would have had to file if they hadn’t.

The woman spoke only on condition of anonymity, saying she feared retaliation. She was located and approached by the AP as part of its investigation into harassment complaints against Cain that were disclosed in recent days and have thrown his presidential campaign into turmoil. She said she was reluctant to describe the encounters she had with Cain when they worked together at the Washington-based restaurant trade group.

The employee described in conversations with the AP over several days situations in which she said Cain told her that he had confided to colleagues how attractive she was and invited her to his corporate apartment outside work.

His actions “were inappropriate, and it made me feel uncomfortable,” she said.

Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, replied, “No comment,” when he was asked Wednesday about the new allegations.

The AP confirmed that the employee worked at the restaurant association with Cain during the period in question, that she has no party affiliation in her voter registration in the past decade and is not identified as a donor in federal campaigns or local political campaigns. Records show she was registered as a Democrat at one point previously.

Though trying to project an image of campaign business as usual, Cain appeared frazzled at times Wednesday and couldn’t escape the questions that have dogged him since a published report Sunday night that at least two women had complained about his behavior while at the restaurant association and had been given financial settlements. The controversy has arisen two months before the leadoff Iowa caucuses and as polls show Cain at the head of the GOP field alongside former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

As the day began, Cain said, “There are factions that are trying to destroy me personally, as well as this campaign.” He didn’t say to whom he was referring, but he said “the voice of the people” is stronger.

Cain was supposed to take questions after a speech to health care professionals, but he ultimately refused and left the hotel through a back door.

“I’m here to visit with these doctors, and that’s what I’m going to talk about, so don’t even bother asking me all of these other questions that you all are curious about, OK? Don’t even bother,” a testy Cain told a throng of reporters.

When pressed about the week’s previous allegations, Cain raised his voice and said “What did I say? Excuse me. Excuse me!” as hotel security led him through a hallway jammed with journalists in a Washington suburb. “What part of ‘no’ don’t people understand?”

Meanwhile, another of Cain’s accusers appeared increasingly reluctant to speak publicly, though her lawyer took the first steps for her to do so. Attorney Joel P. Bennett contacted the association on Wednesday and asked it to release his client from the confidentiality arrangement she had agreed to so that she could talk openly about her allegations and respond to Cain’s assertion that her complaints were “totally baseless and totally false.”

Cain has declined to say whether he will ask his former employer to terminate confidentiality restrictions on the two women who accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s while he was head of the trade group. Block said the campaign would address that question “when it’s appropriate.”

[…] Confidentiality agreements that commit both sides to silence are common in financial settlements of an employee’s sexual harassment claims, lawyers for management and employees said. Violating such an agreement can lead to a complaint in court and an order to pay damages, or at least the other side’s attorney’s fees, said Sarah Pierce Wimberly, a partner in the Atlanta office of the Ford and Harrison law firm.

[…] It’s not clear if Cain himself was part of the settlement or whether it just involved the association and the woman. But he almost certainly would be bound by is, as the association’s former president.

Over the past two days, Cain has acknowledged he knew of one agreement between the restaurant association and a woman who accused him of sexual harassment. He has said the woman initially asked for a large financial settlement but ultimately received two to three months’ pay as part of a separation agreement. Cain also acknowledged remembering one of the woman’s accusations against him, saying he stepped close to her to make a reference to her height and told her she was the same height as his wife.

He has said he is not aware of agreements or settlements with any other women, though Politico — which first disclosed the allegations — reported that the trade group had given settlements to at least two female employees who accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior.

In media interviews since the story broke Sunday, Cain has offered conflicting accounts of what happened during his tenure at the trade group in Washington. He later acknowledged knowing about one settlement but said he did not know how much was paid. The New York Times reported Tuesday that one payout was $35,000, equivalent to one year’s salary for one of the women.

The pressure on Cain only increased when a pillar of the GOP establishment suggested that the Georgia businessman should ask the association to waive the confidentiality agreements so that the woman can talk openly about her allegations.

“What are the facts?” asked Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour on MSNBC. “If you have a confidentiality agreement that keeps the public from finding out something that the public is interested in knowing the facts, you ought to go on and get the facts out.” “Herman Cain’s interest is getting this behind him,” added Barbour, a former Republican National Committee chairman.

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Politico's Jonathan Martin Evasive on Cain Allegations

If there is one cardinal rule among the il-liberal left in this country, it is that black conservatives must be destroyed. No, not just merely made fun of, disagreed with, ostracized, or even discredited or defeated, but totally and utterly wiped out as a person – never to be heard from again.
I mean, how many times have we seen it now? Too many to be mere coincidence.
We all remember Anita Hill being used by the lefty plantation owners in a sleazy (and thankfully unsuccessful) attempt to torpedo Clarence Thomas’ placement on the Supreme Court.
Gen. Colin Powell (albeit a very small “c” conservative), as well as Dr Walter E. Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell have all been roughly treated by the left and their MSM dog-washers.
Dr. Condoleezza Rice was called everything but a child of God by the lefties when selected by George W. Bush to join his cabinet – first as his National Security Advisor, and as Secretary of State in his second term.
Some of her lefty critics crossed the line with their comments and characterizations, and one lily-white liberal cartoonist went still further.
Now you may add Herman Cain to the expanding list of distinguished, accomplished black Americans the feces-flinging left has decided to go after.
After all, Herman Cain, like the rest, is nothing more than an escaped slave that ran away from the liberal plantation, and he has to either be brought back and put in his place, or he must be taken down. I mean, there are black Americans that might actually listen to this self-made conservative black man, and that just would not be good for business at the DNC.
Ever since Herman Cain’s rocket-like rise in the polls, I have been waiting for the left to pull something so sleazy concerning Cain even Bill Clinton would blush, and I did not have to wait long.
As our own DCG posted previously,  the Politico published an article yesterday that made some vague references to Herman Cain having allegedly “sexually harassed” two female employees when he was heading up the National Restaurant Association back in the 1990s.
Reportedly, the two females involved left the association and received very generous severance packages.
Politico’s Jonathan Martin, one of the four authors of the article, appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the allegations against Herman Cain. When pressed for details by Willie Geist, Martin became very evasive.
NewsBuster’s Mark Finklestein has the whole story, including video of the exchange, here.
Given that this is Politico, which I believe is at least as bad, if not worse than even the New York Times when it comes to sliming conservatives, I see the Politico article as nothing more than an effort to smear a great American conservative.
I was once accused by a female co-worker – a member of my surveying crew, of using “gender specific terminology” because I said, “Let’s go, guys” as I walked past the truck that morning. She even filed a written complaint with my employer over it.
I have seen workplace hypersensitivity up close and personal, and unless concrete evidence surfaces to the contrary, I will continue to believe that is what we are probably dealing with here.
That, and a blatant attempt by a notoriously left-wing blog to destroy Herman Cain.

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Cain gets the "Clarence Thomas" treatment

The liberals and SRM are so determined to knock republican candidate Herman Cain out of the race.   Bob Schieffer scolded Cain on his smoking ad. A democrat strategist said “conservatives like Cain because he’s a black man who knows his place”. The enlightened disgusting Janeane Garofalo asks, “Is someone paying Cain to be a tea-party token?”  The Washington Post said Cain is a joke and “comparable to worst American Idol singers”.
Why are they doing this?  I believe they want RINO Mitt Romney to get the republican nomination and will say/do anything to get Skippy re-elected.  Now comes the latest jab against Cain.

Herman Cain and his wife Gloria

Cain Responds to Sex Harassment Allegation

The Examiner:  Herman Cain’s campaign headquarters has released a response to a story, broken this evening on Politico, that in the 1990s two female employees of the National Restaurant Association “complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain,” who at the time was head of the trade group.
Calling the story “thinly source allegations,” Cain spokesman J.D. Gordon said: “Since Washington establishment critics haven’t had much luck in attacking Mr. Cain’s ideas to fix a bad economy and create jobs, they are trying to attack him in any way they can.”  Gordon did not address any of the specific allegations in the report.  Asked for a more specific answer, the campaign did not provide details.
Here is Gordon’s complete response:

Fearing the message of Herman Cain who is shaking up the political landscape in Washington, Inside the Beltway media have begun to launch unsubstantiated personal attacks on Cain.
Dredging up thinly sourced allegations stemming from Mr. Cain’s tenure as the Chief Executive Officer at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, political trade press are now casting aspersions on his character and spreading rumors that never stood up to the facts.
Since Washington establishment critics haven’t had much luck in attacking Mr. Cain’s ideas to fix a bad economy and create jobs, they are trying to attack him in any way they can.
Sadly, we’ve seen this movie played out before – a prominent Conservative targeted by liberals simply because they disagree with his politics.  Mr. Cain — and all Americans, deserve better.

Cain is likely to face questions about the matter on Monday.  He is scheduled to appear at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington in the morning to discuss his 9-9-9 tax plan, and then speak — and take questions — at the National Press Club at lunch.
I hope the allegations aren’t warranted.  I know women do experience harassment at work. I also worked with a woman who claimed sexual harassment when she was the instigator, and successfully got a male co-worker fired for no good reason, other than she was a major you-know-what.
Given liberals disdain for Cain, it appears to be the Clarence Thomas treatment all over again.

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Clever Cain Bumperstickers

Arrived in my email box this am.  Whether or not you are supporting Cain, gotta admit these are pretty clever!

I know, the last one is not a Cain sticker but it’s my favorite 🙂

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MSNBCCCP's Larry O'Donnell Gets Hermanated!

LOL – Yeah, they can throw all the crap at the Hermanator they like, but he ain’t havin’ none of it.

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Honkies for Herman!

I am sitting here watching the Bucs beat my Falcons like they wuzz red-headed, cross-eyed step chillin’ with cowlicks. With the Hermanator being in the news after having won the Florida Straw Poll, I remembered something I had run across some time ago, but had completely forgotten about.
This is just too deliciously politically incorrect not to share, and I think it is the best idea for a political bumper sticker I have ever seen:

No, they are not from the Cain campaign itself, but they are available at zazzle.com – though they are a little different than the one pictured above.
I do not normally do bumper stickers, but I might just order a few for the heck of it.  🙂
There is also an excellent Honkies for Herman blog which I do frequent from time to time.

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Alfonzo Rachel Lays It on the Line – Obama's Like PeeWee Herman


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9/11 Tribute God Bless America


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Juan Williams Says Liberals Want Blacks to Stay in the Box



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