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Heartless Public Servant

Some people should never be trusted in an emergency

I think we have all been stung by an encounter with a bureaucrat with no concern. When things get really bad it’s hard to say the perfect thing or identify the most urgent need. But this incident stands as a reminder of human failure in a pinch.

Let’s keep our balance, and pray for this woman’s loved ones, and for the dispatcher, who is likely in the emotional crisis of her life. But on second thought, that dispatcher crossed a bright neon line in the sand into genuine callousness and outright cruelty. I will pray for her, but mostly pray for the poor victim and her loved ones.


Update (Sept. 4, 2019):

Donna Reneau is the name of this dispatcher, whose cruelty and callousness directly led to the death-by-drowning of 47-year-old Debra Stevens. It was Reneau’s last day working as a dispatcher; she had given her two-weeks’ notice, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be held accountable as interim Fort Smith Police Chief Danny Baker said in the video. Incredibly, Baker said that even if it wasn’t Reneau’s last day on the job, what she said to Stevens was merely rude and would not warrant her being fired. Stevens’ family should file a negligent-death lawsuit against both Donna Reneau and the city of Fort Smith.

For more information on this reprobate, go to Heavy.com.


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