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Street artist’s Facebook page shut down because of “hate speech” aimed at Zuckerberg

fck zuck

Libtards will find a way to label anything as “hate speech” if it offends their sensibilities.

From Hollywood Reporter: “F*ck Zuck 2020” posters, the symbol after the “F” being a middle finger, were hung in various California cities.

The work of a conservative street artist known for skewering the liberal politics of celebrities and corporations has been deemed “hate speech” by Facebook, which shut his page down on Sunday.

The notice comes just days after the artist known as Sabo attacked Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg with posters disparaging his alleged presidential aspirations. “F*ck Zuck 2020” read the posters, the symbol after the “F” being a middle finger. They were hung in the dead of night last week in various California cities.

“Your page has been unpublished for using hate speech,” read the message at the Unsavory Agents fan page run by Sabo. Sabo is the artist’s pen name and Unsavory Agents is the name of his website and business where his artwork is sold.

Sabo last struck on Friday when he plastered fake ads and posters around Google and YouTube offices in Venice Calif. Those ads, some as large as 30 square feet and some plastered onto bus stop benches, ridiculed Google as a place that is hostile to free thinkers, a reference to the recent firing of an employee who penned a 3,000 word memo to co-workers critical of his employer’s focus on diversity in its hiring practices.

Sabo has also created disparaging street art aimed at Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lena Dunham, Cher and many more.

All of it is politically incorrect, Sabo freely acknowledges, but not “hate” worthy of censorship.

While Facebook wasn’t specific as to what it objected to, Sabo assumes it is retribution for his attack on Zuckerberg. Though Facebook may also have objected to recent posters featuring commentary on the Black Lives Matter political movement. Those faux ads, made to look like a genuine movie poster for War for the Planet of the Apes, feature the image of a well-armed ape on horseback with the text: “BLM: Kill Whitey.”

Then again, it could be a host of things that Facebook doesn’t like, considering Sabo has demeaned progressive sacred cows like climate change, affirmative action, transgenderism and much more.

But even though it’s not the first time Facebook has tried to correct his behavior, Sabo is convinced his banishment this time has something to do with Facebook’s leader.

“It took a week, but it finally came down,” Sabo tells THR. “Zuckerberg isn’t only a thief, he’s thin-skinned.”

Facebook didn’t immediately return a request for comment on Sunday.



Islamic State flag free to fly on Facebook in Sweden, prosecutor rules


From Fox News: A Swedish prosecutor may have set a dangerous precedent last week in regards to the Islamic State flag.

Prosecutor Gisela Sjovall announced last week that a 23-year-old man wouldn’t be charged after posting the flag to his Facebook page in June, according to The Local. Authorities in Laholm had investigated the man, who came to Sweden from Syria, on suspicion of committing “hate speech.”

In comparison to the Nazi symbol which has come to be a symbol for prejudice against Jewish people, the same couldn’t be said for the Islamic State flag, Sjovall added. “Up until now, we haven’t come to that point,” she told the Hallandsposten, a local newspaper. “That could change in ten years.”

The Local noted that under Sweden’s hate speech laws, for an image to be considered “hate speech,” it needs to threaten or disparage a group of people in connections to their race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

No disparagement here...

No disparagement here…

“If there had been anything in the text (posted alongside the flag) with more specific formulations about certain groups, for example homosexuals, the ruling could have been different,” Sjovall said.  “For me, there are no doubts about the decision not to prosecute.”

Sjovall said the man told authorities in June that he does not support ISIS. The man’s lawyer said that what he posted wasn’t an ISIS flag, but a symbol of what had been used within Islam for hundreds of years before ISIS misconstrued its meaning.

The flag had already been banned in the Netherlands and Germany. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron had also said that anyone displaying the ISIS flag should be arrested, but there wasn’t a law barring people from displaying it.


Feminist are insufferable: “All men are rapists”

Angry femi-nazi Julie Bendel

Angry femi-nazi Julie Bindel

There’s an angry femi-nazi on Twitter and her name is Julie Bindel. From her Twitter bio:

“Journalist, author, broadcaster. Feminist activist. Full-on lezzer. Research Fellow, Lincoln University.”

From her Wiki page:

Julie Bindel (born 20 July 1962) is an English writer, feminist, and co-founder of the law-reform group Justice for Women, which opposes violence against women and helps women who have been prosecuted for killing violent male partners. She is the author of Straight Expectations and co-author, with Harriet Wistrich, of The Map of My Life: The Story of Emma Humphreys.

Bindel is a visiting researcher at Lincoln University and former assistant director of the Research Centre on Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations at Leeds Metropolitan University. In 2010 she entered The Independent’s “Pink List” as 89th of the top 101 most influential gay and lesbian people in Britain. She writes regularly for The Guardian.

While focusing on male violence against women, Bindel also writes about gender inequality in general, as well as stalking, religious fundamentalism, lesbian rights, opposition to the sex industry and human trafficking. She refers to herself as a political lesbian feminist.

And now, from her Twitter feed:

“Dear misogynist trolls I’m going to make things easier for you – save u some time. All men are rapists and should be put in prison then shot

Julie Bindel: Femi-Nazi that practices hate speech

Julie Bindel: Femi-nazi that practices hate speech

Feel the love! And feel free to give her your own message on Twitter, go here!

h/t Twitchy


Apple, Google, Facebook Censor Christians

This is a follow-up on my Sept. 22 post, “Study Shows Social Media Censor Conservatives-Christians“.

Father John Flynn, LC, writes for Zenit, Oct 2, 2011, on how social media sites such as Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter censor Christians, as detailed in a report commissioned by the Virginia-based National Religious Broadcasters (NRB), a non-partisan, international association of Christian communicators according to a description of its mission on its Web site.

The report, “True Liberty in a New Media Age: An Examination of the Threat of Anti-Christian Censorship and Other Viewpoint Discrimination on New Media Platforms,” concludes that “Christian ideas and other religious content face a clear and present danger of censorship on Web-based communication platforms.”

The study revealed a number of ways in which the policies of the new media giants affected religion.


On two occasions Apple has blocked Christian apps on the iTunes App Store due to the religious content:

  1. In November of 2010, Apple revoked its approval of the Manhattan Declaration App. This declaration was a statement of Christian beliefs about marriage, the sanctity of life and religious liberty. The reason given was that one of the points in the declaration was that homosexual conduct is immoral and this, in Apple’s view, was offensive.
  2. In March 2011, Apple also censored the app for Exodus International, a Christian ministry that helps people to leave the homosexual lifestyle. Once again Apple declared that this was offensive and violated its guidelines.

Then, in July 2011, Apple pulled iTunes out of the Christian Values Network, a portal that contributes funds to charities. The report said that this action was caused by complaints that some of the charities had policies critical of homosexual rights initiatives.

In fact, the only apps that Apple has blocked due to the views expressed in them are ones that reflect Christian views. In general, the NRB report finds Apple to have a two-faced policy on content. When it comes to satire, humor or political commentary the norms are quite different, giving wide latitude to content. But Apple’s guidelines on religion define content should be prohibited if it is “offensive, mean-spirited” or if it contains material that has “abuse,” or is “inappropriate” or “unacceptable.” Using such fuzzy terms means that Apple has very wide discretion to determine which religious ideas they prefer and which they will censor, the report pointed out.

There is no doubt, the report concludes, that Apple’s policies on religious content would be found “extraordinarily wanting” if they were matched up against the standards for free speech that the Supreme Court has established under the First Amendment.


Scott Cleland, former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Information and Communication Policy, has stated that “Google rejects traditional Judeo-Christian values.”

Indeed, Google refused to place a Christian pro-life advertisement from the Christian Institute on its search engine, on the grounds that Google’s “policy did not permit the advertisement of Web sites that contain abortion and religion-related content.” The Christian Institute took Google to court and as a result the ad was allowed and Google changed its policy to allow ads on abortion from religious groups so long as they are framed in a factual way. Google’s policy is still, however, to block any ad on abortion that contains the phrase “abortion is murder,” as this is deemed to be “gruesome.”

Another problem outlined by the report related to Google’s guidelines for its Web tools available for non-profit groups. The free or discounted use of these tools is not allowed for churches, faith groups, or organizations that take religion or sexual orientation into account in hiring employees. According to the report Christian churches who have applied to Google for non-profit status are being rejected.

Google also blocks advertising content that is critical of groups for their religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, thereby eliminating ads by Christian pro-family groups that oppose what some homosexual advocacy groups are doing to promote the legalization of same-sex marriage. It also means that criticism of other religions or sects as being theologically wrong would violate Google’s policy.

A further case involving Google was related to a Norwegian site that contained criticism of Scientology. Lawyers representing Scientology protested to Google that the site contained copyrighted content. As a result the pages of the critical site were removed from Google’s index. But there are a number of Christian groups that expose religious movements for their lack of fidelity to the Bible. In order to do so they need to quote from the original sources. Copyright law allows the fair use of material for reporting and criticism, so Google’s approach could unjustly block legitimate Christian groups from engaging in criticism of what they consider to be false teachings.

Google also showed itself willing, during the time it operated in China through a local version of its Web site, to cooperate with the government in blacklisting words from its search engine relating to the Falun Gong religious group and the Dalai Lama.


Facebook has a policy of erasing anti-homosexual comments from its site and has partnerships with some organizations that promote the homosexual agenda. As an example, Facebook removed a posting of a photo of two men kissing. This decision was quickly reversed and Facebook made an apology. By contrast in other cases of photos involving sexual depictions unrelated to homosexuality the material has been permanently removed.

Facebook also has a “hate speech” language policy that prohibits “Inflammatory religious content; Politically religious agendas.”

There are similar problems with other new media organizations, such as MySpace, which also has very broad and ill-defined policies when it comes to hate speech and homosexuality. The Internet service providers Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon also violate free speech and their rules would allow censorship of Christian content, according to the report.

H/t SpiritDaily.


Left’s Censorship of Conservatives Begins

Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff, famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Rahm was merely making explicit what the Left had been practicing for decades — the exploitation of some public tragedy by reflexively blaming the Right. 

As an example, the Left blamed the “climate of hate” in conservative Dallas and the “paranoid style” of American (conservative) politics for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, despite the convicted killer Lee Harvey Oswald being an avowed Marxist!

It’s the same liberal modus operandus in the recent Tucson, Arizona mass murders. Before anyone even knew who and what the shooter was, the Left and their complicit accomplices in the MSM already began pointing their fingers at “right wing hate rhetoric” as the culprit. Even after the facts began pouring in about Jared Lee Loughner — that he was apolitical, paid scant attention to the news, did not listen to talk radio, but instead is a drug-addled mentally-disturbed loser who worshipped at a skull-bedecked homemade altar — the Left’s scapegoating and demonization of Conservatives persist, undeterred by facts or the truth.

Paul Krugman himself engages in hate speech (A BKeyser design)

True to Rahm’s injunction, the Left did not let the crisis go to waste. In the aftermath of the Tucson tragedy, the father of Christina Green, the 9-year-old girl killed in the massacre, pleaded with the nation that his daughter’s death should not be exploited as a justification to crush constitutional rights. But the Left are doing exactly that.

First, Demonrat California Sen. Barbara Boxer sprang into action to censor the conservative organization Patriot Post. Below is a letter from the Patriot Post explaining what happened:

A staff member from California Demo Sen. Barbara Boxer’s office discovered a small image of an old sticker from the humor section of PatriotShop.US, targeting liberals for defeat prior to 2013. This image clearly was intended as humor but is no longer on our site. Only a small number of people had ever actually seen it.

Boxer believed that this three-inch image was too dangerous to be seen in public, lest it incite murderous violence. Ostensibly, to make her point, she enlarged the image dramatically, distributed copies of it at a televised news conference, and displayed it for the entire nation to see. (One may presume that her audience included more than a few psychopaths who otherwise would never have seen this image … good thinking Babs!)

We now find ourselves in the good company of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and many other conservatives who stand accused by the Left of provoking murderous attacks through words and imagery. However, Boxer’s public accusations pose a serious problem for us. While we have a large following, we remain a grassroots organization, not a well-funded political or media conglomerate.

By midweek, Boxer and her entourage of histrionic sycophants were actively endeavoring to have the entire PatriotShop.US site censored — and shut down. (And we thought Democrats wanted to create jobs.)

To date, our team has done an outstanding job of repelling Boxers efforts to silence us, and we will do everything in our power to continue to defend our First (and Second) Amendment rights. We write simply to ask for your prayers on behalf of our steadfast defense of Essential Liberty.

— The Patriot Shop Staff

Then, we learn that the FBI is compiling a list of Americans deemed a potential threat because they criticized their representative – and targeting them with home visits. As Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars reports:

An Ozark man who ran a blog last year critical of Republican Congressman Billy Long was shocked to see an FBI agent turn up on his doorstep asking questions. The agent was accompanied by Green County Sheriff Jim Arnott, who had stepped outside of his jurisdiction to become involved in this act of political repression directed against Clay Bowler, a resident of Christian County.

The FBI agent wanted to know if Bowler was a threat to Long because he had used an Internet blog to highlight claims of cronyism and corruption involving the Congressman before the southwest Missouri election in November, in which Long defeated Democrat Scott Eckersley to replace outgoing Rep. Roy Blunt.

The most heated confrontation Bowler had with Long was when he asked him a question about political donations Long had made. The video clip of the incident shows Bowler calmly asking Long a question as the Congressman walks away. He ran a website called “Long is wrong” in an attempt to prevent Long from being elected last year. The website has since been discontinued and Bowler hasn’t had any contact with Long since September.

Even the FBI agent who visited Bowler had to agree that his actions represented no kind of threat whatsoever. “I’m not a threat to Billy Long,” Bowler said Thursday. “I find the whole thought very funny, because I’m such an advocate for constitutional rights that I would never do anything that would put in jeopardy those constitutional rights like the Second Amendment”….

Arnott confirmed to KSPR News that Bowler isn’t the only local person who’s been scrutinized in the wake of last weekend’s shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) during a meet-and-greet with constituents in Tucson, Ariz,” states the report, affirming that the authorities are compiling new lists of Americans who are now considered to be potentially violent threats for the crime of asking their own public servants uncomfortable questions. Separately it was reported that the FBI was preparing to visit other bloggers in the area.

Targeting anyone who exercises their First Amendment right to redress their grievances against local representatives who are paid to serve them with home visits accompanied by FBI agents only has one outcome – it chills free speech and discourages other Americans from speaking out against the government. These tactics also have the impact of making asking questions of elected officials, the lifeblood of a free society, seem somehow abnormal or suspicious.

Once again, vultures are still busy circling around last weekend’s tragedy, using it as a vehicle through which to advance their own authoritarian and anti-American agendas of political repression.

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, and any move to imply that asking questions of public officials or engaging in criticism of government is somehow suspicious or indicative of a violent individual is a damning indictment of everything America is supposed to stand for. Circumstances like these should only encourage Americans to become more vocal in their dissent while they still have any semblance of free speech left at all.

H/t beloved fellows Tina & May.


Liberals Wish Death For Sarah Palin

The hypocrisy of the Left has reached a level where it’s no longer hypocrisy. It is now a blindness about themselves which is the stuff either of moral perversity or mental illness.

Immediately after news broke of the Arizona mass shootings, before anyone knew who and what the shooter was, the Left and their complicit accomplices in the MSM already began pointing their fingers at “right wing hate rhetoric” as the culprit. Even after the facts began pouring in about mass murderer Jared Lee Loughner — that he was apolitical, who paid scant attention to the news, did not listen to talk radio, but instead is a drug-addled mentally-disturbed “loser” who worshipped at a skull-bedecked homemade altar — the Left’s scapegoating and demonization of Conservatives persist, undeterred by facts or the truth.

But liberals say they're pro-women feminists!

Now comes a video of “hate tweeds” directed at Governor Sarah Palin which is vicious even for the Left. Here’s NewsMax’s account, “YouTube Video Calling for Palin’s Death Spurs Outrage“:

A four-minute video montage of “hate tweets” on YouTube directed at Sarah Palin and calling for her death is creating outrage on the Internet. The video was posted on Tuesday, before President Barack Obama’s Wednesday address calling for unity in the wake of the Tucson shooting rampage, which killed six and injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 12 others.

The montage is set to Alice Cooper’s song “School’s Out.” Among the tweets:

  • “Why couldn’t Sarah Palin get shot instead?”
  • “I hope Sarah Palin dies an ugly death and takes her moronic hate with her.”
  • “Can somebody please shoot Sarah Palin?”
  • “I hope Sarah Palin gets cancer and dies in the next two years.”
  • “Sarah Palin should be shot for her encouragement of fanaticism against Democrats.”
  • “Join us in praying to God that Sarah Palin contracts cancer and dies.”
  • “Sarah Palin is the single most dangerous threat to the future of the human race. Somebody bloody shoot her.”

A photoshopped pic by a deranged/evil Palin-hater

According to Fox News, “attempts to reach some of the Twitter users who posted the messages were unsuccessful.” Twitter’s terms of service advise that “we may not monitor or control the content posted via the services and we cannot take responsibility for such content.”

One of the many posters responding to the video stated: “Such hate and yet the left feels totally justified in putting the blame on others for one idiot’s action.” Examiner.com observed: “Will this get condemned over at the DemocraticUnderground, or ThinkProgress? Maybe. Will they make as big a stink as they do about Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh, and call on YouTube to pull the video and perhaps implore Twitter to pull the Twitter accounts?”

I can’t find the video montage on YouTube, but here’s an arguably even more shocking video:

An aide close to Sarah Palin says death threats and security threats have increased to an unprecedented level since the shooting in Arizona, and the former Alaska governor’s team has been talking to security professionals.

May the Light of Christ protect you from the evil ones.

H/t beloved Fellowship co-founder Steve.