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It’s war: Largest police union threatens Hollyweirdo Tarantino with “surprise”

Quentin Tarantino at anti-cop rally

Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino, whose movies are saturated with guns and violence, is the foot-fetishist who participated in a #BlackLivesMatter rally against police brutality in New York on October 24, where he indiscriminately called [all] cops “murderers”. (See “Protesters flip off NYPD days after cop slay“)

Since then, the foot fetishist has refused to apologize despite his own father, Tony, speaking out, saying that there are four police officers in his family, one killed and the other, Frank Gucciardi, who was horribly injured and almost died in the line of duty in the Vietnam War protests at Columbia University in 1968. Tony Tarantino said that had his son “pinpointed his comments to a particular abuse situation, or an officer who was out of line, that would have been fine. But not to describe an entire department as killers and murderers.”

Harvey Weinstein, the Democrat producer of Tarantino’s upcoming movie The Hateful Eight, also wants Tarantino to apologize because police groups have called for a boycott of the flick.

Tarantino’s labeling of police as murderers has drawn the ire of unions from the largest police departments in the country, border patrol and other law enforcement organizations.

The war started by Tarantino is now heating up even more.

Ryan Parker and Pamela McClintock report for The Hollywood Reporter, Nov. 5, 2015, that the largest U.S. police union has made a veiled threat at Tarantino, saying they have a “surprise” in store for him.

Jim Pasco, executive director of the D.C.-based Fraternal Order of Police, comprised of more than 330,000 full-time, sworn officers, would not go into any detail about what is being cooked up for the Hollywood director. All Pasco would say is that it would be a “surprise”, but it would not be violent.

Pasco said: “We’ll be opportunistic. Tarantino has made a good living out of violence and surprise. Our offices make a living trying to stop violence, but surprise is not out of the question.”

Pasco said the surprise in question is already “in the works,” and will be in addition to the standing boycott of Tarantino’s films, including his upcoming movie The Hateful Eight.

“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,” says Pasco. “Something could happen anytime between now and [the premiere]. And a lot of it is going to be driven by Tarantino, who is nothing if not predictable. The right time and place will come up and we’ll try to hurt him in the only way that seems to matter to him, and that’s economically.”

When asked if this was a threat, Pasco said no, at least not a physical threat. “Police officers protect people,” he says. “They don’t go out to hurt people.”

Although Tarantino’s movies are full of guns and violence, he oh-so-self-servingly has said he does not believe that violence in movies inspires acts of violence in real life — which is contradicted by scientific studies.

Tarantino is also a hypocrite, being in favor of gun control. Last month, the hypocrite also called the police he despises to report that a stranger had broken into his Los Angeles house, and cops talked the intruder into leaving without incident, TMZ reported.


Remember to boycott this movie, ‘The Hateful Eight’

The Hateful Eight is a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, scheduled to be released to U.S. movie theaters this Christmas Day.

Tarantino, whose movies are saturated with guns and violence, is the foot-fetishist who participated in an anti-police march on October 24, where he called cops “murderers”. (See “Protesters flip off NYPD days after cop slay“)

Quentin Tarantino at anti-cop rally

Tarantino’s own father is speaking out, saying that many in their family are/were cops, including a cousin of Tarantino, Frank Gucciardi, who almost died in the line of duty in the Vietnam War protests at Columbia University in 1968.

Daily Mail says that the producer of The Hateful Eight, Harvey Weinstein, a Democrat — that’s another reason to boycott the movie! — is said to be absolutely furious at Tarantino for attending the anti-police rally and wants him to apologize because police groups have called for a boycott of the flick.

A source said, “Harvey is desperate to find a solution. He’s angry that Tarantino needlessly created a controversy that has nothing to do with the movie. It’s so pointless and unnecessary. And bad for business.”

The Hateful Eight is set to open on Christmas Day, just in time to qualify for the Academy Awards.

So, mark your December calendars to stay away from this turkey!


This Is Hollywood

By Kipp Jones of Breitbart

Hours after producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly groped 22-year-old Ambra Battilana during an encounter in his New York office last week, he reportedly admitted over the telephone his actions were a one-time mistake.

The legendary producer was the subject of an NYPD telephone sting operation, and did not deny the accusation; the New York Daily News reported this week.

The aspiring Italian model and actress claims the 63-year-old married father of five asked for a kiss, before touching her breasts and crotch during a “business meeting” at his Tribeca office around 6p.m. Friday Mar. 27. Weinstein spoke to police the following day, and denied the claim, before lawyering up.

The Daily News reported Thursday a conversation recorded by the NYPD, between the Weinstein Co. exec and the beauty, demonstrated he did not deny the “casting-couch come-on.”

Now, a source tells the paper during the monitored phone call Battilana said something to indicate “she was uncomfortable with him doing that.”

The source then said as police listened in Weinstein reacted with “something to the effect, ‘It won’t happen again.’”

Battilana also arranged an in-person meeting with Weinstein at the Tribeca Grand Hotel restaurant some time between the incident and Weinstein’s Saturday conversation with the police. Officers watched the meeting from afar, according to the publication. The paper’s source also indicated it was clear from the conversation that Weinstein had made physical contact with his accuser.

“If he denies it, if he says he didn’t touch her breasts and privates, he’s toast,” the person asserted.

“He didn’t deny doing what she said he did to her,” an anonymous source told the Daily News of the alleged phone call. “The content of the phone call, there’s no question about what he did.”

It is not immediately clear if Weinstein knew he was being monitored for the phone conversation, or his in-person meeting with the woman at the restaurant.

Representatives for the studio head have continually dismissed Battilana as an opportunist, and attacked her credibility. A person affiliated with The Weinstein Company said earlier this week the allegations were a “blackmail attempt,” and insisted that the producer “did nothing wrong.”

Another person close to the producer told the Daily News Thursday: “I couldn’t be more confident that nothing untoward happened with Harvey and that this is a setup like we’ve never seen… I think it’s pretty clear that it’s part of a pattern.”

The pair had met a day prior to the alleged assault, when Weinstein invited the model to his office for the business meeting on Friday. A security camera captured both Battilana’s entrance into the building at 6 p.m. Friday, and her and quick exit 31 minutes later, a source said this week.

She placed a telephone call to a friend as she left the Tribeca building, and was “very upset.” She later went to police.

Former sex crimes prosecutor Matthew Galluzzo told the Daily News Weinstein could face misdemeanor charges of forcible touching or sexual abuse if the investigation finds the claims credible.

“I think they’re probably going to give Harvey Weinstein and his lawyer an opportunity to respond,” said Galluzzo of a probable thorough investigation. “I would say there’s no urgency in terms of flight risk. They will probably invite him in, if he wants to come.”

Harvey has promised full cooperation with the investigation.

Woman hit with bag of human feces on Chicago bus

America is unraveling.

Evil is breaking out everywhere.

It’s like the gates of Hell are opened and its demons are at large.

A gunman goes on a killing spree, gunning down moviegoers in a Century Theater in Aurora, Colorado. A devil-worshipping young man from an affluent upper-middle class home calmly shoots to death 20 first-graders and 6 teachers and principal of an elementary school.

Instead of putting the blame on the killers, seemingly-sane university professors, a movie producer, a popular novelist, and the former star of a popular TV show instead are behaving like foaming-at-the-mouth rabid dogs, calling for the deaths of members of a pro-2nd Amendment organization who have committed no crimes.

Violence is pandemic — in our streets, in our schools, in movie theaters, and in public transportation.

A woman riding a bus in Chicago was attacked by another rider, a man, with a sock filled with human feces. (See his image below)

She does not know her assailant.

Man Hits CTA Passenger With Feces-Filled Sock Police say this man is their “person of interest” in the feces attack. Anyone with information should call the Oak Park Police Department’s crime tip hotline at 708-434-1636.

NBC5 Chicago reports, Dec. 20, 2012:

A woman riding the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) Blue Line in Oak Park told police she was last week attacked by another passenger wielding a sock filled with human feces.

“He had a sock full of his poop on me,” the 21-year-old college student told the Pioneer Press. “It was everywhere; on my face, my hair, my clothes.”

The victim, requesting anonymity, said she screamed and tried to follow her attacker, but he escaped up the Austin Boulevard exit and ran northbound on Austin.

The college student, who came to Oak Park six weeks ago to live with a family and provide in-home child care, said she was riding an east-bound train from Oak Park to Chicago when she was attacked.

“The guy got on with me at [the] Oak Park [station],” she said. “I wasn’t really paying attention. … “Next stop [at Austin], he throws something in my face.”

Oak Park Police Commander Ladon Reynolds said officers responded by searching for the man in and around a gas station at Harrison Street, but did not find him. Reynolds said police retrieved a photo of a “person of interest” matching the description the woman and other witnesses gave. That man was videotaped on the Austin platform.

“We have photos of the offender and we’re seeking to identify him,” Reynolds said of images obtained from the CTA. “We’ve reached out to other [police] agencies and have issued a bulletin.”

CTA spokesman Catherine Hosinski said the transit agency has “several high definition video cameras” at each station.

The woman, who said she has a copy of a photo of her assailant taken by a CTA security camera, described her assailant as a black man no older than mid-20s, average build, with facial hair above the mouth and on the chin. She said he wore a hooded sweatshirt and ball cap that partly obscured his face.

She expressed utter disgust and outrage. “It was like the biggest degradation I’ve ever [experienced]. I wish he had just hit me,” she said, because she thinks that would have been less traumatic.

“The worst part is nobody had anything to wipe my face with,” she said. She managed to find some newspapers before paramedics arrived. The paramedics gave her towels and water. “They really aren’t prepared for a situation like that,” she said.

The woman said she and her assailant never exchanged a word, and she can’t understand his reason for the assault. “I don’t know why he did it,” she said, adding, “I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have done that to a guy.”

She said she still rides the CTA, but is more attentive now. “I just want people to pay attention on the train,” she said. “I try to check the people around me.”