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Another Hollyweird Hypcrite: Natalie Portman laments snubbed female directors as her own production company features just one female director — herself

Well, well, well…what do you know, we have another Hollyweird hypocrite!

Natalia Portman/Photo from Page Six

At the Oscars Sunday night, actress Natalie Portman made a “bold statement” about the snubbed female directors by wearing a cape that included all their names. Bold, indeed.

Portman wanted to recognize the women who were snubbed for their incredible work this year in her own “subtle” way. Subtle, indeed.

Even more subtle? Having your own production company that has only hired ONE female director: YOURSELF.

From Insider (via Yahoo): Natalie Portman wore a custom Dior gown complete with a cape to the Oscars on Sunday, with the cape featuring the names of female directors who weren’t nominated for the best director Oscar.

However, Portman has come under fire with some people calling the Oscar-winner a hypocrite.

Twitter user OhMyMithrandir pointed out that Portman’s production company, handsomecharliefilms, has only ever hired one female director — Portman herself.

While there a total of eight films to date (with three more announced), the handsomecharliefilms has never hired a female director other than Portman.

Read the whole story here and see a list of Portman’s production company films here.

You’d think that Portman would hire other women directors in order to give them an opportunity to have their work recognized. Apparently her production company has a bias in only hiring men directors and, of course, herself.

Typical Hollyweird hypocrite.


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