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Liberal utopia of Seattle: Last grocery store in SoDo District closing due to homeless crimes

My posts about progressive-run Seattle sound like a broken record. See the following examples:

Liberal utopia of Seattle: Downtown family-owned drugstore closing due to crime
Liberal utopia of Seattle: Business owner gives up on reporting crime to Seattle Police
Liberal utopia of Seattle: Drugstore employees subject to violent assaults as criminals become more brazen
Failed city of Seattle: Police response to business owner whose customer was assaulted by homeless criminal, “you’re pretty far down the line, pal”

I’m straight up outta any concern for the law-abiding citizens of Seattle. YOU demorats elected the leadership you deserve.

The latest who will succumb to the progressive policies of Seattle are those living in the “SoDo” District who rely on just ONE grocery store in their area.

According to KOMO News, the Grocery Outlet will end its lease in February due to nearby homeless camps, used needles, shoplifting, theft and in-store assaults.

According to KOMO’s report, “Grocery Outlet’s closure would contribute to what some have called a “food desert” in South Seattle. There would especially be a lack of grocery stores catering to lower and middle income shoppers.”

A resident lamented, “If we lose this, there’s nowhere else for us to shop. Most of us want to stay right here in our area.”

Read the whole story here.


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