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Austrian President calls on all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims

Van der Bellen Austria president

Austria President Van der Bellen

Um, NO.
From Independent UK: The President of Austria has called for all women to wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims to fight “rampant Islamophobia”.
Alexander Van der Bellen, the left-wing former Green Party leader who narrowly beat a far-right candidate to take office in January, said freedom of expression was a fundamental right.
“It is every woman’s right to always dress how she wants, that is my opinion on the matter,” he told an audience of school pupils.
“And it is not only Muslim women, all women can wear a headscarf, and if this real and rampant Islamaphobia continues, there will come a day where we must ask all women to wear a headscarf – all – out of solidarity to those who do it for religious reasons.”
Mr. Van der Bellen was responding to a question from a schoolgirl who argued a ban on Islamic headscarves or veils would reduce women to their appearance, rather than accomplishments, and shut some out of the labour market.
His comments were made in March but emerged after being broadcast on Austrian television, amid debate in the country and neighbouring Germany about “burqa bans”.
A spokesperson said that following Isis-linked terror attacks across Europe, Mr. Van der Bellen would like to see Muslim representatives in Austria make “clearer statements” emphasising that the atrocities could not be justified within Islam.
Read the rest of the story here.

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Roseanne Barr is running for POTUS


TMZ:  Roseanne Barr — who famously butchered the National Anthem — has filed official documents to become the Green Party’s nominee for President of the United States of America.  Barr — who has been waging a Twitter and Facebook grassroots, digital campaign — has just made it official.  She wants to carry the Green Party banner in the November election.
Barr says she’s sick of Democrats and Republicans, whom she believes are not working in the best interests of the American people.  So what, you ask, is Roseanne pushing?  The answer is simple … pot.  She wants marijuana legalized and sold strictly domestically.
Remember she said this back in October of last year:
“I am for the return of the Guillotine that is for the worst of the worst of the guilty. I would allow the guilty bankers the ability to pay back anything over  $100 million in personal wealth because I believe in a maximum wage of $100 million.  And if they are unable to live on that amount  then they should go to the re-education camps and if that doesn’t help, then be beheaded.”
Course she picks the $100 million mark as her net worth is only $80 million (wants to give herself room to make a couple more million I guess).
But I’m confused…on her Twitter page she retweeted this, “@TheRealRoseanne people need to pour their love and energy into the Occupy movement, not waste time voting.”  I’m sure some will waste their vote on her.
One thing she did tweet that I can agree with, “I really think that Americans can solve the problems that we have very easily, together, once we remove the corruption from our government.”  Can we start with Skippy, Holder, Tim TurboTax and the rest of this administration?

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