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Rockefellers’ ICLEI Agenda 21 – Environmentalism Required for Graduation

The “save the planet” meme behind the United Nations / Rockefeller-funded ICLEI/Agenda 21  “sustainable development” mandate is clearly demonstrated in the curriculum changes in the public school system.  As this article demonstrates, when legislation adds a curriculum requirement such as “Environmental Literacy,” it takes time away from other studies.    This article also addresses the “School to Work” issue that is the key component of the UNESCO-based Lifelong Learning that the US Dept of Education has been implementing since it was made a cabinet level department by the Carter Administration.

Maryland is the first state in the country to impose a new requirement to graduate from high school — something called environmental literacy.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/06/27/maryland-adds-environmental-literacy-in-high-schools/#ixzz1QgCMPOBN

Charlotte Iserbyt blew the whistle on the US Dept of Ed when she served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Dept of Education during the first Reagan Administration.   Her 14 page article The Death of Free Will  explains the origin and implications of  Education Reform in this country that began when the Rockefeller Foundation set up the Southern Education Board in 1913 that evolved into the General Board of Education then the International Board of Education that merged with UNESCO after formation of the United Nations.

75 min video  Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America                                (Note: A transcript of this video is in process and will be available as a pdf shortly)    ~LTG







Seattle Bike Trails and Agenda 21

There’s a local hub-bub in Seattle.  It’s all about bikes.  The director of the Cascade Bicycling Club recently resigned the position he’s held for 8 years to join the mayors staff as an “advisor” on Bicycle Policy- annual salary  $95,000 !  

When local news channel KOMO TV wanted to question the mayor about it, they tried to contact him at public events and his home .  He was not pleased and sent out an email to the media.  The story has generated 217 comments to date, mostly unfavorable to the mayor and disgust with the city’s preoccupation with The Bike Plan that disrupts traffic and business access and costs millions of dollars — all  to build miles and miles of bike trails.    Seattle is not alone in this.  It’s going on all over Western Washington.  

Naturally, I had to put in my 2 cents worth in the comments.  It resulted in a very interesting exchange:

LTG:  This Bicycle issue was all started by former Mayor Greg Nichols to comply with the “sustainability” requirement of the Kyoto Agreement. Check out the City of Seattle Bicycle Plan —- It may be a pain in the a$$, but, It’s a Big Deal! Treaties have consequences.

JET:    The United States did not sign the Kyoto accords….. There is no treaty and no obligation.  Seattle has no legal ability to sign a “treaty” with anyone.

LTG:  I agree with you completely. However, in 2007 Greg Nichols cited compliance with the Kyoto accords as the justification for the City of Seattle Bicycle plan. It’s all related to the Rio agreement the UN calls Agenda 21 that Bush, Sr. signed in the early 1990s. It mandates all the “sustainability” crappola that isn’t proven to work and costs a fortune. Read the pdf file link in my comment. It’s all laid out there. Kyoto Protocol references are on pages 9, 26 and 85 of the 174 page plan.

Also, Seattle and King County are members of ICLEI that is the local component to implement all the Agenda 21 “sustainability” mandates. Google ICLEI and see what they have up their sleeves. City by city and county by county, it’s all being implemented on the backs of the taxpayers. Each time a local government meets a target, they get a wall placque and a banquet. LOL! We are so screwed!

JET:   I work for a fairly large city in Washington. I’m a manager of an enforcement agency within that city government. Our city is about as green as green gets. Every initiative that comes before the mayor or city council is filtered through how green it is. Frankly, while I support some of the reasonable sustainability measures, the vast majority are worthless “feel good” items that simply drive up costs with very little benefit other than fitting into the “green” agenda.

Our city is partners with Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma and a couple of others in adopting a “green” building code. The group of cities is calling itself  The Cascade Collective.      The intent is to force an energy conservation code that’s far more restrictive than what we currently have and what we currently have is the toughest in the nation.

So look out. If these cities have their way, you’ll soon be paying a toll on every major roadway you drive on unless you’re on a bicycle. You’ll be living in a 600 square foot condo next to a bus stop that will take you to the main bus line that will take you to another transfer and after a few hours, you’ll eventually get to work. This is the vision of the large cities around Puget Sound. They’re implementing it as fast as they can get the laws changed to do it.

Welcome to the Cascade Collective, comrade.