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Government School Locked Down Over Thermometer


More like chickenhawks

Boca Ciega, Florida — A chemistry project caused a big problem at Pinellas’ Seminole High School Tuesday morning.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says students were given an assignment to bring in a substance from the Periodic Table of Elements.

One student brought in mercury — contained within a thermometer — and the school went into lockdown.

Deputies say the thermometer was discovered as the substances were checked before going through the school.

No one was put in harm’s way, but a hazmat crew was there as a precaution.

Pinellas County Schools tell 10 News the students were told not to bring certain toxic elements from the periodic table, mercury included.



And these are the sort of people that are “educating” America’s children.

God help us.


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Hints for Home Schoolers – Socialization?

By far and away, the number one stated objection and obstacle to home schooling is the perceived idea of “socialization.”  Anyone contemplating or actively home schooling has encountered this phenomena.  Often a relative or friend will pucker their foreheads, and ask -“But what about socialization?”  Where oh where did this concept originate?  The Public School System!  That’s right!  Socialization and “self concept” are psycho-babble inventions of the government pagan shrines known as public schools.

“. . . self-esteem is a concept that was born in the school system, and it is best for parents not to overemphasize the self-esteem of their children. Professor Martin E.P. Seligman, in his helpful book The Optimistic Child, discusses how self-esteem has been more and more emphasized in schools during precisely the same years that the youth suicide rate has increased in the United States.   [learninfreedom.org]

From Dr. Larry Edward Shyers research  –  “using a “blind” procedure, found that home-schooled children had significantly fewer problem behaviors, as measured by the Child Observation Checklist’s Direct Observation Form, than traditionally schooled children when playing in mixed groups of children from both kinds of schooling backgrounds. This observational study was reported in some detail in the 1992 Associated Press article. Shyers concluded that the hypothesis that contact with adults, rather than contact with other children, is most important in developing social skills in children is supported by these data.” [ibid]

In the public school system, children are socialized horizontally, and temporarily, into conformity with their immediate peers. Home educators seek to socialize their children vertically, toward responsibility, service, and adulthood, with an eye on eternity. 

[Thomas C. Smedly, MS]

I could regale you with countless statistics, opinions, research,  and true life stories to counter the negative claims about home school socialization, but I will restrict myself to just this very meaningful one, from former U.S. Department of Education researcher, Patricia Lines:

If I didn’t know anything about someone other than their [sic] educational background, I’d rather hop in  a foxhole with a homeschool kid than one from a public school.  The homeschool kid will be a little better educated and dependable.  It’s just the law of averages.  [The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, Bruce N. Shortt, p. 350]

Homeschoolers do not claim the title for close family relationships, but in my experience, I have never seen a severed family relationship in a homeschool family.  But I do know many, many  non-homeschool parents  that have children they don’t speak to, or children that don’t speak to each other, or both.  If I could just let you experience  some of the silly giggling  (laughing at themselves or something we were reading) that went on during our years and years of home school – you would pray that every child in the world could be home schooled within a loving family, instead of being daily subjected to insecure teachers, peer pressure, indoctrination, and academic discrepancies. 

Will your children be considered “unusual” or even strange by their worldly counterparts?  Probably.  Does that matter?  Not in the long run. There is a distinct difference between positive and negative socialization.   If you make an effort to involve your kids in 4H,  a home school activity club, etc., they will undoubtedly meet other “unusual” home schoolers. If kids from Godless public schools are normal, I suggest that you and your critics should be delighted that your kids are weird.  Since God was removed from public schools in 1963:

  • Violent crime has increased  995%
  • Premarital sex has increased 1,000% in 15 year olds, 300% in 16-18 year olds
  • Suicide has increased 300%

Rather than self-esteem, the home school family is concerned with God-esteem.



Jesus first, others second, me last.

Even a two year old can memorize that. . .


My go-to, super easy, lifesaving recipe for barbecue chicken!

1. Spray inside of crock with cooking spray

2. Slice one onion and place in bottom of crock.

3.  Put boneless, skinless chicken breast halves on top of onions

4. Pour some barbecue sauce on chicken pieces

5. Cook on low for 6-8 hours, or high 4-5 hours.

Everyone loves this, even little ones.  You can also substitute sweet and sour sauce with excellent results.  If you are fortunate enough to own two crock pots, throw some baking potatoes in the second crock , and you will have the perfect side for the barbecue chicken!  If you like tender skins, wrap in foil, if you like them crusty, sans foil.  Exact same cooking times  as chicken.  I served this barbecue chicken at my daughter’s rehearsal dinner, and it received rave reviews from young and old.  There is nothing like long, slow cooking to bring out the best flavor.  In addition – very low energy consumption!


14 For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,15 Of Whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,16 That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might by His Spirit in the inner man. . .

Ephesians 3: 14-16





Gubbermint Skools – Gotta Love ‘Em

For the life of me, I cannot bring myself to understand why parents continually take the most precious thing in their lives and pack them off to the government to be “educated.”

Via nypost.com:

Bad spell gets teach busted
Forged jury-duty letter loaded with typos

By YOAV GONEN Education Reporter

Her spelling was so atrocious, it was downright criminal.

A veteran Manhattan educator was busted for allegedly forging a jury-duty letter with so many errors that it raised red flags when she used it to excuse more than a dozen school absences.

Mona Lisa Tello, 60, a bilingual-science teacher at the HS of Graphic Communication Arts in Hell’s Kitchen, was arrested this week on three felony counts of forgery related to her grade-A screw-up.

Tello channeled an errant third-grader rather than a 13-year teaching veteran when she misspelled “trial” as “trail,” “cited” as “sited,” and “manager” as “manger” in a careless note on fake letterhead from Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City.

She also got the easily verifiable address, telephone and fax numbers of the New Jersey court wrong in a letter she submitted to her school payroll secretary in June.

The note oddly claimed that her jury duty consisted of 15 random days stretching from Sept. 16, 2010, through May 31, 2011, rather than for a typically short, consecutive-day term.

“She was taking these days off and telling [school administrators] that this was part of her jury duty for the Superior Court,” said Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon.

“They kept saying, ‘Let us see something from the court.’ I guess it got to the point she was feeling the pressure to produce the letter.”

Tello’s case reached Condon’s investigators after her principal called the court and learned that the real letter to Tello had been a deferral of jury duty until September 2011.

Department of Education officials said Tello agreed to resign irrevocably as of Jan. 15 rather than face a termination hearing.

You will find the entire article here.

No, you really cannot make this stuff up.


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