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Sanctuary California: Two previously-arrested, deported sex offenders re-arrested in Cali

illegal aliens godinez and cervantes

Illegal aliens Godinez and Cervants tried to benefit from sanctuary California’s policies…again

How much longer will the citizens of California allow this blatant crime and illegal activity to continue, harming their citizens?

Absolute madness…

From KESQ (Palm Springs, CA):  Indio Border Patrol agents arrest two sex offenders attempting to illegally enter the country.

The first man was arrested Tuesday at around 10 am near Ocotillo. Juan Manuel Arteaga-Godinez, 43, is suspected of making an illegal entry into the U.S. Arteaga-Godinez was transported to the Highway 86 checkpoint for identification and processing.

Record checks revealed Arteaga had been previously arrested and convicted for crimes involving sexual misconduct twice in San Diego County.

The first conviction was in 2006 for sexual battery and indecent exposure, and the second conviction occurred in 2011 for molesting a victim under 18 years of age. Arteaga is being held in federal custody pending prosecution of felony and immigration charges.

The second incident occurred Wednesday night around 10:35 p.m., when agents encountered a man near Calexico and determined he was illegally present in the United States.

The man, identified as Walter Inzunza-Cervantes, 34, was arrested and taken to the El Centro station for processing. Record checks revealed Inzunza was convicted in 2011 in Indio of Felony Sexual Battery, and sentenced to 123 days in jail.

Inzunza is being held in custody pending his prosecution for Re-Entry After Removal.

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Inmates in California prison hospital riot after crackdown on child porn

California is an insane asylum where the inmates have taken over.

Did you know that there is a State Hospital in Coalinga, California, with shopping malls, fast food, and all sorts of freedoms for some of America’s most violent sex criminals?

Coalinga State Hospital is one of five Department of State Hospitals (DSH) in California — the other four hospitals are Atascadero, Metropolitan (Los Angeles County) and Napa. Created by Governor Jerry Brown’s 2012-13 Budget, the state hospitals provide mental health services to patients “in a safe environment and in a fiscally responsible manner.”

Who are the patients?

Patients admitted to California’s state hospitals are mandated for treatment by a criminal or civil court judge, more than 90% of whom are “forensic commitments,” i.e., criminals deemed to be “mentally ill”. Among DSH patients are also criminals who have been classified by a judge or jury as Sexually Violent Predators. Simply put, California’s Department of State Hospitals are prison hospitals.

In the case of Coalinga State Hospital, located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles around 57 miles southwest of Fresno, it was opened in 2005 as  a self-contained, 1,286 beds, psychiatric hospital with a security perimeter. Most of the hospital’s forensically committed patients are sexually violent predators.

Red Pill reports for The Goldwater that on January 14, 2018, patients at Coalinga State Hospital overtook the facility in a major riot after hospital staff removed all electronics equipment from the patients due to the widespread sharing and distribution of child pornography.

The staff deprived the patients of access to the Internet — and to child porn — as a result of a Department of State Hospitals emergency regulation that blocks the patients’ “possession, viewing, and distribution of illicit materials” by barring them from possessing digital memory storage devices such as flash drives or thumb drives, hard drives such as those in computers, memory cards, digital media players, and digital media burners. Prior to the crackdown, “patients,” including convicted violent sex predators, were allowed compact disc (CD) and digital video disc (DVD) players, as well as Internet access — in a prison hospital!

At least 200 Coalinga “patients” have been involved in the possession or transmission of child porn. Hospital officials said that each month, two to three new child porn cases are reported which require investigation. “Patients” also copy, sell or exchange legal movies and music for profit. 11 “patients” were arrested for child porn while inside the facility just last year.

Ken August, a spokesman for the California Department of State Hospitals,  described the Coalinga riots as “disruptive behavior that presented a threat to the safety and security of other patients, staff, and the facility.” Rioters smashed some 60 windows in the hospital. Employees of a nearby coffee shop reported that the rioters were hanging out the smash-out windows, throwing urine on the coffee shop’s customers and threatening other hospital “patients”. Rioters threw food at other “patients” and staff, threw “liquids” against walls, littered hallways with human feces and garbage, jammed door locks, and clogged their toilets with towels and bed sheets in order to flood the facility, a tactic often used during prison riots to force an evacuation.

Several hospital staff members were injured during the riots. The Department of Police Services sent in an armed task force to quell the uprising. After a day, most of the hospital was reclaimed.

The patients are not permitted to walk around freely in the facility, communicate with their attorneys or families (all phones have been removed from the patient areas), and all inquiries to the main switchboard are being deflected. No hot meals will be served in the near future, and no disposable razors are being provided. Several of the hospital units are without water.

Red Pill writes:

California is almost like Babylon of Biblical Prophecy, with this type of rampant crime and degeneracy being considered the norm due to the Marxist leadership continuing to allow this chaos in the state. No wonder “New California” wants out.

Seriously, it’s about time to bring back the death penalty for rapists and child sexual predators, which would solve these types of problems to begin with.

I agree!


Sanctuary in California: Illegal alien on the run after sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl

Illegal Rigoberto Arevalo Cubias

Illegal alien Cubias roaming free in sanctuary state California

Remember, illegal aliens are “all welcome in California.”

From CBS Los Angeles: An undocumented immigrant illegal alien from El Salvador suspected of sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl in Fullerton was on the run Wednesday, police said.

Rigoberto Arevalo Cubias, 30, was identified as a suspect in what Fullerton police say was a “possible sexual assault” after officers responded to an “out of area” hospital back on Dec. 21.

Investigators later said Cubias – who is undocumented illegal may be in possession of a fraudulent California driver’s license – was suspected of engaging in sexual intercourse or sodomy with a child under the age of 10 years old.

Cubias has an outstanding $50,000 arrest warrant for a DUI from 2014 under the name “Jose Cubias” and police say he uses multiple aliases, including Jose Cubias, Jose Cubias Arevalo, Jose Riberto Cubias, and Jose Alfonso Cubias Arevalo.

Detectives say they believe that Cubias now knows he is wanted by police and is on the run from law enforcement. Cubias is believed to have ditched his car and cell phone in an attempt to elude authorities, according to police.

He’s described as a male Hispanic, approximately 5’7”, 185 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information on Cubias is asked to call Fullerton PD Detective Carin Wright at (714) 738-6754 or anonymously call Orange County Crime Stoppers at 1(855) TIP-OCCS. They may also visit the OC Crime Stoppers website.


Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown threatens to put climate-change protesters ‘in the ground’

California governor Jerry Brown is in the midst of a 10-day tour in Europe to propagandize about anthropogenic (man-made) “climate change,” which will end with the United Nations conference on climate change.

Several days ago, at an event organized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Brown bemoaned about humans’ “greed” and “inertia” and urged that a “transformation” is needed in our consciousness — that what is needed is mass “brain washing”. (See DCG’s post here.)

Yesterday, Brown was in Bonn, Germany, at the U.S. Climate Action Pavilion on behalf of “America’s Pledge,” which brings together leaders from both the private and public sectors to ensure the U.S. remains dedicated to the climate goals of the Paris Agreement that President Trump had nixed because the agreement would undermine the U.S. economy.

Mandy Mayfield reports for the Washington Examiner that what appears to be a handful of protesters disrupted Brown’s speech by yelling and chanting about fighting pollution and keeping oil in the ground.

Visibly irritated at the protesters, Brown “jokingly” called for the protesters to be killed — “put in the ground”. Brown said:

“I wish we could have no pollution, but we have to have our automobiles. I agree with you, in the ground. Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show here.

Imagine what the MSM would do if President Trump had called for putting protesters “in the ground”.

Nor do I believe Jerry Brown was joking.

If the Left had their druthers, they would have all dissidents exterminated.

Do you remember that commercial for the 10:10 Campaign — a worldwide campaign to reduce carbon emissions by at least 10% by 2010? In the commercial, school children and adults who refuse to join 10:10 are blown up into bits, their blood and pieces of flesh spattering those nearby.

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Mexican lawyer sells toilet paper with Trump image

When and how have humans degenerated to the point where not only have we lost the sense of shame for doing wrong, some get on a moral high-horse and seek revenge?

In the case of Mexicans entering and staying in the United States without our government’s permission, they are CRIMINALS who violate U.S. immigration laws, which is why the U.S. government calls them ILLEGAL aliens — a correct descriptive term. But the Left deem “illegal aliens” politically incorrect. And so, the MSM no longer call CRIMINALS who cross our borders “illegal aliens,” opting — in lock step — for the Orwellian Newspeak “undocumented immigrants”.

In August 2015, California governor Jerry Brown even signed into law SB 432, which removes from the state’s labor code the word “alien” in reference to illegal aliens.

Huffing and puffing with faux righteous indignation, State Sen. Tony Mendoza (D), chair of the California state Senate Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations who had introduced SB 432 in February, said it’s “outdated and derogatory” to refer to those who illegally cross U.S. borders as “aliens,” which is why that word must be expunged from the state’s Labor Code.

Having expunged the word “alien” from California’s Labor Code, Mendoza furthermore said illegals shouldn’t be barred from employment:

“The word ‘alien’ and any law prescribing an order for the issuance of employment to ‘aliens’ have no place in the laws of our state and more importantly, should never be the basis for any employment hiring.”

Mexican lawyer Antonio Battaglia is another unrepentant, vengeful wrongdoer.

Madeleine Weast reports for The Washington Free Beacon, May 30, 2017, that Antonio Battaglia, a lawyer in Guanajuato, Mexico, plans to to sell toilet paper imprinted with a cartoon image of President Trump.

A prototype has been created and the brand name “Trump Paper” was trademarked at the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property in 2015, a few months after Trump declared his candidacy.

The Trump toilet paper will be distributed throughout Mexico’s grocery stores and markets later this year.The project will cost around $26,606, or 400,000 pesos.

Battaglia larded his vengeful project with faux righteousness, saying a portion of proceeds will be donated to “migrant” aide organizations that help those who have been deported back to Mexico. He said he came up with the idea while he was looking for a way to make a “positive” impact. “Trump Paper was the fruit of Battaglia’s desire to produce an inexpensive, long-lasting product that would enable people to fight back with their wallets,” Adweek reported. Battaglia insists that “Generating business is secondary for me. What I want is for it to be useful to support migrants and victims of deportation. At the outset, I hope to allocate 30 percent of the profit to organizations in Guanajuato.”

Here’s an idea: Antonio Battaglia Toilet Paper!

There are online custom toilet paper businesses that will create an Antonio Battaglia toilet paper. Click here.

Antonio Battaglia’s Facebook page here.

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Thursday Funnies: Truth in Cartoons

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Fabio goes against the Hollyweird narrative: Says “California is a mess”

From Hollywood Reporter: Actor and model Fabio Lanzoni told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Friday night that he’s worried about California, which he calls home.

“California is a mess,” Fabio told Carlson, joking that “coming from Europe, I’ve already seen this movie before.”

“I’m telling you, it’s an epidemic,” he explained. “Out of my friends, about 14 people got burglarized or robbed. As people, we have to take the law’s side, we have to stand behind the police, not behind the criminal,” he added.

The Italian model became a citizen last year and has lived in California for 14 years. He said he worries about people’s safety as more people he knows, including himself, are affected by local robberies.

He also added that he thinks Gov. Jerry Brown “took the side of the criminal,” claiming that the politician “lied to people,” referring to Prop 57, Brown’s effort to reshape California’s criminal-justice system by offering a new chance at release from prison for many prisoners.

Watch the interview above.