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Liberal utopia of San Francisco: Car break-ins double at Golden Gate parking lot

Feces, needles, drugs, rats and car break-ins! Aren’t you in a hurry to plan your next vacation to San Francisco?

Even if this article claims that break-ins have declined, it must just be for this year. My blog post from last September told a difference story: “San Francisco had more than 30,000 car break-ins reported last year. The number of break-ins has tripled since 2010.”

From SF Gate: Signs that urge, “PREVENT AUTO THEFT – TAKE YOUR VALUABLES WITH YOU,” are posted throughout the parking lot at the Golden Gate Bridge. But despite the warning signs, car break-ins are on the rise at the iconic San Francisco tourist attraction, which brings in more than 10 million visitors per year.

As first reported by KGO, there has been a spike in auto burglaries at the bridge’s parking areas. Seventy-one incidents were reported in just the past seven months — more than double last year’s total of 38, according to Golden Gate Bridge law enforcement.

Burglars tend to target vehicles with visible personal belongings, like suitcases, purses, backpacks, and other possessions of potential value. Tourists who come to visit the Golden Gate Bridge are especially easy targets.

This uptick in auto burglaries at Golden Gate parking lots contrasts with a city-wide decline in car break-ins, as reported by The Chronicle. Even so, this downward trend translates to 1,932 vehicle break-ins across San Francisco in the month of June alone.

Often, the auto burglars get away with the crime, too. The Chronicle found that only 2% of car break-in cases result in arrest.


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Blood Moon

Early risers last Saturday morning were treated to a view of the blood moon.

Blood moon over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Dec. 10, 2011 (photo: AP)

The rusty-red moon was the effect of a total lunar eclipse, the last one in 2011.
The eclipse began at 4.45am PST when a red shadow started to cover the moon.
Then as the sun and moon aligned with the Earth slipped in between them, our planet cast a temporary shadow on the moon darkening it and making it appear a deep coppery red, as it blocked the suns rays.

The sunlight was still able to pass through Earth’s atmosphere casting a mystical red glow on the moon.

Unlike total solar eclipses, total lunar eclipses are relatively common and happen on average every two years. This is because the moon is one-third smaller than Earth and so fits more easily into Earth’s umbral shadow.
The next full eclipse of the moon will not happen until April 14, 2014.
Here’s another view of the blood moon – over Kurunegala, Sri Lanka:
[Source: Daily Mail]

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More October 13 UFOs

This is an UPDATE of my post, Here’s the Fleet of UFOs Predicted for October 13!
Thanks to a tip from beloved fellow May, we have other UO (unidentified object) sightings from other parts of the world on October 13th. H/t Earth Changes and the Pole Shift website.
1. A strange big bright green-yellow glowing light on the horizon of the Qingling Mountains in China:
2. One and then two globes of bright light over the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, captured by live webcam:
3. A quick darting light in the sky over skyscrapers in Malaysia:
4. A UAO (Unidentified Aerial Object) over Alvin, Texas:
5. Several UAOs in Clovis, California:
6. An Unidentified Thingy in the sky somewhere in Ohio:


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