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Dogs save lost toddler and woman assaulted by 2 men

Dogs truly are remarkable creatures.

Below are two true-life accounts of humans who owe their lives to heroic dogs.

(1) Homeless dog saves vacationing woman attacked by two men

The Telegraph reports, August 20, 2015, that Georgia Bradley, 25, a student at UK’s Plymouth University, and her boyfriend were vacationing in the Greek islands.

One day, Bradley decided to take a walk alone on a beach in the small town of Georgioupoli, Crete, her boyfriend at a nearby café, when she was surrounded by two aggressive men who grabbed her when she rejected their advances.

Just at that moment, a small, black dog “appeared from nowhere” and started barking at the men, scaring them off.

Bradley said: “I decided to go for a walk along the beach, and found two Greek men who kept harassing me to go out for a drink. I kept telling them I didn’t want to. Then one of them grabbed me on the arm and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was on my own and it was a very scary and difficult situation.” Bradley said the dog must have noticed something was wrong and “saved her”. 

After the incident, the little dog followed Bradley back to her apartment. Bradley said they had an instant bond, and that she believed the dog, whom she called Pepper, was abandoned as she had seen it wandering around the town alone. She said: “Pretty much every evening we saw her around outside the bars and restaurants, trying to get the attention of the tourists. Every time we got close to her she wouldn’t let you stroke her. She was very gentle, but was too scared to let you close.”

Bradley tried to persuade a local animal shelter to take Pepper, but was unsuccessful, and eventually had to return home to Calstock, Cornwall, England. She said: “When we left to go to the airport, we looked back and Pepper was running after the car. It was heartbreaking. When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about her so I took the soonest flight back out that I could, which was two weeks later.”

But Pepper was nowhere to be seen. Bradley spent five weeks trying to find the stray, which took two further trips to Crete. Eventually, Bradley found Pepper on the same beach where the little dog had saved the woman from the two men.

After the dog was confirmed as a stray, Bradley had Pepper microchipped, wormed with a rabies jab, and given a pet passport. Pepper had to spend 21 days in quarantine in boarding kennels but was eventually allowed to travel to Britain.

When Bradley returned to Crete for a third time to collect Pepper, she was greeted with a surprise: The kennel owner told her that Pepper, a Terrier Poodle Cross, was pregnant!

A week after arriving back in the UK, Pepper gave birth to six puppies.

Bradley said: “It has been such a crazy journey. But I am over the moon. Pepper has settled in brilliantly.”

(2) Old deaf-and-blind dog saves toddler

ABC News reports, April 20, 2018, that 3-year-old Aurora was reported missing about 3 pm on Friday after she wandered off in wet weather in the rugged bushland of her family’s rural property in Queensland’s Southern Downs, Australia.

But a search of woodlands and hills on the rural property found no trace of her.

On Saturday morning, more than 100 State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers, police and members of the public resumed the search.

At around 8 am, 15 hours after Aurora had gone missing, Leisa Bennett, Aurora’s grandmother, was calling out to the girl when she heard Aurora cry, “Grammy!”.

Bennett said she “shot up the mountain” and when she got to the top, Max, the 17-year-old deaf and partially-blind family dog, came right up to Bennett and led her straight to the girl. Bennett said Max had stayed next to Aurora all night: “She smelled of dog, she slept with the dog.” 

SES area controller Ian Phipps said Aurora was about 1½ miles from the family home: “The area around the house is quite mountainous and is very inhospitable terrain to go walking in, so she’d travelled quite a distance with her dog that was quite loyal to her. The search was actually quite hard where the volunteers and the police were, amongst the very steep slopes full of lantana and other vegetation.”

Phipps said Aurora suffered minor cuts and abrasions but was otherwise well and it was a wonderful outcome for the family and searchers. He said: “With the weather last night it’s quite lucky she is well because it was cold, it was cold and raining. She’s a very hardy young lass to survive that without any ill effects and everyone, all the volunteers are extremely happy.”

For his good work in keeping the little girl safe, Max has now been declared an honorary police dog by the Queensland Police.

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