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Are you paid unfairly because you’re a woman? Jennifer Newsom wants you to complain

Jennifer Newsom wants to lift up everyone…

Perpetual victimhood is not a good look…

From Sacramento Bee: If you’re a woman who’s not being paid as much as your male colleagues, Jennifer Siebel Newsom wants you to complain.

In the first big initiative she’s undertaken since her husband Gavin Newsom became governor, Siebel Newsom on Monday launched a campaign to narrow the gender pay gap in California by educating employers on how to pay workers fairly and telling employees how to report companies that break the rules.

Siebel Newsom says uplifting women and girls is her priority as California’s first partner, the title she uses instead of first lady.

“When we lift up women, we lift up everyone,” she said. “It’s time to close the gap.”

How liberals “lift up women”

She’s leading the Equal Pay California campaign alongside Time’s Up, a group formed amid the #MeToo movement to advocate gender equality in the workplace, and the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls. It’s aimed at promoting compliance with a state law that took effect in 2016 that strengthened California’s equal pay protections.

California has the smallest gender pay gap in the country, according to the American Association of University Women, but women in the state still make roughly 89 cents for every dollar men make.

Despite California’s progress, Siebel Newsom and others involved with the campaign say the state needs to do more to close the gap.

California has had equal pay protections for decades, but the laws weren’t strong enough, said state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, a Santa Barbara Democrat who wrote the new law that took effect in 2016.

It says employers can’t pay female workers less than male colleagues who do “substantially similar” work, a provision aimed at helping women prove discrimination even if their male counterparts have different job titles. It also bans retaliation against employees for discussing their wages and puts the burden on employers to show they pay men and women equitably.

“Paying women less than men for substantially similar work is a form of wage theft,” California Labor Secretary Julie Su said. “Passing good laws is not the finish line. It puts us at the start of a great race and enforcement is how we win.”

The new campaign is promoting a website with resources for companies, such as guidelines on how to set equitable wages. For employees, it includes information on how to report employers that don’t pay equitable wages to the state, or file a lawsuit against them.

Siebel Newsom, a documentary filmmaker with a long history of advocating feminist causes, announced the campaign at an event at the Capitol on Monday morning, where she also endorsed a paid family leave bill in the Legislature.

How liberals “lift up women”

She touted commitments from 13 California businesses, including Apple and AT&T, to conduct their own internal reviews of their pay practices.

“I believe that there are incredible companies in this state who want to do good and want to do better,” Siebel Newsom said. “Now they have the tools, the resources and no excuses.”


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Hollyweird actress worth $40 million whines about pay inequality

Note to Swank: Many women in the real world negotiate their own salaries. Negotiating is a skill you learn. Maybe you should hire an agent who can negotiate on your behalf by playing some hardball. Or maybe add that critical talent to your repertoire.

Poor rich womyn....

Poor rich womyn….

From Daily Mail: A lot of actresses talk about how they have been affected by pay inequality in Hollywood. But Hilary Swank had some specific details to offer as she stopped by the Netflix series Chelsea.
While at a dinner party with director Ava DuVernay, actress Connie Britton and Miss USA Deshauna Barber, the 42-year-old beauty revealed she was offered $500,000 to star in a film where her male counterpart was getting a hefty $10 million.
Hilary would not name the film or the male actor, but she did let slide she already had two Oscars under her belt at the time, which means this took place after 2005.
When she asked why she was getting so much less, Swank was told it was because the actor was ‘hot.’ Hilary said: ‘The male hadn’t had any kind of critical success but he had been in a movie where he was “hot.” She added: ‘So, I said “no,” and then they went and found a newcomer who did it for $50,000. ‘So they made a savings of $450,000 to probably give the guy his bonuses.’
Talk of pay inequality for women was given a huge push when Patricia Arquette broached the subject while on stage as she received her Best Actress win at the Academy Awards this winter for her turn in Boyhood opposite Ethan Hawke.
‘To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation: We have fought for everybody else’s equal rights,’ Arquette said at the time. ‘It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America.’ Since then Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone have also touched on the subject.
During her Chelsea talk, Swank also talked about how she went without health insurance even after she won an Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry in 2000. She was 24-years-old at the time and was only paid $3,000 for the film. She had to have earned at least $5,000 to qualify for health insurance. ‘I had an Academy Award, no health insurance,’ Swank said.
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Majority of Americans Don't Want Obama Re-elected

A new poll finds that more than half of Americans don’t want Obama reelected.
The Associated Press reports, Dec. 16, 2011 that a representative (i.e., the results are generalizable to the larger U.S. population) AP-GfK Poll was conducted December 8-12 2011 by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Corporate Communications. It involved landline and cell phone interviews with 1,000 adults nationwide and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.
The AP summarizes the results of the poll as “Heading into his re-election campaign, the president faces a conflicted public that does not support his steering of the economy, the most dominant issue for Americans, or his reforms to health care, one of his signature accomplishments, yet are grappling with whether to replace him with Republican contenders Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.”
Here are the poll’s findings:

  • For the first time, a majority of adults, 52%, said Obama should be voted out of office while 43% said he deserves another term. The numbers mark a reversal since last May, when 53% said Obama should be re-elected while 43% said he didn’t deserve 4 more years.
  • Skippy’s overall job approval stands at a new low: 44% approve vs. 54% disapprove.
  • Americans don’t want Obamacare: About half of the respondents oppose the health care law and support for it dipped to 29% from 36% in June. Just 15% said the federal government should have the power to require all Americans to buy health insurance. Even  Democrats don’t like Obamacare, supported by 50% of Dems in the poll, down from last June’s 59%. Only about a quarter of independents want Obamacare. [But is the GOP in Congress doing anything about getting rid of Obamacare? No! ~Eowyn]
  • The partisan gap: Skippy’s approval rating among independents is 38% approve vs. 59% disapprove. Among Democrats, Skippy holds steady with an approval rating of 78% while only 12% of Republicans approve of the job he’s doing. [Who are these 12% Republicans??? ~Eowyn]
  • No more gender gap: Women seem to be waking up to reality. The poll found 44% of women say Obama deserves a second term (compared to 43% of men), down from 51% in October.
  • The education gap: About two-thirds (66%?) of white voters without college degrees say Obama should be a one-term president, while 33% of those voters say he should get another four years. Among white voters with a college degree, 57% said Obama should be voted out of office.
  • Americans still like Skippy: Inexplicably, even though more Americans now disapprove of his job performance, they generally like him personally. Skippy’s personal favorability rating held steady at 53%, with 46% viewing him unfavorably. About three-quarters called him likeable.
  • Americans are pessimistic about the future: Only 26% said the United States is headed in the right direction while 70% said the country was moving in the wrong direction.
  • All that being said, Americans are uncertain whether a Republican president would be a better choice. Asked whom they would support next November, 47% of adults favored Obama compared with 46% for Romney. Against Gingrich, Obama holds a solid advantage, receiving 51% compared with 42% for the former House speaker. The Obama-Gingrich gap is most striking among Independents,  with 54% favoring Skippy over 31% for Newt.

My take on the poll results:
In other words, Americans don’t think Obama is doing a good job, a majority don’t want a second “Hope & Change” term, but they still like him personally. That, added to the fact that the Republican candidates are lackluster, spells trouble for us in 2012.

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