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This is Chiraq under Mayor Lightfoot’s watch: 139% jump in murders, uptick in shootings in July 2020

There isn’t anyway to sugarcoat this: Demorat-controlled Chiraq is a very, very dangerous place to live right now.

The city has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. Yet it is obvious criminals don’t follow the law. Proof from MyFoxChicago:

“Murders and shootings reported last month in Chicago increased drastically from July 2019, but overall crime in the city decreased, according to data released by Chicago police.

The 105 murders reported in July mark a nearly 139 percent increase from the 44 reported in July 2019, while the 406 shooting incidents are a 75 percent increase from the 232 last July, according to figures in a statement from police Saturday.

So far this year, murders are up 51 percent compared to the period from January through July 2019, along with a 47 percent increase in shootings, police said.”

Read the whole story here.

There’s also this: “Number of Chicago shooting victims under 10 years old triples from last year.”

And take a WILD guess as to who is responsible for these shootings, according to the good mayor Lori Lightfoot:


People of Chicago: YOU MUST WAKE UP!


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