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Dogs say grace, thanking Jesus for their bounty

I just read TrailDust’s excellent post warning us about a new ABC sitcom featuring a vile homosexual activist named Dan Savage, who attacks Christians, conservatives, and anyone who disagrees with his LGBT agenda. Savage is so full of hatred he had openly declared he wishes Republicans “fucking dead” and admitted that he intentionally tried to sicken a conservative and his campaign workers. In 2000, while suffering from the flu, Savage volunteered for former president of Family Research Council Gary Bauer’s Republican primary campaign. Savage tried to pass his flu virus to Bauer and his supporters by licking doorknobs and other objects at a campaign office, and handing Bauer a pen coated with his saliva.

So I found ABC’s feedback page (https://abc.go.com/feedback), and wrote a letter to them, informing them that not only will I not watch their new Dan Savage sitcom, I will not watch any ABC shows or programs, including those of the local ABC affiliate where I live. Go here to see my letter. Feel free to copy and paste and send it to ABC as yours.

Right after I delivered my “feedback” to ABC, I clicked on this video of dogs saying grace and thanking Jesus for their food.

My heart overflowed and, through intermittent chuckles, tears trickled down my face, to know that there are still good people across America who are faithful followers of Christ.

God bless these Americans and expert dog trainers!

So when you feel disheartened by all the evil and darkness around us, re-watch this video. It’s a reminder of what Samwise Gamgee said in Sir Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

“There’s some good in the world, Mr. Frodo, and that’s worth fighting for.”

H/t Big Geek Dad and FOTM’s Dee


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