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What’s Good About Lynnwood, WA? Espresso Buono!

Lynnwood, WA is on the ICLEI treadmill, doing all the sustainable stuff to save the planet…. the ubiquitous red light traffic cameras, etc.  Short on charm and long on chain stores and strip malls for the most part.  However, there is one glorious exception.  On a sunny day, you can take a mini-vacation for the price of a cup coffee.  ~LTG



Summer Garden

Music, “Moonglow” was the No. 1 Hit on June 2, 1956 on Your Hit Parade.


A Study in White


Eowyn’s Walk by the Sea

The photos are out of sequence, so this captures the spirit of the walk rather than the reality.  ~LTG

Eowyn’s Garden (Music Screw Up Courtesy of Youtube)

I did a little video of Eowyn’s Garden from the photos she’s posted here.  Unfortunately, Youtube is a real watchdog on music content.  They have a feature called “audio swap” where disallowed musical soundtracks can be switched to something similar in sound and length on Youtube’s approved list.  When this is swap is done by Youtube, there are unintended consequences the user can’t address.  In this case, the music stopped too early.  It irritates me no end, but the music is great while it lasts and the photos are all to-die-for!  ~LTG

Artist Paints a Garden

Last Saturday, I invited readers of the Fellowship to send us pictures of your garden/flowers so we can all share and revel in reminders of God’s Creation.

Beloved fellow “Artist” sent these pics with this message:

“Currently, I’m a gardenless gardener (renting a house in shade & hoping to move, soon).

But I recently completed a “Garden” group for the company I design fabric for and so, while I don’t have a “real” garden, I have painted one!

These will be panels/ blocks for a Garden Quilt collection.”

When the Holy Spirit handed out charisms, He sure showered special ones on Artist! I’m in awe….

Check out her studio here.  😉


LTG’s Patio aka My Outdoor Office 2010