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It’s come to this: Stylist goes to jail for defying order to open so she can pay her mortgage and feed her kids

This happened in Texas. Granted it happened in Dallas, which really isn’t part of the real Texas we know anymore.

Shelley Luther, owner of “Salon A La Mode” in North Dallas has bills to pay – and children to feed. She tried to keep her business open and was served a temporary restraining order to close last week and refused.

Shelley was eventually arrested and ended up in court. She was sentenced to 7 days in jail for civil/criminal contempt of court and fined $7,000.

The good judge, Eric Moye, told Shelley at her hearing that “she could avoid jail time if she apologized, admitted she was wrong, and agreed to close her hair salon until it was allowed to open.” He also told her she was being selfish.

Shelley’s response? “Feeding my kids is not selfish.”

Since when do “orders” force one to give up their economic freedoms? The Constitution does not suspend your rights.

Too bad Shelley didn’t own an “ESSENTIAL” business such as a liquor store or an abortion clinic. After all, cutting and coloring hair is SO MUCH more dangerous.

There is a GoFundMe set up for Shelley here.


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