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Associated Press: 8 ways Obama admin restricts press freedom

The Obama administration is falling apart before our eyes:
1. The military has turned against the POS: his support among active service members has fallen to below 15%.
2. The Secret Service and Homeland Security are both in disarray.
3. Now the press is turning against Obama, the latest being the Associated Press.
When, oh when, will this falling apart reach critical mass?

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FBI releases heavily-censored documents on Sandy Hook massacre

Wolfgang Halbig, a former state trooper and current school safety consultant, repeatedly has asked entirely reasonable questions about the alleged massacre of 20 students and 6 women at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012. In his quest for answers, Halbig has even invoked the Freedom of Information Act. (Go here to see his questions.)

To this day, however, Halbig has received no response, not even one, to his questions from local (Newtown) and state (Connecticut) officials, even when he personally posed the questions to the Newtown Board of Education, after traveling thousands of miles from his home in Florida. (See “Citizens confront Newtown Board of Education about Sandy Hook hoax”)

One of Halbig’s questions is:

Why did the FBI classify the Sandy Hook massacre? This has never been done before. Even the Columbine School massacre was not classified information. To this day, the FBI report on Sandy Hook remains classified information, not releasable to the public.

On April 24, 2014, Dave Altimari reports for The Hartford Courant that, in response to a Courant Freedom of Information (FOI) request, the FBI has released about 175 pages of documents from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre investigation. The Courant submitted its FOI request in January 2014 after Connecticut state police had released its report.

Alas, the documents “released” by the FBI were “heavily blacked-out,” i.e., censored.

Of the 175 pages released, 64 were completely redacted (blacked-out). Of the remaining 111 pages, “most were heavily redacted.” Below is an example:

As you can see from the page above, it is nearly devoid of information other than that Adam Lanza allegedly was “a troubled kid” and “interested in Japanese techno music.”

Assuming that the other 110 “heavily-redacted” pages are like the page above, this means that the FBI’s release is almost devoid of information.

The Courant says “The names of all witnesses interviewed by federal agents have been removed and there are no references to attempts by federal authorities in Washington, D.C., to recover information from a computer disk that shooter Adam Lanza destroyed.”

That is most interesting because in the days immediately after the alleged massacre, we were told by the news media that Lanza had smashed the hard-drive of his computer. Despite that, the State of Connecticut’s Final Report on Sandy Hook included detailed descriptions of what the FBI presumably had retrieved from Lanza’s computer — about pedophiles, child porn, serial killers, and hatred toward his grandmother. You name the vile evil, he (allegedly) was into it.

Having been trained in scholarship and research, I prefer to see for myself the primary source instead of rely on a secondary account. But The Courant provided no link to the FBI documents.

A blog called Sandy Hook Facts & Research claims that “What [Courant reporter] Altimari fails to point out, or intentionally hides, is that the documents that the FBI released to the Courant were the same public record that had already been released in the final report. There was nothing new here; he could have written that article in December; but the Courant wanted to feed the ignorant.”

But Sandy Hook Facts & Research didn’t give a link to the FBI documents either. So I went on the FBI’s website and searched for the elusive Sandy Hook documents but found nothing. The closest is a page on “Shooting Incidents Reports” that contains a report on the Sandy Hook shooting which, as the FBI admits, was not authored by the FBI, but instead is the Connecticut state police’s report.


Update (Sept. 27, 2014):

The heavily-redacted FBI pages can be viewed here.

Also, day after I published this post, Sandy Hook Facts & Research posted this update:

***May 16, 2014 Update ***

  1. It has been pointed out that I did not include a reference to the documents I discuss.
    The original release of the FBI documents are here:
    Book 4 Doc # 182743 All FBI reports RE FOIA and the link is here:
    https://cspsandyhookreport.ct.gov/cspshr/Reports/CFS_1200704559.zip (700 mb zip file of all 9 books)


In other words, one year five months after the alleged massacre, the FBI still has not released its Sandy Hook report.

The FBI is a bureau within the Justice Department of the Obama administration. On August 21, 2010, Obama grandiloquently declared: ““The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”


What about the Sandy Hook massacre is the Obama administration hiding? Only those who lie and deceive fear the light of day.

In the meantime, never forget that according to the FBI’s own statistics, no one was murdered in Newtown, CT in 2012!


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About That Top-Secret $97M White House Construction Project

On May 9, I wrote a post about a massive construction project going on in the grounds of the White House which is shielded from the public eye.
The official word is that the construction is a long overdue upgrading and laying down of pipes and wires. But the project is not only HUGE, involving much steel and concrete, it will go on for three years and won’t be completed until 2014, at an estimated cost of $375 million. Conspiracy theory rumors of the construction of a secret underground bunker are dismissed because there is already a steel bunker on the east side of the White House.
Here’s AP correspondent Mark Smith:
I’d forgotten all about the project until reader Traci Lee Sommerville wrote a comment on July 1, expressing her wish that “someone would do an update on this.”
Since no reporter seems to have followed up on this, I decided to see what I can do.
The construction project is in the White House grounds, which makes it fall under the purview of the General Services Administration (GSA). I sent an e-mail to Sharon Lighton, asking for information on the construction project by invoking my right to know under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Lighton is in charge of the GSA’s FOIA queries.
I heard nothing from Lighton until about two weeks later when I received an e-mail notifying me that she had referred my request to Toni L. Slappy — a program analyst at the GSA’s Internal Resources Division. Ms. Slappy was courteous and said she would look into the matter.
Several weeks went by. I got another e-mail from Slappy informing me that she’s still working on it. By mid-August, just when I had about written off Slappy – presto! – came an e-mail from her, giving me clear and detailed instructions on how to access the information on the GSA website. I followed her instructions and this is what I found:
To begin, the official name of the construction project is “West and East Wing Infrastructure Systems Replacement – Phase I“. Yikes! It’s only Phase I! How many other phases are there?
Sometime around September 2, 2009, the GSA put out a notice (Solicitation number GS-11P-09-MKC-0122) inviting qualified contractors to submit bids for the project. This is the Synopsis of the project — the only description I was able to find on the GSA website:

“The General Services Administration (GSA) intends to issue a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) to perform construction services on the West and East Wing Infrastructure Systems Replacement project in Washington, DC. This is a classified project and each offeror shall possess the appropriate facility clearance and safeguarding capability in order to be considered eligible to bid upon this project and be issued a solicitation package. It is anticipated that classified technical data and documentation, up to the level of Top Secret will be utilized.  The project is anticipated to be awarded in January 2010 and will be performed in three Phases with each subsequent Phase extending services and systems of the entire project.  The estimated construction cost range of the entire project is $150 to $300 million dollar.  GSA intends to negotiate the award of a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contract for the Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc) Services. All work will be performed in accordance with GSA authorized and approved standards. The selection process will utilize source selection procedures in accordance with FAR Part 15.3. The selection procedure will employ tradeoffs and the technical/management factors are considered to be significantly more important than price and price related factors.

On January 22, 2010, GSA awarded the construction contract to Grunley Construction Co., Inc., 15020 Shady Grove Rd Suite 500, Rockville, Maryland 20850. The contract award dollar amount, consisting “of a Base and three (3) Options” (whatever that means), was for a total amount of $97,821,032.
The good news is that the contract award is $52,178,968 less than the minimum estimated construction cost of $150,000,000. Looks like someone at the GSA was doing his/her job, watching out for the taxpayer.
The bad news is that we still don’t know what this humongous construction project is about, other than that it is a CLASSIFIED project that is not just classified, it is TOP SECRET!!!!
So much for the Freedom of Information Act. LOL

UPDATE (Oct. 20, 2011):

The UK’s Daily Mail has an article on the secretive construction project. Click here!

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