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Commie Hackers Threaten Fox News Website

It appears the OWS commies have their red thongs all in a knot over Fox New’s coverage of the commie protests that are currently underway in many American cities.
I guess dirty, stinking commies do not like being exposed for being… well, dirty, stinking commies.
Via reuters.com:
By Lucas Shaw
Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:28pm EDT
NEW YORK (TheWrap.com) – Anonymous, a group of hackers that has previously attacked Sony and Bay Area Rapid Transit, said it will shut down the Fox News website on November 5.
It announced its intentions in a video on YouTube, citing Fox News’ propaganda against the Occupy Wall Street movement as reason.
“Anonymous introduces Occupation Fox Hunt,” the video’s disembodied voice says. “It intends on destroying the Fox News website because their continued right-wing conservative propaganda can no longer be tolerated.”
The group, which is affiliated with fellow hacker group LulzSec, specifically mentions primetime host Sean Hannity for attacking the “character and credentials” of the occupiers. It makes no mention of parent company News Corp., which has had hacking problems of its own.
Fox News, for its part, does not appear to be particularly concerned.
A spokesperson told TheWrap that it pays a great deal of attention to security every day. Though precautionary measures will be taken, this is no different from an average day.
Fox may have reason to be concerned given that it is believed Anonymous previously hacked the Fox News’ Twitter account to spread a false rumor about President Obama. Then again, Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is famous for his obsession with security.
Anonymous has previously said it will kill Facebook on that day, one with a history of anti-establishment actions.
More than 500 years ago November 5 became “Guy Fawkes” day after a failed attempt to blow up the U.K. Parliament, a story adapted for the big screen in “V For Vendetta.”
You can see the YouTube message here.
And I am just sure Roger Ailes is losing sleep over this.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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Ten Reasons the Dear Ruler May Be Toast in 2012

Via: humanevents.com:
Bad omens abound for President Obama in his quest to win reelection in 2012. The President will have an uphill battle in his bid for a second term when faced with these Top 10 Bad Signs.
1. Jobless rate: The unemployment rate is stubbornly stuck at around 9%, with no sign of abating. Obama is reduced to running around the country touting his phony jobs bill and blaming others (President Bush, Japanese tsunami, Arab Spring, European debt, Tea Party) for the sad state of affairs.
2. Fast and Furious: The gunrunning saga is playing out as a classic Washington scandal that keeps getting bigger as “who-knew-what-when” is unraveled. With pit bull Rep. Darrell Issa putting Eric Holder on the hot seat, and possible tentacles into the White House, expect this one to heat up during the President’s reelection campaign.
3. Solyndra: The bankrupt solar-panel firm, which wasted half-a-billion dollars of taxpayer money while the White House was obsessed with a photo-op, is another scandal exploding at the worst time for Obama. Not only does it raise questions about the President steering federal funds to political supporters, it makes Obama’s promise of a green-jobs revolution look hopelessly naïve.
4. Poll numbers: Obama’s approval rating just keeps dropping, scraping the low-40s in poll after poll. Less than 20% of the population believes the country is on the right track. His base is depressed, he seemingly has lost the independent vote, and the enthusiasm of 2008 is gone for young voters.
5. Maxine Waters: It is cause for concern when the congresswoman from South Central Los Angeles goes on the attack against the first black President. His speech to the Congressional Black Caucus telling members to put on their slippers riled Waters, who complained that the President needs to understand the “pain and misery” the economy is causing. Also disillusioned are black voters who live in areas with high unemployment. Even a slightly depressed turnout in black areas will be a disaster on Election Day for Obama.
6. Herman Cain: The rise of support for Herman Cain from Republicans takes away one of Obama’s campaign cards—that the Tea Party is filled with racists. Should Cain get the GOP nomination, Obama will be matched against a skilled orator who would likely get a chunk of the black vote.
7. ObamaCare: The Supreme Court will likely rule on ObamaCare next year, reminding voters of the unpopular legislation just as the presidential campaign is in the homestretch. No matter how the court rules, reigniting the debate over health care will not be a winning issue for Obama.
8. Occupy Wall Street: Obama and Democrats hope the anticapitalism rally on Wall Street will spur the progressive version of the Tea Party, reenergizing the liberal base. But the Woodstock crowd could easily descend toward anarchy and make the Democratic convention next year in Charlotte, N.C., look the 1968 convention in Chicago, where Yippie-led riots ultimately aided Richard Nixon’s election.
9. Attack Watch: The Obama campaign outsmarted itself when it rolled out the AttackWatch website that asked citizens to send in examples of smears against the President. The venture quickly became an Internet joke, with a massive Twitter response that mocked the site. A typical tweet: “There’s a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nut-job,”
10. Collapsing presidency: It is never good for an incumbent seeking reelection to have stories that speculate about his mental health. But stories in the media are questioning whether the President has lost interest in the job. The New York Post recently wrote that Obama is becoming increasingly isolated: “President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government … an isolated man trapped in a collapsing presidency.”
The above was originally posted here.
Of course, none of the above is going to amount to a pile of beans if the American electorate is asleep in the voting booth – if they even make it there.
We had all better pray that the voters are awake and paying attention, as this country simply will not survive a second Obama term.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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Investigation into 2008 Dem Election Fraud in Indiana

Juicy stuff!  LTG

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Taxpayers Fund 1/3 of Planned Parenthood's Budget

To the 53% of Americans who still pay federal income tax:
Do you know that your tax dollars fund as much as one-third of the budget of the abortion mill with the Orwellian name of “Planned Parenthood”? (What sort of “parent” kills her/his own child?)
The Catholic News Agency reports on July 17, 2011, that a new in-depth report on Planned Parenthood (PP) by the pro-life group, Americans United for Life, finds that $363 million – one-third of PP’s annual budget  – comes from the American taxpayer.
Americans United for Life’s report, “The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,” is the result of their legal team researching more than 20 years of PP records, law enforcement reports, and other materials. The $363 million figure is by Planned Parenthood’s own accounting.
At a July 14 press conference in Washington, D.C., hosted by Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) and Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.), President of Americans United for Life Dr. Charmaine Yoest said, “While Congress is discussing going deeper in debt and raising the debt ceiling … our government is quietly subsidizing the world’s largest abortion provider with $1 million a day.
Here are some of the study’s findings:

  • Government taxpayers’ funding of Planned Parenthood has doubled since 1998 – as well as the number of abortions performed.
  • PP has committed numerous financial malpractices and human rights abuses over the last two decades, including failure to report criminal child sexual abuse, failure to comply with parental involvement laws, and willingness to refer to substandard clinics.
  • Planned Parenthood has been documented as assisting people engaged in prostitution and/or sex trafficking, and has “dangerously” misused the abortion drug RU-486.
  • PP has provided inaccurate and misleading information to women regarding fetal development, abortion’s health risks, and to patients on emergency contraception, including the pill “ella”.
  • PP committed Medicaid fraud — in California, New York, New Jersey and Washington state – where PP affiliates have been exposed for fraudulent overbilling practices.

Yoest calls for an investigation and Congressional hearings into Planned Parenthood and its systematic abuse of federal funding: “American taxpayers are being forced to directly support this abortion-saturated organization which is fraught with fraud and misuse of government monies.”
Click here, to read the full report on Planned Parenthood.

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The Perfect July 4 Billboard

This weekend, Independence Day weekend, we celebrate the birth of a new nation and a new hope — the United States of America.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate America’s 235th birthday than with a billboard about another birth — the birth of America’s 44th President!

The 10’6″x36′ billboard is illuminated by night and is located on Route 15 northbound, two miles south of Dillsburg, PA. It shows to Harrisburg, PA bound traffic.

The billboard is a collaboration of Gary Franchi (of RestoreTheRepublic.org) and Joseph Farah (of WorldNetDaily).

Please help them make this a full-fledged nationwide billboard campaign, by going HERE and donate $2, $5, $10….

Every little bit helps!

H/t beloved fellow Joseph.


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Nobel Committee Rescinds Obama’s Peace Prize


Obama Forfeits Peace Prize

By Robert S. Becker – June 26 2011 – Information Clearing House

Stuck between shame and chagrin, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has for the first time in human history reversed a past prize selection. With high drama this week, the Committee notified President Obama his misguided 2009 Prize has been formally rescinded, requesting the $1.4 million payoff be returned.

“It’s not about the money,” conceded a press release, “we have a sacred obligation to protect the honor of humanitarian-arms maker Alfred Nobel. Plus, there’s the reputation of renowned peacemakers like Henry Kissinger we need to treasure. Sadly, we are forced to conclude that since his ’09 award ceremony Obama has qualified as nothing less than the world’s greatest, pre-emptive warmonger. Frankly, outgunning Bush, with three new discretionary wars, contradicts humanistic notions of peacemaking. We are chagrined that, after the fact and in only two years, our winner doubled his war production. It’s this reversal that triggers ours, despite all the office wall signage we have to change.”

Apparently, killing civilians with unmanned predatory drones in Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya pushed the Committee over the line. “Unlike Obama or Bush, we at Nobel admit blunders,” explained Bjorn Bjorn, “Obama’s soaring rhetoric carried magic dust because we, too, got enthralled by demonstrably empty promises. What were we thinking? Instead of ending regional violence, Obama has notched his military credibility, again and again. Our worst fear is that our Prize provided cover for new assaults, thus deflecting anti-war outrage. The only good news is the Afghan surge wasn’t a prelude to striking Iran.”

Historically, Nobel choices have incited strong reactions, Bjorn continued, “like selecting hard-line, Vietnam cold warrior Henry Kissinger. But never before have we honored a leader blatantly wedded to pre-emptive bombing of civilians in non-attacking countries. What’s the underlying Obama credo, “All we are saying is give war a chance”?


Alas, the above is SATIRE. Ha Ha Ha Ha

But if those Norwegian socialists on the Nobel Peace Prize Committee have any shred of moral integrity, this should be real instead of satire.

It was bad enough that the NPPC awarded the Peace Prize to such non-pacifists as Yassar Arafat (1994) and Henry Kissinger (1973), and swindlers such as Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC (2007), but giving it to Obama 8½ months into his presidency takes the cake.

Congrats, NPPC, for utterly trashing the meaning of “peace” and of “prize”.

H/t beloved fellow and brave Microsoft whistleblower Tony Whitcomb.


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Retired CIA Agents Say Obama’s Birth Certificate is Fake

On June 13, 2011, on the Terry Lakin Action Fund radio show, retired Major General (and Fox News contributor) Paul Vallely confirmed what we already know.

Gen. Vallely said this: [beginning at the 5:35 mark]

“I’ve had retired CIA Agents and Investigators look at Obama’s birth certificate and 10 out of 10 say it is fraudulent.”


Vallely also said this, beginning at around the 13:55 mark,

“[Obama eligibility] is probably the biggest fraud perpetuated on the American people ever in our history, at the highest level of government…. Obama was not vetted properly…on his eligibility…his college records…Social Security…his background, his life…. I hold Congress responsible…[and] the states validating candidates….

There was an organization funded by one individual named George Soros who wanted to insure Barack Obama become chief executive of the United States and take this country down a different path, a socialist path….

All of those things we’ve said and observed prior to the [2008] election have now come true, but yet we have a Congress, we have a Supreme Court that will not take the tack…. I am sure the FBI did not investigate Barack Obama….”

H/t beloved fellow Tina.


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Warning about Major Debit Card Fraud!

Michaels Stores says the debit-card fraud stemming from tampered checkout line terminals at its stores is not isolated to the Chicago region, but is spread across 20 states.
Michaels identified 90 key pads that were tampered with in the states of Illinois, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina,  New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia and Washington.
Debit-card fraud is worse for consumers than credit-card fraud. In the case of Michaels’ stores, many customers had money stolen directly from their banks accounts via ATM withdrawals.  Read Full Story Here
H/T Kelleigh

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More Questions to Ask About Osama bin Laden's Death

Here’s a follow-up on my post of last night, “Questions to Ask About Osama bin Laden Death.”

Question #1:

Why is the press (see Daily Mail and Telegraph) posting pics of a dead Osama bin Laden which is a fake photoshop that has been circulating on the Internet for years?

How do we know this? Because the same “death” photo had been featured in a story released over a year ago.

Question #2: What happened to his body?

When the news broke yesterday evening that US forces had captured and killed Osama bin Laden, we were told that the 9-11 mastermind “was killed a week ago by a US bomb,” that “he was shot and killed by ground US forces in Pakistan,” and that “a House Intelligence committee aide confirms that the United States has the body.”
Upon awaking this morning, I discovered a radically different version. We are now told that we no longer have bin Laden’s corpse. Instead, the body is already buried at sea! From the AP:

“A U.S. official says Osama bin Laden has been buried at sea. After bin Laden was killed in a raid by U.S. forces in Pakistan, senior administration officials said the body would be handled according to Islamic practice and tradition. That practice calls for the body to be buried within 24 hours, the official said. Finding a country willing to accept the remains of the world’s most wanted terrorist would have been difficult, the official said. So the U.S. decided to bury him at sea. The official, who spoke Monday on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive national security matters, did not immediately say where that occurred.”

This means those of us who are just a tad skeptical about what the Obama administration tells us will have to just take the nontransparent administration’s word that (a) The body was really Osama bin Laden’s ’cause alleged DNA tests prove it!; and (b) The corpse was a “fresh” one, instead of a long-refrigerated specimen.
Alas, the Wikipedia article on “Islamic Funeral” does not say that Muslim practice calls for the body to be buried within 24 hours. This is what Wiki says:

“sharia (Islamic religious law) calls for burial of the body, preceded by a simple ritual involving bathing and shrouding the body, followed by salah (prayer). Cremation of the body is forbidden. Burial rituals should normally take place as soon as possible and include:

  • Bathing the dead body, except in extraordinary circumstances….
  • Enshrouding dead body in a white cotton or linen cloth.
  • Funeral prayer.
  • Burial of the dead body in a grave.
  • Positioning the deceased so that the head is faced towards Mecca.”

In other words, Sharia law does NOT mandate that the dead must be buried within 24 hours. However, Sharia law DOES mandate that the corpse be buried in a grave, that is, in the ground instead of at sea. I can think of at least one reason why Muslims don’t bury their dead at sea. The dead is supposed to be buried with the head facing towards Mecca — something that just can’t be done if the body is dumped into the sea.
In fact, according to al-Islam.org, Sharia law specifically instructs the following:

“620. * It is obligatory to bury a dead body in the ground, so deep that its smell does not come out and the beasts of prey do not dig it out, and, if there is a danger of such beasts digging it out then the grave should be made solid with bricks, etc.

621. If it is not possible to bury a dead body in the ground, it may be kept in a vault or a coffin, instead.

In other words, what we are told by the Obama administration — that bin Laden’s body was “buried at sea” to abide by Muslim traditions — is bupkus, A LIE.
Lastly, since when does the United States bury the body of an enemy combatant in accordance with the enemy’s religious strictures?
H/t May, Steve, and Joan!

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Obama Birth Certificate, Animated Chinese TV Version

Taiwan NMATV’s ingenious animated division strikes again, this time on Obama’s birth certificate:
H/t my dear friend Sol.

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