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OWS is a Hard-Left Oikophobe Movement

“You will know them by their fruits.” -Matthew 7:15

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo sounds the warning on his blog that the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement not only is a hard left-wing movement, it has turned violent and therfore has become a “homeland security issue”.

As proof of OWS’s hard left character, let’s look at who its supporters are, beginning with the regime in North Korea, the last redoubt of diehard communism in the world today.

On October 18, 2011, the government of psychopath “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il released a statement praising OWS for facilitating “the working masses’ struggle against capitalism”:

“The Occupy Wall St[reet] movement was an eruption of the exploited classes’ pent-up wrath at the exploiters. It was also an expression of the will to remove the stronghold of capitalism as a whole which brings only exploitation, oppression, unemployment and poverty to the popular masses … [in a] corrupt society where the rich get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer.”

Then there are these left-wing activist organizations and labor unions in the United States which support OWS (from Discover the Networks):

North Korea and the groups above would have us believe that OWS is a struggle by “the working masses” and the “exploited classes.” You mean such as the “exploited” “working class” individuals below? (Most of the following names are from Discover the Networks; some are from my post “Who Are the Top 1%?“. Most of the estimated net worth figures are from Celebrity Net Worth):

These individuals are no more “working class” folk than I am. Unlike me, however, most of the people above have net worths that make them members of the “top 1%” — the supposed target of the Occupy Wall Street movement. And yet, they vocally support the “we are the 99%” OWS movement.

As Bill Whittle explains in his video, they are oikophobes — the products of an affluent America (see “OWS is Occupy Envy“), who hate America and Americans. Is it any wonder that the OWS movement — the product of a psychological and spiritual pathology — has become a pathological stew of internecine squabbling, rat and lice infestation, public defecation, rapetheft, robbery, smearing urine and blood on a food-vendor’s cart, andphysical assault on the elderly?

“By their actions, you will know them.” -Matthew 7:15



The “Mordred Conspiracy”?

The Skippys's are coming. The Skippy's are coming

“The Shot Heard ‘Round the World . . . “

The Road to Revolution.

Posted by Melissa Brookstone on June 1, 2011 at 7:49pm


For those of you who recall the legends of King Arthur, the character “Mordred” was Arthur’s illegitimate son in the various variations. He was a shadowy trouble maker who lusted for power but because of his illegitimacy, was not in line to the throne, so his hatred and resentment boiled over into causing nothing but problems for Arthur and his kingdom.

He instigated fights between the knights of the Round Table and generally caused things to become a shambles wherever he went, and with whatever he had a hand in.

His very name seemed to be more appropriately broken down into “More Dread”.

In the end, the kingdom collapsed into war.

For similar reasons, over the last couple of years I’ve come to think of the Obama Administration and their Democrat allies in Congress, more as the “Mordred Administration”.

Glenn Beck is the only one who’s exposed them. The rest of the media, outside of Fox News, seems to be in their back pockets, and to have abdicated their past role as the watch dogs of society, who were supposed to report the truth despite their personal political views, not turn into the propaganda machine they have.

But these players appear to have allied together to become very effective gremlins, attacking our nation, our culture, our freedoms and our way of life itself.

They are apparently acting in chorus with the globalist “Coming Insurrection” assisted by those like Soros, Code Pink, and lifelong Modred-like Marxists like Bernardine

Dohrn,BillAyersand Frances Fox Piven.

Beck even identified Marxist America-hating defrocked college professor Ward Churchill recently, at a violent rally in Arizona, over the teaching of a class that was indoctrinating students to hate the United States, claimed that Mexico rightfully owned the southwest part of our nation, and that white people were “racist oppressors” of the “poor exploited” people of color, all over the world.

It appears that Glenn Beck, who has been correct a remarkable percentage of the time, has nailed this open conspiracy ( Not a “theory”, because it’s being done openly – he’s exposed it “in their own words” and deeds. ) and exposed it, yet nothing is really being done about it, and it’s proceeding on a fast track.

Beck has shown and quoted from so many sources, including “The Coming Insurrection“, and recently from some of those participating in the planned revolutions for a Caliphate ( Islamic Empire ) … er, excuse me, “Arab Spring”, which was enthusiastically welcomed by our “President”. ( You know, the guy who apologizes to everyone he can find, for the United States. )

In true Cloward Piven fashion, Obama even blew Congress off entirely and pursued an illegal war in Libya, now with actual boots on the ground, and without even honoring the War Powers Act, yet alone the constitutional requirement for Congress to declare war. But who will impeach him. Congress doesn’t even seem to care that their powers have been usurped by a wanna-be King.

Yes, the whole thing just reeks of “Mordred” if you ask me, but the people remain complacent, when they should be screaming bloody murder about all this, in the streets.

We even have the Federal Reserve, a private organization owned by who knows who, expanding and devaluing our money, as if they were a planned part of the “Mordred Conspiracy”.

We even have this, just in, which Beck mentioned yesterday:


The United Nations warned on Wednesday of a possible crisis of confidence in, and even a “collapse” of, the U.S. dollar if its value against other currencies continued to decline.”

Drastic spending cuts are urgently needed

right now, to save the United States from an impending collapse, yet the Congress fiddles while America burns.

They don’t even have to cut the more drastic things that have been suggested, like shutting down the Departments of Education, HUD and Energy. All they have to do is return to the Clinton budget, which was balanced. Yet they won’t.

Find out just what the people will submit to and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” – Frederick Douglass, Aug. 4, 1857

I’d say we’re very close to the tipping point now, where it all snowballs into more than the “Mordred Conspiracy” ever bargained for. You see, I think their

goalwas “merely” to collapse and globalize the United States, but what they will actually get, will likely be the complete collapse of the global economy. What then? The term “the […] hitting the fan” comes to mind.

Will it end in Audrey Tomason’s “Apocalypse Equation” genocidal maniacal vision of a “limited nuclear conflict”, followed by chemical biological warfare, to get the global population down to a “sustainable” 1.5 billion, from where it’s going now?

See: http://www.teapartynation.com/profiles/blogs/a-genocidal-maniac-in-the

Brace yourself, because unless someone can wake the majority of sleeping, apathetic depressed and numb shell-shocked Americans up, I don’t think we have long now.