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Liberal Jon Stewart Denies He’s Liberal

As a student of human psychology, I’m always fascinated by how a man who mercilessly lampoons and criticizes others is so thin-skinned that he not only can’t take a criticism, he actually denies reality.

Jon Stewart is the latest example.

Stewart, whose real surname is Leibowtiz, is the very liberal host of what even Wikipedia describes as “the satirical news program” on Comedy Central. Stewart had described himself in high school as “very into Eugene Debs and a bit of a leftist.” (Eugene Debs was an American union leader and several times the candidate of the Socialist Party of America for POTUS.) Reportedly, Stewart has made monetary campaign donation to only one politician — the exhibitionist and still-not-formally-resigned Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Yesterday, June 19, 2011, Stewart appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. This is the UK’s Daily Mail‘s account of what transpired:

But the atmosphere quickly turned serious as Mr Stewart, angered by questions over his own ‘liberal’ bias, snapped. The audience were shown a transcript of Mr Stewart describing Fox News as a, “relentless agenda-driven 24 hour news opinion propaganda delivery system.”

Mr Wallace then asked the comedian: “Where do you come up with this stuff.”

Stewart responded: “Uh, it’s actually quite easy.”

[…] Wallace then played a clip of Mr Stewart comparing a video of Sarah Palin’s recent bus tour to a herpes commercial.

Mr Stewart erupted: “You’re insane… Here’s the difference between you and I. I’m a comedian first. My comedy is informed by an ideological background, there’s no question about that. But the thing that you will never understand…is that Hollywood, yeah, they’re liberal, but that’s not their primary motivating force. I’m not an activist. I am a comedian…. Do I want my voice heard. Absolutely, that’s why I got into comedy. Am I an activist, in your mind? A partisan ideological activist.”

Mr Wallace answered with a short, “Yeah.”

“Okay, then I disagree with you.” Stewart said. Rising in temper again, he said: “You can’t understand, because of the world that you live in, that there is not a designed ideological agenda on my part to affect partisan change because that’s the soup you swim in…. It reminds me of in ideological regimes, they can’t understand that there is free media other places because they receive marching orders.”

[…] Through gritted teeth Mr Stewart added: ‘In the polls who is the most consistently misinformed media viewers. Fox, Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll.”

To watch the Stewart-Wallace video, go HERE and scroll down.

Stewart is not a liberal activist? The same Jon Stewart who organized and led the “Rally to Restore Sanity” on October 30, 2010, in Washington, D.C.? The same rally where these pics were taken?

At the Jon Stewart Rally, Washington, DC, October 30, 2010

NAMBLA's motto: “Evil is Good, Insanity is the new Sanity. Pedophiles and Pederasts of the World Unite!”

Stewart is also plain mistaken about Fox viewers. An analysis of the Soros-funded survey that claimed Fox viewers to be the most misinformed media consumers concluded that the survey:

  1. Didn’t test what it claimed.
  2. Contained a trick question.
  3. Contained baseless conclusions.
  4. The data collected actually supported opposite conclusions from what was reported.
  5. The researchers cited disputed citations as fact.



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