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Of course: Biden wants rent/mortgage forgiveness during Wuhan virus

What the heck, why not? The government wants to spend $100 billion here, proposing $3 TRILLION there. Then we’ve got the $25 TRILLION clock.

Does fiscal responsibility really matter any more?

Apparently not. Creepy Joe Biden wants folks to have their rent and mortgage “forgiven” during the Wuhan virus. Don’t know how that will work out for landlords and banks though. I’m sure they, in turn, would be given some kind of taxpayer “relief.”

HuffPo reports that Biden’s plan includes forgiveness for rent and mortgage during the Wuhan virus. Depending upon which state you live in, that could go on until a vaccine is developed. Or a cure. Or until the demorat governor declares the emergency is over. Take your pick.

Biden said, “There should be rent forgiveness and there should be mortgage forgiveness now in the middle of this crisis. Forgiveness. Not paid later, forgiveness. It’s critically important to people who are in the lower-income strata.”

One missing element from Biden’s statement though: The former vice president’s Democratic campaign didn’t have any details on the proposal.

We don’t need any details. After all, we just have to pass a “forgiveness” bill to find out what is in it.

Read the whole HuffPo story here.


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