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State nullification laws threaten feds with felonies on gun controls

by Joel McDurmon on Jan 22, 2013
The Save America Foundation has collected data for the following report:
Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana, Tennesee, Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Wyoming have proposed legislation to either jail federal officials who violate the second amendment or to nullify federal laws to control guns within state borders.
Notably, the bills for Missouri and Florida threaten public officials, including federal agents, with felonies and jail time if they attempt to enforce certain federal gun control measures. The Missouri bill reads in part,
“Any official, agent, or employee of the federal government who enforces or attempts to enforce any act, order, law, statute, rule, or regulation of the federal government upon a personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is owned or manufactured commercially or privately in the state of Missouri and that remains exclusively within the borders of the state of Missouri shall be guilty of a class D felony.”
Florida’s likewise:
Any official, agent, or employee of the government of the United States, or employee of a corporation providing services to the government of the United States who enforces or attempts to enforce any act, order, law, statute, rule or regulation of the United States government upon a civilian-owned firearm, a firearm accessory, or  ammunition that is owned, sold, transferred, or manufactured commercially or privately in Florida shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction, shall be subject to imprisonment for not less than one   (1) year and one (1) day or more than five (5) years, a fine of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), or both.
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U.S. Department of Justice Website change.

I know this is a bit dated, but I never knew this, Did you?           ~Steve~ —————————-
Little by little the subtle changes come until one day we will wake up and be the United Socialist States of America . 2012 is just around the corner so get and stay engaged as if our nation depended on it because it does!!!!!
ditches red, white, and blue stars and stripes.
Well, how interesting! It seems the U.S. Department of Justice has changed its web site.
Gone are the colorful red, white, and blue U.S. Flag decorations on the page,

Replaced by stark black and white.

And at the top of the page, is a rather interesting quote:
“The common law is the will of mankind, issuing from the life of the people.”
Catchy, huh? Just one tiny little (too small to be relevant obviously) point —
the quote is from C. Wilfred Jenks, who in the 1930’s was a leading proponent of the “international law” movement, which had as its goal to impose a global common law and which backed ‘global workers’ rights.’
Call it Marxism, call it Progressivism, call it Socialism — under any of those names, it definitely makes the DOJ look corrupt in their new website with Marxist accessories to match.
See for yourself:
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Feds Now “Duty-Bound To Confiscate” Silver And Gold Liberty Dollars As Illegal Contraband

Umm, these two stories do not sound like it’s a good thing.  Groan.. ~Steve~
Posted by Alexander Higgins – August 31, 2011 at 10:18 pm – Permalink Source via Alexander Higgins Blog

Me thinks there will be lot's of real Cranky people over this. JMHO 😀

Feds Now “Duty-Bound To Confiscate” Silver And Gold Liberty Dollars As Illegal Contraband
The federal government declares Silver and Gold Liberty Dollars are illegal contraband and warn they are now “duty-bound to confiscate” millions of them.
Sherrie Questioning All
points us to an article in the globally distributed Coin world magazine giving us the latest updates on the government’s crackdown and confiscation of silver and gold coins.
After allow the coins to be markets on TV and sold to millions of people, the government will now move in and begin to confiscate the wealth that has been amassed in the hundreds of millions of dollars invested into the coins. The feds are now openly referring to the contraband and warn they are illegal to possess for any purpose and are subject to confiscation.
Officials failed to clarify under what terms the feds will seize the coins.
The U.S Attorney’s office warns that “the Liberty Dollar medallions are confiscable as contraband regardless if they are being exhibited for educational purposes only”.
The U.S. Secret Service is quoted as saying “if a Secret Service agent witnessed something considered to be contraband, such as Liberty Dollars, they would be duty-bound to confiscate it.
The feds ironically call Gold and Silver Liberty Dollars a ponzi-scheme, which the exact same claim the investors of gold and silver make against the fiat dollar that is printed by the Federal Reserve.
Sherrie writes:
So it has begun.
The Federal government has determined it can and will confiscate all Silver and Gold Liberty Dollars that are displayed openly and not for educational uses only in displays. In other words all the Liberty Dollars in stores on Ebay for sale can/will be confiscated by the federal government.
There was a trial earlier this year in North Carolina against Bernard von NotHaus, the founder and creator of the Liberty Dollar. He was convicted by a jury for creating an alternate currency. The Liberty dollars are now considered counterfeits, contraband and subject to seizure.
This is so totally outrageous! This is simply an excuse for the government to try and get as much silver and gold they can from the public and desperation on the part of the government.
The Liberty Dollars did not resemble any coin in the U.S. nor did it bill itself as an alternate currency. It has and was a collectors coin of pure silver and gold.
Here is a picture of the Silver Eagle, which the Liberty Dollar does not resemble at all.
Just to clarify the original coin world article reads the coins are subject to seizure regardless if they are being displayed for educational purposes.
Coin World Magazine reports on the federal government’s open admission that they will confiscate the precious gold and silver coins.
For rest of this Story, Pls go  HERE
Also let me add a second article from Feb 2011
Mac Slavo February 18th, 2011
Insider Report: US Government Will Confiscate Gold When It Touches $2000
It’s no secret that the US government is broke, the US dollar is crashing and losing credibility globally, and the IMF, China, France and others have publicly stated their desire to eliminate the dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. The IMF, for example, recently issued a call to replace the Federal Reserve’s fiat paper, ironically suggesting that it should be replaced with yet another synthetic instrument known as the SDR, or Special Drawing Right. The SDR is essentially a monetary unit made up of a basket of other global monetary units that include the euro, Japanese yen, pound sterling, and U.S. dollar. Incidentally, prior to the collapse of the Bretton Woods gold-backed US dollar monetary system in 1973, the SDR was actually ‘backed by gold,’ with one SDR being worth roughly 0.88 grams of gold, or at the time, $1 US dollar.
It’s been suggested that a new SDR, which would likely include the Chinese Yuan within the basket, may also require some non-synthetic units of exchange such as gold.
We’ve learned from well known metals analyst and commentator Roger Wiegand, in an email to silver analyst David Morgan which was subsequently published in Morgan’s latest Silver Investor newsletter available only to subscribers, that several of Wiegand’s high level inside sources have reported that the puppeteers behind the US government, in order to facilitate a move into a new world currency are considering, or may have already begun moving forward with, a plan to confiscate gold and silver from the American public.
For rest pls go  HERE!
~Steve~                    H/T Miss May

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The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 2)

The Execution of SEAL Team Six (Part 2)

August 6, 2011: A Chinook helo is shot down in Tangi, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Within hours, before family notifications could possibly have been completed, global press accounts positively confirm that 22 of the 30 Americans killed were not just SEALS, but members of SEAL Team 6. Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly classified. Today, the Obama regime made a point of immediately revealing the unit identities of the SPECOPS forces among the dead.
In the past, DEVGRU men and other SPECOPS men have been killed in action, but their missions were so secret and so crucial to OPSEC that their deaths were covered-up by the government and attributed to such things as “training accidents” and the like  and I have no problem with that. These men understand going in to intense units such as DEVGRU that OPSEC is paramount, that they will never be publicly acknowledged for their heroism, and that if they are killed or captured in action, the government will lie about that in order to protect OPSEC and to prevent the enemy from gaining a propaganda and morale coup. Compare that reality with what happened today. The Obama regime distributed this information, and the Obama regime’s lapdog press instantly splashed headlines declaring this as the Taliban’s “REVENGE” for the “death of Bin Laden.” As I write this now, the Drudge Report headline in bright red reads, “REVENGE: SEALS WHO GOT OSAMA KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN.”
I’ll say what everyone else is thinking but is too scared to say. The Obama regime is almost certainly directly complicit in these deaths. The time, location and most especially, the PASSENGERS in the Chinook were passed to the Taliban. Additionally, you can’t take out a Chinook with small arms fire or even standard RPGs such as the Taliban use. The Taliban needed serious weaponry to take this helo down, and that serious weaponry needed to be in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time, ready to fire.
Why would the Obama regime kill Americans? I think the question is, why WOULDN’T the Obama regime kill Americans? The Obama regime is composed of Marxist-Leninist psychopaths. A glancing, superficial survey of 20th century history shows one glaring fact above all others: MARXISTS MURDER PEOPLE WITHOUT COMPUNCTION. Marxists also hate Americans, by definition. Three tacks:
1. The men on board the Chinook may have been the same men who participated or had direct knowledge of the staged Bin Laden raid and were killed to permanently silence them. See my email exchange of May 5 above.
2. These DEVGRU men were killed to send a signal to the surviving DEVGRU men who carried out the Bin Laden raid to keep their mouths shut.
3. Certainly, the release of the unit identity of the dead within hours  before even family notification could have been made (which requires an IN PERSON visit to the family, remember) was an obvious bow to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the entire muslim world. This event was INSTANTLY propagandized by the Obama media as “revenge” exacted for Bin Laden’s death. And remember, Bin Laden has been dead for many years. The raid of May 2 was pure stagecraft to distract the world from the release of the forged Obama birth certificate.
I am not a conspiracy theorist. I can’t stand Alex Jones or any 9/11 truther. I have turned down dozens of interviews with such types. In fact, I am a huge believer in the Lex Parsimoniae, which is sometimes called “Occam’s Razor”, which states that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one. I teach this as part of my job, namely that the cattle markets are neither manipulated nor impossible to operate within at a profit. The reality is that the cattle industry participants do not make money because they are functionally incompetent. It is very, very simple. True conspiracies are very rare.
This entire Obama situation is a conspiracy, and I say that without the slightest hesitation. Obama is not a citizen of the United States, he is a puppet front for a cabal of Marxist-Leninsts including Soros, Ayers, Dohrn, Strong, Jarrett and many, many others. These people are enemies of the United States. These people are deeply psychologically damaged, and are capable of ordering people murdered in order to protect themselves and increase their own power. The three dead homosexual black men from Trinity United Church of Christ, Young, Bland and Spencer, all of whom were sexually linked to Barack Obama, were probably the first people specifically murdered by the Obama regime. The hundreds of Mexicans and the two American agents Terry and Zapata were murdered by Operation Fast and Furious in order to advance and increase the power of the Obama regime. These SEALS and the others on board that Chinook today were almost certainly betrayed and murdered by the Obama regime.
Why did the Obama regime immediately reveal the unit identity of the SPECOPS forces involved in the first place, despite the fact that DEVGRU was highly classified? Why was the personnel composition of the Chinook released IMMEDIATELY today after the helo went down  before even family notifications could be made? WHY? Why would you hand your enemy, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, a massive propaganda coup? WHY?
I’ll tell you why. Because the Obama regime IS THE ENEMY. They are Marxist tyrants who hold the lives of Americans not just cheap, but in scathing contempt. They will say anything, they will do anything, and they will murder ANYONE in order to protect themselves and consolidate and increase their power. Please, I beg you, for the love of God and all that is good in this world, read the history of the Soviet Union. Read about Lenin and Stalin and how they murdered people without any hesitation. Read about how Hitler was constantly ordering the murder of his own officers. Read about Communist China. Read about Mao and the millions upon tens of millions of murders he ordered. Read about the killing fields of the Communist Khmer Rouge in Cambodia led by Pol Pot. PLEASE. Marxists MURDER PEOPLE. That is what they do. The Obama regime is MARXIST to the bone. If the Obama regime is not stopped, the 30 Americans murdered today in Afghanistan will be just the beginning. I promise you that.
Here, again, is the clip of Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground Marxist terrorist organization in the 1970s. The Weather Underground was founded by Obama’s political godfather, communist mentor (along with Frank Marshall Davis), murderer, and ghostwriter of “Dreams From My Father”, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn. In this interview, taped in 1980 while Obama was still just an unknown undergrad foreign scholarship student at Occidental College, Grathwohl describes the leadership of the Weather Underground (which is Ayers and Dohrn) discussing what will be done with the “unreformable, diehard capitalists” once they have overthrown the government of the United States. The answer is extermination in camps in the Southwest. The estimated total that would need to be killed? 25 million, which was 10% of the population at the time. Ayers & Dohrn already have overthrown the government of the United States via their puppet protégé, Barack Obama. They have guaranteed that the economy will collapse. The only thing left for them to do is suspend the Constitution and open the camps.
“Democracy is two wolves deciding what to eat for dinner.
Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.” -Thomas Jefferson-

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Great Works of Efficiency


Pythagorean theorem: 24 words.
-The Lord’s Prayer: 66 words.
Archimedes’ Principle: 67 words.
-The 10 Commandments: 179 words.
– Lincoln ‘s Gettysburg address: 286 words.
-The U.S. Declaration of Independence : 1,300 words.
-The U.S. Government regulations on the sale of cabbage: 26,911
words.  Good Grief Charlie Brown …
Here is one off the top of my head. Obamacare is what..
2,300 pages?
Did you know that the Eisenhower interstate Bill
(That’s all Our Highways and such thru out the country)
Guess how many pages to design our whole Highway system.
39  Yep, 39 stinking pages .
If you look at it. It looks like a timeline for stupidity. 🙁
~Steve~           H/T        May

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