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When SJWs bash their own: Vogue magazine apologizes for “gender-fluidity” cover story

vogue cover

Back in March, SJWs slammed Vogue for their lack of diversity on the cover that celebrated “the modern American woman” by featuring models of different ethnicities, skin tones and body types. Across social media, Vogue was criticized for staying inside the fashion industry’s narrow parameters (oh the horror!).

Now SJWs are upset that Vogue dare to tackle gender fluidity in the wrong manner. Heaven forbid a fashion magazine features models who talk about clothes swapping.

Seems likes SJWs are just as insufferable as feminists when you don’t follow their rules.

From Fox News: Vogue is sorry. The magazine released a statement on Friday apologizing for their recent cover story featuring Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

In an interview with the publication, Hadid and Malik playfully talk about borrowing each other’s clothes, which led to the magazine titling their piece, “Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are part of a new generation embracing gender fluidity.”

“I shop in your closet all the time, don’t I?” Hadid says in the article. “Yeah, but same,” replies Malik. “What was that T-shirt I borrowed the other day?”

Vogue readers quickly took to social to voice their concerns over the piece, calling the magazine out for not featuring real people who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid. “Think Vogue is a bit confused on what gender fluidity is! Wearing your gf’s T-shirt does not make you gender fluid,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Is Vogue aware that there r actual, real life, gender fluid people out there,” another person wrote. “Vogue went from 100 to 0 real quick,” shared another reader.

Following backlash on social media, Vogue issued an apology.

“The story was intended to highlight the impact the gender-fluid, non-binary communities have had on fashion and culture,” read a statement by a Vogue spokeswoman. “We are very sorry the story did not correctly reflect that spirit we missed the mark.”

“We do look forward to continuing the conversation with greater sensitivity.”



Pajama Boy approved: Man skirts are happening again

thom browne skirts

Manly fashions presented by American designer Thom Browne…

The feminization of men continues.

From NY Post: There’s no skirting the issue: Menswear is beginning to look a lot more like womenswear.

Skirts and hot pants, also known as short shorts, are all the rage according to trendsetting disrupters like Thom Browne and Dior Homme. For their spring 2018 menswear collections, the two fashion labels presented male models baring their gams in crisp kilt-style skirts with high socks and thigh-hugging, barely-there shorts, respectively.

Hot off the tails of the Devon prep-school protest, the skirt appears to be not only a fashion statement, but a social one, too.

I like the idea that when you are a baby you wear pretty much the same clothing as your brothers and sisters. And I think that culture dictates which way and what kind of clothing you wear — but it is nice that you can pretty much do whatever you want,” Thom Browne said in a statement to Vogue.

Old-school gender rules just aren’t cutting it for the young and style-savvy anymore.


Dolce & Gabbana continue their support for Melania Trump and mock their haters

dolce and gabbana t shirt

Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) is a luxury Italian fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.  They have supported Melania Trump wearing their designs and fashion and for that face a boycott backlash.

In January of this year, Stefano Gabbana very publicly threw his support behind Melania Trump while taking on some internet trolls. Gabbana’s response to those who threatened to boycott their D&G brand? ‘I don’t care,’ replied Gabbana.

The two have also upset the tolerant libtards in the past by stating in 2015 (from Wikipedia), “We oppose gay adoptions. The only family is the traditional one.” They also criticized in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and surrogacy by saying, “No chemical offspring and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed.”  Since the comments were made by two gay men in an industry often seen as gay-friendly, reactions were especially harsh.

I love these guys for standing up to the NOH8 brigade. Yet I won’t be buying this $245 t-shirt as it is overpriced out of my budget.

From Hollywood Reporter: Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana is thumbing its nose at critics with a new campaign and apparel urging a boycott of the company.

The company is selling T-shirts for $245 a piece that read #BOYCOTT DOLCE & GABBANA. The shirts are listed on Dolce and Gabbana’s website alongside a short film of Italian protesters wearing the shirts during a demonstration against the company.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are among the protesters.

The shirts follow Instagram posts from co-founder Stefano Gabbana last month highlighting first lady Melania Trump’s Dolce & Gabbana outfits during her recent overseas trip with President Donald Trump. In one of his posts, Gabbana called out “haters” and urged them to boycott the brand.

Dolce & Gabbana didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.


Pajama Boy Approved: Bernie Sanders inspires menswear in Balenciaga’s latest collection to hit the runway



From Daily Mail: None of the US presidential candidates this year were exactly known for their fashion sense, but one has emerged as a clear style muse for a high-end designer. Whether it was his politics or his supporters’ rally style, Bernie Sanders nspired Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia’s latest collection, which he showed at Paris Men’s Fashion Week on Wednesday.

The designer sent models down the runway in jackets, sweaters, and blankets baring the Balenciaga name printed to look suspiciously like Bernie’s logo.

At first look, several outfits that came down the catwalk seemed to be adorned with actual Bernie merchandise. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that Gvasalia reworked the red, white, and blue underlined logo from his campaign to say Balenciaga instead. On some pieces, he also included the year — 2017.

Besides paying homage to his campaign logo, the styling of some of the collection seems to reference Bernie’s as well.

One model wore a seemingly oversized, ill-fitting blue suit, while others wore their Bernie sweaters and jackets over button-downs. A few looked like ‘Bernie Bros’, teaming their Bernie/Balenciaga merch with athletic sneakers and hoodies. Several of the men also rocked nail art with the logo on their fingers, and there were hidden pins that also had the design.

And while it is unclear whether the political pieces will sell, Twitter users who have spotted the collection certainly seem intrigued. ‘This is every millennials fashion dream, and I’m basking in it,’ writer Laurise McMillian tweeted.

‘Balenciaga x Bernie Sanders. Sign. Me. Up,’ wrote one man. Another joked: ‘Who would’ve thought that Balenciaga x Bernie Sanders would be the hottest collab of the year?’ 


More Libtard Butthurt: French womyn designer refuses to dress Melania Trump


The world-renowned fashion designer Sophie Theallet

The world-renowned fashion designer Sophie Theallet

From Hollywood Reporter: New York-based, French-born designer Sophie Theallet is taking a stand against President-elect Donald Trump by refusing to dress his wife, future first lady Melania Trump.

In an open letter tweeted on Thursday afternoon, the designer wrote, “I will not participate in dressing or associating in any way with the next First Lady.” She added, “I encourage my fellow designers to do the same.”

Michelle Obama in Theallet's designs

Michelle Obama in Theallet’s designs

The designer, who called dressing current first lady Michelle Obama “a highlight and an honor,” went on to describe her experience as an immigrant to the U.S. and how Trump’s rhetoric of “racism, sexism and xenophobia” forced her to take a stand “against discrimination and prejudice.” 

Michelle Obama in Theallet dress

Michelle Obama in Theallet dress

“I am well aware it is not wise to get involved with politics,” she said. “That said, as a family-owned company, our bottom line is not just about the money. We value our artistic freedom and always humbly seek to contribute to a more humane, conscious and ethical way to create in this world.

Theallet launched her eponymous label in 2007, one year before President Barack Obama took office. In 2009, she was the winner of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award, and has since found celebrity fans in Neve Campbell, Shailene Woodley and Gabrielle Union. However, Michelle Obama remains one of her biggest supporters, having worn the designer’s clothes on several occasions over the past eight years. 

Read the rest of the story here.


Designer sets sights on untapped transgender community

Via NY Post: Leo Roux hopes to make his mark in the fashion world by catering to a very specific demographic: the transgender community.

The designer is readying his collection that he promises will offer a better fit than the clothes currently at retail — whether “pre-op, post-op or no-op.”

There are 1.4 million adults in the US who identify as transgender, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

“A lot of transgender people who want to present masculine have to shop in the boys department, and that does not match up with what an adult would want to wear,” said Roux, 31, who was born female, named Louise and transitioned to male in 2012. “We are altering the proportions of clothing,” Roux said.

His Seattle-based company is joining a handful, but growing number of apparel businesses catering to the transgender community, including Chrysalis a 3-year-old lingerie company, and Saint Harridan, which makes masculine clothing for women and transmen.

Leo Roux, which will sell T-shirts, pants, shorts, dresses and blouses, is holding a pre-sale later this month to fund its first manufacturing order.

The duds aren’t cheap — with jeans costing around $70 and T-shirts around $30. Nothing will cost more than $100.

Roux is hoping carving a niche in the casual clothing sector, where there is a dearth of offerings. “A lot of online companies are aimed at crossdressers, and that clothing has a big night club performance feel,” Roux said. “But a lot of transgender people are living their lives in the open now rather than hiding it away.”


So apparently this is a thing: “Naked” wedding gowns


From Yahoo: Some brides-to-be envision their wedding gown as their one chance to go for abundant layers of giant skirts and undergarments, enjoying the frills of an old-time princess. Others are eyeing the exact opposite, particularly if they plan on taking inspiration from Bridal Fashion Week 2017, during which Israeli designer Alon Livné White sent a model down the runway in a bejeweled nude bodysuit and a wide-open hint of a skirt. Some compare the look to that of a Las Vegas showgirl, but it’s also completely in line with the trends of the past two years.

Getty Image

Getty Image

“I wanted to make something that is very showstopper, very unique, but still feminine and soft,” Livné told Cosmopolitan.com of the dress, called “Heaven,” which he said would be sold with a more substantial overskirt. “For the dancing, she can take off the overskirt and be more sexy.”

Much was made of the naked-wedding-dress trend during bridal shows last year. “I think the days of the bride wearing her mother’s old wedding dress are over,” Kleinfeld Bridal fashion director Terry Hall told Stylecaster. “Brides really want their own red carpet moments.”


And that means literally taking a cue from Kim Kardashian and Rihanna for their wedding gowns. Other barely there creations shown for fall 2017 include a golden lace gown by Isabelle Armstrong, but for the really skin-revealing gowns, you need to rewind to the spring 2017 collections, such as Mira Zwillinger’s, which is almost completely made up of sheer styles.

As the New York Times pointed out last year, most brides who choose these gowns also opt for opaque, nude-colored panels or undergarments to wear underneath them.


Read the whole story here.