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Calif govt mails free condoms to kids as young as 12

Nos. 40 and 41 of the 45 Communist Goals for America:

40. Discredit the family as an institution.  Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents.

The Department of Public Health of the financially broke State of California is mailing packages of free condoms to children as young as 12 years old. And, of course, it’s California’s taxpayers who are paying for this.
Thaddeus Blakinski reports for LifeSiteNews, Feb. 27, 2012, that teenagers are directed to a website, TeenSource.org, where, after filling out the request form, they can have a free package of ten condoms along with lubricant and sex-ed literature mailed to their home addresses in a plain yellow envelope.
The Condom Access Project (CAP) was rolled out the week of February 14th in Alameda, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Kern and parts of San Francisco counties under the direction of the California Family Health Council. These areas were chosen, according to the STD Control Branch of the Department of Public Health, because of the high rates of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections among teens in these counties.
Amy Moy, vice president of public affairs for the Family Health Council, justified the free condom mailing to the Bakersfield Californian: ““We can’t keep our heads in the sand and pretend there isn’t a problem. We know teens are engaging and we want to make sure they’re as safe as possible.”
But attempts at reducing STDs and unintended pregnancies by making condoms and other contraceptives easily available to children and teens, has not resulted in the anticipated reduction in teen pregnancy, abortion and disease.
A report on a massive sex-ed and contraceptive program carried out in Scotland and aimed at children aged ten to 18 said the initiative failed and that teen pregnancies and rates of sexually transmitted diseases continue to climb. Another study in Spain found that as contraceptive use increased, the rate of unintended pregnancy and abortion rate also increased.
Amy Moy’s LinkedIn page shows that — SURPRISE!!! — she is also the associate vice president of public affairs at the San Francisco Golden Gate branch of Planned Parenthood. Here she is at an anti-Bush “Not My President” demonstration in San Francisco in 2005:

Here’s the contact info to voice your objection to this free condom mailing:

California Family Health Council
Amy Moy, Vice President of Public Affairs
Phone: 415.518.4465
Email: moya@cfhc.org


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