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This is CNN: National security analyst doesn’t understand threat posed by TikTok

Friday night the Twitterverse was buzzing with President Trump’s threat to ban the TikTok app. Liberals were, of course, furious. India has already banned TikTok and Japan is considering banning it as well.

The reason? TikTok is owned by the Chicoms and is basically Chinese spyware/malware.

The threat to national security posed by TikTok is so real that the U.S. military last year banned the use of the app on government-issued devices.

How much of security threat is using TikTok?

For starters, it’s owned by the Chicoms.

Second: The app uses facial recognition technology and is storing user’s facial geometry.

Third: The app violates children privacy laws (which is the majority of users). TikTok paid a $5.7 million fine to the FTC in 2019 over collecting personal information from kids under 13, a violation of the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

From what I’ve read online, this app collects more data from a phone than any other app does including IP addresses, contacts, browsing histories and unique device identifiers.

Lastly: It’s owned by the Chicoms.

Of course, the Chicoms deny any wrongdoing in anything to do with TikTok.

Yet anyone with a functioning brain, Google and who is not TDS-infected can figure out what is really going on with the Chicoms and TikTok.

Unless you are a CNN “national security analyst.”

Meet Samantha Vinograd, an American foreign policy commentator who serves as National Security Analyst at CNN. In 2005,Vinograd graduated with a B.A. in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and received an M.A. in Security Studies from Georgetown University.

Guess that “Asian” studies degree excluded the history of China and the political/intelligence warfare they have waged against the US for a very long time, as witnessed by this tweet:

Great standards you’ve got at CNN, Zucker!


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Facial recognition software identifies 28 members of Congress and 26 California legislators as criminals

Facial recognition software analyzes images of human faces for the purpose of identifying them. Unlike many other biometric systems, facial recognition can be used for general surveillance in combination with public video cameras, and it can be used in a passive way that doesn’t require the knowledge, consent, or participation of the subject.

Amazon is aggressively marketing its “Rekognition” facial recognition software to police, claiming that Rekognition can identify up to 100 faces in a single image, track people in real time through surveillance cameras, and scan footage from body cameras.

Last year, without any public debate, the Orlando, Florida police department began using Amazon Rekognition to compare people’s faces against a mugshot database. Reportedly, federal government agencies including ICE have also used the technology, culling through databases of driver’s licenses.

In July 2018, the ACLU tested Amazon’s “Rekognition” facial recognition software by using it to match members of Congress against a national database of 25,000 mugshots. The result was that Rekognition incorrectly identified 28 members of Congress as arrested criminals:

  • 3 senators:
    • John Isakson (R-Georgia)
    • Edward Markey (D-Massachusetts)
    • Pat Roberts (R-Kansas)
  • 25 representatives:
    • Sanford Bishop (D-Georgia)
    • George Butterfield (D-North Carolina)
    • Lacy Clay (D-Missouri)
    • Mark DeSaulnier (D-California)
    • Adriano Espaillat (D-New York)
    • Ruben Gallego (D-Arizona)
    • Thomas Garrett (R-Virginia)
    • Greg Gianforte (R-Montana)
    • Jimmy Gomez (D-California)
    • Raúl Grijalva (D-Arizona)
    • Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois)
    • Steve Knight (R-California)
    • Leonard Lance (R-New Jersey)
    • John Lewis (D-Georgia)
    • Frank LoBiondo (R-New Jersey)
    • David Loebsack (D-Iowa)
    • David McKinley (R-West Virginia)
    • John Moolenaar (R-Michigan)
    • Tom Reed (R-New York)
    • Bobby Rush (D-Illinois)
    • Norma Torres (D-California)
    • Marc Veasey (D-Texas)
    • Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio)
    • Steve Womack (R-Arkansas)
    • Lee Zeldin (R-New York)

According to the ACLU:

Academic research has also already shown that face recognition is less accurate for darker-skinned faces and women. Our results validate this concern: Nearly 40 percent of Rekognition’s false matches in our test were of people of color, even though they make up only 20 percent of Congress.

More recently, as reported by the Los Angeles Times on August 13, 2019, the ACLU discovered that Rekognition incorrectly identified 26 California legislators as criminals.

That prompted California Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) to author Assembly Bill 1215 to ban facial recognition software from being used on police body cameras. Ting said:

“The software clearly is not ready for use in a law enforcement capacity. These mistakes, we can kind of chuckle at it, but if you get arrested and it’s on your record, it can be hard to get housing, get a job. It has real impacts.”

I can already anticipate what FOTM readers will say: “Members of Congress and of California’s legislature actually are criminals. It’s just they haven’t been arrested yet.” LOL


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Jello for Adults Only – What Would Bill Cosby Say?

Jell-O uses facial biometrics to dispense “adults only” desert

As part of Jell-O’s new campaign to promote its latest desert the company is giving away free samples using a sophisticated vending machine that uses facial biometrics to keep children away.
“Temptations,” Jell-O’s new pudding is meant to be for “adults only,” so to ensure that children are not getting any free samples, its new vending machines will use facial recognition technology.  Full Story

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