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Facebook messages added to Obama’s daily reading material

Obama skips plenty of intel briefings yet has time to read love letters on Facebook (you know he isn’t reading any letters from TEA Party members). Priorities.

obama ego

From NY Post: People hoping to send a note to President Barack Obama can now contact the White House using Facebook Messenger, just as they would communicate with their friends.

The White House says Obama reads 10 letters every night and that they help keep him in touch with what’s happening around the country.

White House chief digital officer Jason Goldman says expanding the president’s reading material is meant to create opportunities for people to engage with their government in new and accessible ways.

Goldman says face-to-face time with the president may be more difficult than it was much earlier in the nation’s history, but technology now makes it possible for anyone with an internet connection to send a message to the president and the administration.


IRS launches investigation into Facebook looking into a 2010 property transfer that could have drastically decreased company’s tax payments

Zuckerberg better hop on a private jet and have a rendezvous with Koskinen on a tarmac STAT.

Mark Zuckerberg

From Daily Mail: US tax authorities are asking Facebook to turn over documents for an investigation into the social networking giant’s dealings with its Irish subsidiary, court documents show.

In a petition filed in federal court in San Francisco, the Internal Revenue Service said it is ‘conducting an examination of the federal income tax liability’ for Facebook in 2010.

The petition said the IRS is looking into ‘certain agreements between Facebook Inc. and Facebook Ireland Holdings Limited purporting to transfer rights associated with Facebook’s worldwide business to Facebook Ireland.’

The revelation is the latest highlighting tax questions on big tech companies on global operations. The statute of limitations on the case will expire at the end of this month.

European officials have looked at tax liabilities of companies including Google, Amazon and Apple. Some of the firms have taken advantage of tax breaks offered from Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The IRS said Facebook has failed to turn over documents sought in the investigation and did not appear in response to a summons for the information. ‘Facebook complies with all applicable rules and regulations in the countries where we operate,’ a spokesperson for the social media site told CNN Money.

The IRS is seeking a court order requiring Facebook to turn over the requested documents and to appear before IRS agents looking into the case.


Facebook CEO’s Hawaii neighbors grumble about new wall

Wonder how many immigrants Zuckerberg will be housing in his compound?

Mark Zuckerberg

From CNBC: Some of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s neighbors are grumbling about a rock wall he’s having built on his property on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Retiree Moku Crain said Tuesday the wall looks daunting and forbidding. Crain hopes and expects Zuckerberg will soften the wall’s look by planting foliage around it. The wall began going up about four to six weeks ago. It runs along the property next to a road in the semi-rural community of Kilauea.

“Whereas before when we drove along the road we could see the ocean and see through the property, it’s closing off that view,” Crain said. “So I think that’s part of it. Nobody likes change.”

Crain estimated the wall was about 6 feet tall and that another existing wall on the property was only about 4 feet. Few would complain if the new wall was built at the same height, Crain predicted.

Lindsay Andrews, a spokeswoman for the billionaire’s Kauai property operations, says the rock wall is designed to reduce highway and road noise. Similar walls are routinely used for this purpose, she said. The wall follows all rules and regulations, she said.  “Our entire team remains committed to ensuring that any development respects the local landscape and environment and is considerate of neighbors,” she said in a statement.

Other neighbors told The Garden Island newspaper on Kauai that the wall was oppressive, blocks breezes and views and “doesn’t feel neighborly.”

But software engineer Brian Catlin said the fence looks nice. He said it’s an improvement on the barbed wire fence that was there. He said the complaining was limited to “just a few crybabies” and “nobody else cares.”

“If they wanted to protect the view, they should have bought that land,” Catlin said. “He paid a lot of money for that so he can do what he wants with it.” Catlin insisted the rock wall was less than 6 feet tall because that’s how tall he is and he can see over it.

Forbes reported Zuckerberg paid over $100 million for the property, which spans more than 700 acres on the coast, in 2014.

Catlin said it was a good thing Zuckerberg bought the property because a previous landowner had plans to build a housing development on part of it, which would have increased cars and traffic. The Garden Island newspaper reported in 2014 that a 357-acre section of the property called the Kahuaina plantation had been subdivided for 80 luxury homes of up to seven acres a piece.

h/t Weasel Zippers


Zuckerberg slams Trump in keynote speech with thinly-veiled dig at ‘building walls’ that he warns would reduce trade, stoke fear, and block free expression

It’s rich that Zuckerberg slams Trump for “blocking free expression” when Facebook specifically blocks FOTM’s gun control posts.


Via Daily Mail: Mark Zuckerberg took aim at Donald Trump in his keynote speech at Facebook’s F8 developer conference on Tuesday. Without naming the GOP frontrunner, the Facebook CEO slammed Trump’s plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico.

His thinly-veiled dig came during a speech about freedom of expression and immigration as he warned America risks cutting itself off from the world. ‘As I look around and I travel around the world, I’m starting to see people and nations turning inward, against this idea of a connected world and a global community,’ he said.

‘I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. For blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, reducing trade, and in some cases around the world even cutting access to the internet.

Self-righteous hypocrite Zuckerberg

Self-righteous hypocrite Zuckerberg

Immigration, he told the audience in San Francisco’s Fort Mason center, fuels economic success. ‘Instead of building walls we can help build bridges,’ he added as he mentioned Facebook’s plans to launch a plane that will provide internet signal to disconnected parts of the world.

He concluded: ‘It takes courage to choose hope over fear. People will always call you naive but it’s this hope and this optimism thats behind every important step forward.’

Zuckerberg has not given his backing to any specific candidate, but this is not the first time he has hit out at Donald Trump.

In February, the president of Zuckerberg’s pro-immigration lobby group FWD.us, Todd Sculte, described Trump’s policies and ‘horrible and fatal’ in an interview with CNBC ahead of the Iowa caucus. ‘For the first time, a major party [is] putting forth people who are saying they are going to round up and deport 11.5 million people; they’re going to eliminate high-skilled immigration,’ Schulte said.  ‘And look, that may get you a win or second place in the Iowa caucuses. That is just a horrible and fatal position in a general election.’

He later tweeted: ‘Trump’s a hack, runs for [sic] policy specifics. Be it immigration, trade, foreign policy – answer is always he’s a strongman, others are weak. On immigration, he wandered into something awful that credentialed past apostasies as ok – rounding up every last undocumented immigrant.’

According to FEC records read by Inc, Zuckerberg received a reimbursement from Marco Rubio’s campaign after the Florida senator dropped out of the race. His words on Tuesday come just days before the New York primary, which Trump is expected to win easily.


Mark Zuckerberg calls for ‘understanding, empathy and love’ to defeat terrorism

Riiiight….because ISIS just needs a hug or something.

Smart Power...

Smart Power…

From The Daily Mail: Billionaire Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has called for ‘understanding, empathy and love’ in order to defeat terrorism. Zuckerberg wrote to his followers on the social media site in the wake of a series of bombings by various terrorist groups that killed dozens and injured hundreds in Ankara, Brussels and Lahore.

He said: ‘Each of these attacks was different, but all had a common thread: they were carried out with a goal to spread fear and distrust, and turn members of a community against each other.

I believe the only sustainable way to fight back against those who seek to divide us is to create a world where understanding and empathy can spread faster than hate. Where every single person in every country feels connected and cared for and loved. That’s the world we can and must build together.’

Poor ISIS...they just need some TLC

Poor ISIS…they just need some TLC

Earlier this month 37 people were killed and 125 wounded in Turkey’s capital Ankara when a car bomb planted by the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons detonated in Guvenpark, in the city’s south. Then three suicide bomb blasts in the Belgian capital of Brussels killed 35 people and wounded another 300 after ISIS fighters attacked the city’s airport and a subway station.

That attack was followed by another bomb blast in Lahore, Pakistan, after an Al Qaeda affiliated splinter-group detonated a bomb in a crowded park, claiming to have been targeting Christians.

Since the bomb and gun attack in Paris last year that killed 130 people, Facebook has offered users a ‘check in’ feature to tell friends they’re safe if they live in the vicinity of such an atrocity. However the social media site was derided online following the Lahore bombing, after offering users living thousands of miles away from the region the opportunity to report they were safe.

Zuckerberg, the world’s sixth richest man, did not address that issue in his post, instead merely acknowledging the feature had been put to use frequently in the recent past.  He added: ‘We activated Safety Check in Pakistan after a bomb targeted children and their families in a park in Lahore.

‘Over the last two months, we have activated Safety Check several times for acts of terror – including in Turkey and Belgium – so people in the area can let friends and loved ones know they’re safe.’

Instagram, the photo sharing company owned by Facebook, also came under fire recently for promoting a potential ‘war crime’ after an account surfaced allegedly showing Iraqi soldiers fighting ISIS in the Middle East.

Dubbed ‘Iraqi Swat’, the account regularly uploaded images purporting to show captured ISIS fighters and giving followers the opportunity to vote on whether they lived or were killed. Gideon Boas, a former legal officer at the ICC for Yugoslavia, told reporters that the images ‘unquestionably’ appeared to show a war crime.

A spokesperson for Instagram said: ‘Content which contains serious threats to public or personal safety is not allowed on Instagram. We removed this content as soon as it was reported to us.’

Read the whole story here.


Mark Zuckerberg: “Facebook is the key to world peace”

Smart power!

zuckerberg and obama

Sharing on Facebook and world peace pretty much go hand in hand. Or so says Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive officer of the social media network.

The NY Post reports that Zuckerberg said the following: “Facebook’s mission and what we really focus on is giving everyone the power to share all of the things that they care about*.” Zuckerberg said this to the media company’s CEO, Mathias Döpfner, in an interview in Berlin on Thursday.


*Zuckerberg is a LIAR. Last October Dr. Eowyn tried to publish a story on FOTM’s Facebook page entitled, “Obama wants to bypass Congress for gun control via Executive Order.” That post was not allowed.

“What they’re thinking about, what they’re experiencing on a day-to-day basis, and the idea is that everyone has the power to share those things, then that makes the world more understanding, it helps people stay closer to the people who they love, all these good things that we value,” gushed Zuckerberg.

That message seems to be taken to heart by the Islamic State, despite efforts to exclude the group from Facebook’s big happy family. A video posted earlier this week by the group’s hacking unit “Sons Caliphate Army” said ISIS has more than 10,000 Facebook accounts, 150 Facebook groups and 5,000 Twitter accounts. “You are not in our league,” the group said in a message addressed to Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and “their crusader government.”

The whole subject of Facebook and world peace came up as Zuckerberg sought to make a point about trends and how his company is so much a part of that. He said virtual reality will likely become the next big way to share. “There’s a very clear trend to give everyone the power to share everything we care about in richer and richer detail,” he told Döpfner in the interview.

Read the whole story here.


Indonesia Bans Homosexual Emojis on Messaging Apps

Where’s the outcry from liberals? Oh wait, they defend Islam while bashing Christianity. Move along…

gay emoji2

From Yahoo: In the latest crackdown on gay rights in Indonesia, the government has demanded all instant messaging apps remove same-sex emoticons or face a ban in the Muslim-majority country.

The emojis – which are available on the popular apps LINE and Whatsapp as well as Facebook and Twitter – depict same-sex couples holding hands and the rainbow flag, commonly used to symbolize the LGBT community.

“Such contents are not allowed in Indonesia based on our cultural law and the religious norms and the operators must respect that,” Ismail Cawidu, spokesman for the Communication and Information Ministry, told AFP Friday.

gay emoji

He said of particular concern was that the colorful emojis and stickers could appeal to children. “Those things might be considered normal in some Western countries, while in Indonesia it’s practically impossible,” he said.

Cawidu said the ministry had contacted all companies that used such content, including Twitter and Facebook, and failure to comply with the request to remove the emojis could lead to the apps being banned in Indonesia.

LINE Indonesia has already removed its gay emojis from online stores and issued an apology. “LINE regrets the incidents of some stickers which are considered sensitive by many people,” the messaging app said in a statement. “We ask for your understanding because at the moment we are working on this issue to remove the stickers.”

While homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, the topic remains a controversial subject. In January, the University of Indonesia told a support group providing sex education and counseling for LGBT students that they did not have permission to hold meetings on campus. And last year Aceh, the only province in Indonesia which implements sharia law, introduced caning as a punishment for gay sex.

Prominent gay activist Hartoyo said the move to ban the emojis was symptomatic of a wider crackdown on LGBT rights. “This is just the latest in a series of incidents that have happened recently,” he said. “The government has let this ignorance go on for far too long and it has put our nation in danger.”