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Race car driver upset by oceans and forests being destroyed

Last October I did a blog post about British F1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton. He was intent on lecturing us about going vegan to “save the planet.”

His exact words: “Adopting a vegan diet is the only way to truly save our planet.”

Apparently participation in an industry that contributes total yearly carbon emissions of 256,551 tons (not including fans’ transport to races) doesn’t contribute to the planet being destroyed.

So Hanilton has to ignore facts and continue on with his virtue signaling.

On August 13 he tweeted the following, while cruising around in his gas-guzzling boat:

“Took the day off on Tuesday, a day for myself and no phone, no training, just me and Roscoe on the water. I had time to reflect on where we are in the world today, everyday I see something upsetting happening, people being abused, people suffering… /1

oceans and forest’s being destroyed. 2020 is such a heavy year. But it gives me hope seeing people come together, fighting for justice and doing more for our planet and the people in it. I’m sending you all positive waves, keep pushing and inspiring those around you /2”



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