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People of Walmart: The I’m-Delusional Edition

None of us sees our self as what we really are or as how others see us. There’s always a gap between our self-image and reality. But the gap for these Walmartians is Grand Canyonesque.

Ever seen an obese python snake in nature?

Do you want to kiss these legs?

Alas, only one of the two words is true.

A legend in his own mind

No thanks!

So delusional, it’s sad….

User-submitted photos of Walmart shoppers from across the US. Courtesy peopleofwalmart.com.

For previous FOTM editions of “People of Walmart”:


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More Creepy Family Christmas Cards

On Monday, DCG posted the decidedly weird Christmas cards of four families. See “A different kind of Christmas card.”
Here are some more, all mined from the treasure trove called Awkward Family Photos.

Hmm, I think this family has a problem….


A theme seems to be emerging — exhibitionist nude dad.

Nope. I was wrong. Mom, too, is an exhibitionist.

Hmm. I thought Christmas is the season of Peace on Earth?

I’m pretty sure the real Santa isn’t a drunk sporting a black eye.

…and that, boys and girls, is how Timmy and Jenny  became coulrophobic and Santaphobic.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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U.S. Misses Out on World Naked Bike Ride

I never knew there’s an event called the World Naked Bike Ride. Did you?

Not only did I not know there’s a World Naked Bike Ride, I hadn’t known that the event is held in DOZENS of cities across the world and that Mexico City just had its SIXTH World Naked Bike Ride on June 12, 2011. How ignorant is that? 🙁

Happily, we have the UK’s The Independent keeping us abreast of this important news:

Hundreds of bicyclists in their underwear, covered in body paint or wearing nothing at all have taken to the streets of Mexico City to demand respect from motorists…. Organizer Fabian Conejo said Saturday that riding nude demonstrates how vulnerable cyclists are to the millions of cars that clog Mexico City streets.

And now, what you’ve been waiting for….

Um, doesn't the bicycle seat get, um, kinda sticky? (London, June 11, 2011)

Calling Al Gore (London)

Ugly male exhibitionists, London

I hate to think what he's doing. (London)

Mexico, June 12, 2011

Ewwwwwww.... (Mexico)


Doesn’t it warm the cockles of your heart to see just what lengths exhibitionists go to go naked? They are Congressman Anthony Weiner’s best buds!

But how did San Francisco skip out on this important event? I’m OUTRAGED, just OUTRAGED!!!


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