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Project Veritas Unmasks Antifa

Proof they are evil:

“Practice things like an eye gouge…injure someone’s eyes”

This video is about 5 minutes long. It provides a view of some inner workings of an extremely poisonous organization. The video shows the secret meeting in Portland Bookstore called, “IN OTHER WORDS,” and reveals how deliberate they are in their planning.

Address: 14 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211
Phone: (503) 232-6003

Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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Why I Pray for the Man Who Calls Himself Obama

Why I Pray for the Man Who Calls Himself Obama
I don’t think that I have ever felt so much anger towards a single person as I do towards the man who calls himself Obama. When I think of the blatant destruction that he and his cabal of communist usurpers have brought to this country via illegitimate authority: the economic destitution, the destruction of sacred marriage, the persecution and attacks on conservatives and Christians, the ruined lives, the wrecked marriages, the murder of millions of babies, the deliberate tearing down of racial progress and the proliferation of racist policies and actions, etc., I am at a loss to come up with another person in my lifetime that more personifies the word evil.
Yet, I pray for the man.
Why? Because if there’s anyone who has done more to deliberately chart a course to his own eternal damnation in the fires of hell, it’s him. Yet I know that God loves him.
For the same reason, I pray for Holder, and Hillary, and Reid, and Jarrett, and Biden, and Pelosi, and Boxner, and Feinstein, and all the rest.
They are sowing the seeds of their own damnation. Yet God loves them.
I’ll admit, it’s hard to pray for these people. It takes effort. Yet the more I do it, the easier it becomes.
Perhaps one of them will be saved. Perhaps one of them will see the light and the errors of their ways. On the one hand, I’m not optimistic. On the other hand, I know that all things are possible with God.

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Billionaire Baby Killer


The following story is from Fox News. Say it ain’t so, Warren.

(Here’s an excellent previous post by Dr. Eowyn on the same subject: https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2014/03/31/warren-buffet-gives-millions-for-abortions/)

May 13, 2014, marks one year since Philadelphia abortion Dr. Kermit Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder “in the deaths of three babies who were delivered alive and then killed with scissors at his grimy, ‘house of horrors’ clinic,” according to the Associated Press. Gosnell instantly became the face of abortion in the prolife community.

But there’s another, more recognizable face pushing abortion in the U.S. – liberal billionaire Warren Buffett. The so-called “Oracle of Omaha” has donated more than $1.2 billion to abortion organizations from 2001 to 2012.

That’s equal to the cost of roughly 2.7 million first-trimester abortions – more than twice the number of abortions that occur in an entire year in the United States. Unlike Gosnell, however, everything Buffett has done has been entirely legal. But Buffett does share something else in common with the abortionist. Both their stories have been largely unreported.

Imagine the equivalent of the lives of 2.7 million children snuffed out to serve the whims of the third richest man in the world. Most people would say that’s a story, most likely several.

Oh no, supporters will cry. Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other similar groups do more than just abortions. And Buffett does more than fund the abortion industry. But that is the core of his agenda, just as it is theirs.

Buffett’s own charity, The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, is named after his first wife who was an abortion supporter. Its domestic operation is led by pro-abortion activist Tracy Weitz, Ph.D., MPA. Weitz has worked at Planned Parenthood, The Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health and once defined abortion as “a moral action undertaken by moral agents.”

None of that is obvious from the charity’s website. It includes information on college scholarships and the “Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award.” Neither that award, for “Outstanding Omaha Public School Teachers (K –12),” nor the scholarships even hint at the darker direction of the massive charity.

The site itself seems deliberately insular. Copyrights on the pages read “2008” and the charity makes it clear: “The Buffett Foundation responds to questions about College Scholarships and the Alice Buffett Outstanding Teacher Award only. We will not respond to any other inquiries.”

No wonder. They wouldn’t want to damage Warren Buffett’s incredible media profile by telling the nearly half of America that is prolife how he spends some of his billions. Lord knows the American media would never do that.

Since 2001, there has only been one tangential mention of Buffett’s support for abortion on the broadcast TV network morning and evening news shows. It wasn’t even really about Buffett. It was the NBC “Nightly News” obituary for his wife and it included her support for Planned Parenthood. That’s out of at least 545 appearances or mentions of the Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO.

Nowhere did the media explain how Buffett has given $289,811,421 to Planned Parenthood since 2001. Buffett was never mentioned as a top donor when Live Action embarrassed Planned Parenthood with two videos of staffers assisting a Live Action actor with a possible sex selection abortion.

That wasn’t the only embarrassment for the abortion provider. In early 2011, Live Action’s Lila Rose trained investigators to pose as a pimp and a prostitute running a sex ring composed of 14- and 15-year-olds. Planned Parenthood workers were quite willing to help provide underage abortions.

No mention of Buffett’s billions then either.

Instead we get grandfatherly Buffett, tax-hiking Buffett, investor Buffett. As a reliable liberal businessman, journalists turn to him as a source for almost any commentary.

It’s easy to understand. If you give $1,000 to a ballot initiative to defend traditional marriage, that’s controversial. If you give $1.25 billion to promote abortion, journalists, who are wildly pro-abortion, don’t dare see any controversy.

But now the information is out there. Watch as the supposedly “neutral” news media does its best to hide it.

Dan Gainor is the Boone Pickens Fellow and the Media Research Center’s Vice President for Business and Culture. He writes frequently about media for Fox News Opinion. He can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter as dangainor.

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Yet another offense from public educators.



On Friday at the National Center for Education Statistics website, the Department of Education posted a quote of the day from a great hero of the Obama administration: Mao Zedong. “Our attitude towards ourselves should be ‘to be satiable in learning’ and towards others ‘to be tireless in teaching.’”

As of this afternoon, the quote had been removed. 

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President Lucifer's disciples are feeling bold

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
–Matthew 18:6 (NIV)





A Florida college professor causing national outrage for requiring students to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper, then put it on the floor and stomp on it, turns out also to be a top official in the local Democratic Party – the latest in a string of acute leadership embarrassments.

Although one student who refused to participate claims he was punished by being suspended from the class, Florida Atlantic University is defending the controversial assignment.
The dissenting student, Ryan Rotela, told the local CBS TV affiliate WPEC that his instructor, associate professor Deandre Poole, told everyone in the class to write the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper in bold letters, then put it on the floor and stomp on it.
Rotela, a junior from Coral Springs, said some of his classmates complied, but he refused.
“Anytime you stomp on something it shows that you believe that something has no value. So if you were to stomp on the word Jesus, it says that the word has no value,” he told WPEC.
A religious Mormon who attends church every Sunday, Rotela complained to school officials but said they responded by suspending him from the class.
According to Florida Atlantic University, Poole was conducting an exercise from the textbook “Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition.”
A synopsis of the lesson plan in question, obtained by Fox News, goes like this:

“Have the students write the name JESUS in big letters on a piece of paper Ask the students to stand up and put the paper on the floor in front of them with the name facing up. Ask the students to think about it for a moment. After a brief period of silence instruct them to step on the paper. Most will hesitate. Ask why they can’t step on the paper. Discuss the importance of symbols in culture.”

Grove City College professor Paul Kengor, author of “The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor,” told Fox he wasn’t surprised by the “lesson.”
“These are the new secular disciples of ‘diversity’ and ‘tolerance’ – empty buzzwords that make liberals and progressives feel good while they often refuse to tolerate and sometimes even assault traditional Christian and conservative beliefs,” Kengor told Fox, saying classes like the one at FAU reflect “the rising confidence and aggression of the new secularists and atheists, especially at our sick and surreal modern universities.
Kengor added: “Gee, I wonder if the instructor would dare do this with the name of Muhammed.”
It turns out, the “stomp-on-Jesus” professor, Poole, also has a prominent position in local politics. As Bizpacreview reports, Poole is vice-chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.
Moreover, this isn’t the local party’s first brush with negative publicity.
The former chairman of the county Democratic Party was forced to resign in September after comments he made at the Democratic National Convention last year in Charlotte, N.C.
As WND reported, Mark Siegel reportedly told an interviewer Christians who support Israel want to see Jews “slaughtered.”
Siegel was quoted as saying, “Oh no, the Christians just want us to be there so we can all be slaughtered and converted and bring on the second coming of Jesus Christ.”
And two months earlier, a Democratic Executive Committee member from Palm Beach County also slammed Israel. Evelyn Garcia sent an email accusing the Jewish state of atrocities, writing, “By supporting Israeli occupation with U.S. foreign aid, we are all complicit and guilty of their crimes against humanity.”
“And, I deeply resent U.S. taxpayer funds being used to continue Israeli aggression (yes, confiscating other peoples’ land and building illegal settlements is aggression), not to mention ‘incursions’ that kill PEOPLE, destroy civilian homes and infrastructure all over, mass concentration prison camps, etc,etc,etc,” she added.
Garcia quit her post after a public outcry.
In the meantime, still no word from Florida Atlantic University on whether it will discipline the professor who urged students to stomp on “Jesus” and whether Ryan will have his suspension from class lifted.
FAU did, however, email this press statement: “Faculty and students at academic institutions pursue knowledge and engage in open discourse. While at times the topics discussed may be sensitive, a university environment is a venue for such dialogue and debate.”
Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2013/03/dem-party-official-makes-students-stomp-on-jesus/#jxbSpizCLzp7614h.99

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The "devil" wants to open your mail

If the president doesn’t want to be mistaken for the devil, maybe he should stop acting like him. ~TD 



Shipper warns move ‘has potential to threaten privacy of all customers’

The Obama administration is demanding the nation’s two biggest shipping companies police the contents of Americans’ sealed packages, and a FedEx spokesman is warning that the move “has the potential to threaten the privacy of all customers that send or receive packages.”

Wants your complete cooperation.

Wants your complete cooperation.

FedEx and UPS are in the Justice Department’s cross-hairs for not flagging shipments of illegally prescribed drugs the companies say they had no way of knowing were in their possession.
Criminal charges could be coming against the carriers, even though the government has not alleged any deliberate wrongdoing by the companies.
FedEx spokesman Patrick Fitzgerald said his company has a 40-year history of actively assisting the government crackdown on any criminal conduct, but he told WND this probe was very different from the start.
“What is unusual and really disturbing is it became clear to us along the way that FedEx was being targeted for some level criminal activity as it relates to these medicines that are being shipped from pharmacies, and we find it to be completely absurd because it’s really not our role,” Fitzgerald said. “We have no way of knowing what is legal and not within the packages that we’re picking up and delivering in this situation.”
“At the heart of the investigation are sealed packages that are being sent by, as far as we can tell, licensed pharmacies. These are medicines with legal prescriptions written by licensed physicians. So it’s difficult for us to understand where we would have some role in this. We are a transportation company that picks up and delivers close to 10 million packages every day. They are sealed packages, so we have no way of knowing specifically what’s inside and we have no interest in violating the privacy rights of our customers,” Fitzgerald said.
In addition to the unrealistic expectation that the federal government seems to have for the companies to know what’s in every package, Fitzgerald said protecting the rights of customers is paramount and the issues go hand-in-hand.
Wants to stop illegal shipping of drugs?

Wants to stop
illegal shipping
of drugs?

“They clearly are attempting to put some responsibility for the legality of the contents of these packages. That’s why for us it goes far beyond even just the online pharmacy situation. This really has a chilling effect. It has the potential to threaten the privacy of all customers that send or receive packages via FedEx because the government is assigning a role on us as law enforcement or taking on their role in a way that is not appropriate,” Fitzgerald said.
FedEx sought to diffuse the standoff by offering to stop doing business with any pharmacies that the government suspected to be involved in illegal activities. The Justice Department declined, citing the potential for the pharmacies to sue over a lack of due process.
“If the government were to come to us and give us the name of a customer that’s engaged in some level of illegal activity, we can immediately stop shipping for that customer. We will not tolerate any illegal activity within our networks,” Fitzgerald said. “What we want here is a solution that will apply for the entire industry and serve the public’s interest. That’s why we find it completely absurd and, to a large degree, stunning that the government is not working with us on that solution as they have with other problems in the past. As long as they’re not doing that, there’s really no solution even if they were to pursue an investigation or criminal charges against a specific company. There needs to be an industry-wide solution that will put a stop to this problem.”
That leaves FedEx and UPS with the task of stopping illegal shipments from sources the government will not divulge.
“The comparison that we’ve made is a no-fly list. It’s as if the government were to go to major commercial airlines and accuse them of some level of criminal activity if they were to allow somebody on the no-fly list onto one of their planes without providing them a no-fly list,” Fitzgerald said. “What we want here is the no-fly list for online pharmacies. If they are aware of some level of illegal activity by some number of pharmacies, simply provide us that list and we will stop providing service. It’s a very simple solution.”
Elections have consequences.

Elections have consequences.

Fitzpatrick said no other private carriers are being targeted by the Justice Department, and he has no evidence to suggest this probe is designed to boost the financially strapped U.S. Postal Service at the expense of private competitors.
UPS is currently negotiating a settlement with the government, but FedEx is fighting this all the way.
“Settlement is not an option for us when there’s no illegal activity on our part,” Fitzpatrick said.
Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2013/03/now-big-brother-targets-your-fedex-ups-packages/#1POK8HQST9czpRr4.99

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This disgusting woman "loves" abortion

See this horse-face toothy smiling woman?
You’re looking at the face of evil.
Her name is Jessica DelBalzo, a blogger on OpenSalon.com and a self-described activist for Left-wing causes — “social justice, family preservation, reproductive rights, and politics.”
DelBalzo has stripped all the pretenses from the pro-abortion crowd:

It really is all about the woman’s selfish interest — and the life of another human being be damned.

Nancy Flanders reports for LifeSiteNews, March 23, 2012, that in a post DelBalzo wrote for RH Reality Check, the “reproductive rights” activist protests against pro-choicers who say abortion should be rare because in saying so, they are implying that abortion is wrong. Instead, according to DelBalzo,

“Rather than trying to cozy up to the forced-birth camp, women who value their freedom should be proud to say that they like abortion. In fact, they should venerate it whole-heartedly. Abortion is our last refuge, the one final, definitive instrument that secures our bodily autonomy. What’s not to love?”

What an interesting choice of words.
To “venerate” is “to regard with respect, reverence, or heartfelt deference” as one would toward a deity.
In other words, DelBalzo is recommending to women that we are to love killing so much that we murder “with reverence.” Who is the deity to whom the murders of the unborn are offered in veneration?
At the same time as DelBalzo professes her great “love” for abortion, she condemns adoption as “not only unnecessary, but also unethical.”
DelBalzo operates Adoption: Legalized Lies, a self-described grassroots initiative to put an end to adoption. The front page of the group’s website shows a child happily holding a handmade sign that says, “Adoption Hurts Babies.”
Flanders writes:

“This is perplexing, since adoption leaves a child not only alive, but in a loving home, while abortion either burns the child to death or dismembers it limb by limb. Even if birth parents can’t raise a child, they can give their child a good life, rather than allow her body to be ripped apart and thrown into a bin of medical waste.”

In her self-description on OpenSalon.com, DelBalzo describes herself as “a mother.”
“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

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Leading abortionist says killing unborn is "extremely gratifying"

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil.” –Isaiah 5:20

Hilary White reports for LifeSiteNews, Feb. 16, 2012, that Dr. Patricia Lohr, a leading abortionist in the United Kingdom, told an audience of abortion advocates meeting in London last September that killing children by abortion is “extremely gratifying.”

Dr. Patricia Lohr at the abortionist meeting

Lohr is the medical director of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), one of the UK’s busiest abortion organizations.  The meeting was organized by the abortion industry lobby group Voice for Choice, a consortium of organizations dedicated to loosening Britain’s abortion law to allow abortion on demand and the expansion of abortion training in medical schools, as well as forcing legalization on Northern Ireland. Among the groups represented at the meeting was Family Planning Association — an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood.
Lohr said that she could never have fully understood or agreed with the abortionist “philosophy” until she actually started committing abortions herself. Proclaiming abortion to be “self-evidently” moral (when considering the “bad old days” when abortion was illegal of “wards full of septic, injured and dead women”), Lohr said that she began to conduct 2nd trimester surgical abortions during her training as a physician. She said that she performs abortions “as early as possible and as late as necessary” and that she was unapologetic about being “pro-choice, pro-child and pro-abortion.”

The fetus at 14 weeks, the beginning of the second trimester. Image: A.D.A.M.

“It’s crucial for abortionists to talk about abortion as a good thing,” Lohr said, speaking of her personal enthusiasm for the abortionist ideology since encountering it first in New York as a teenager and later as the founder of a “pro-choice” group in medical school.
In her talk, Lohr accused pro-life activists in the Operation Rescue movement of “violence” when they tried to shut down abortion facilities in New York in the 1980s, while Lohr acted as an abortion “escort” at 19.
Lohr’s comments became public after a report was published on the internet by a pair of pro-life advocates, Daniel Blackman and Paul Smeaton, who work with the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. Blackman had attended the “Voice for Choice” public meeting. He told LiftSiteNews.com: “It is horrifying. An abortionist’s desperate act of rationalisation of an unspeakable evil.”
Lohr has pressed for making abortion training mandatory for all medical students, and for restriction-free, legal abortion, paid for by the state. But a report in the July 2011 Journal of Medical Ethics found that almost half of the 733 medical students polled disagree with Lohr. These budding physicians believe doctors should be allowed to refuse “to perform any procedure to which they object on moral, cultural or religious grounds.”
For someone who calls herself “pro-choice,” Lohr sure is not “pro-choice” when it comes to medical school students and fellow doctors who do not choose to perform abortion. Lohr also seems to have missed that memo in med school about the Hippocratic oath “First, Do No Harm.”
Let’s call a spade a spade.
We call an individual who commits murder after murder a “serial killer.” We call a serial killer who finds killing “extremely gratifying” a psychopath. And we have a word for those who take pleasure in killing. The word is Evil.
And that’s what Lohr is — an evil psychopathic serial killer. Nor is her practice confined to the UK. I found a Dr. Patricia Lohr, M.D., who practices obstetrics and gynecology in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a license in PA and California.
What is the probability of two medical doctors named Patricia Lohr — one in the UK, one in the United States — who are both ob/gyn?
Judging by the video of Lohr speaking at the “Voice for Choice” meeting, the American Dr. Patricia Lohr is the same Dr. Patricia Lohr who’s the medical director of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service because she does not have a British accent but speaks American English.

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Get ready for your BP to soar…

It really makes me sick to my stomach to do this post.  But the “compassion” evil that flows from the liberals must be exposed.
Upon hearing the news Saturday of our SEALS, I told my lib mom.  She said, “Well that’s to be expected.”  Really mom, that’s your FIRST thought? My first thought was how devastated the SEALS (and all branches) must be over this horrific news.  It saddened me to think of all the family members that were about to receive notifications of losing their loved ones.  I thought of my adopted soldiers in the Middle East and was wondering if they were ok.
Over at the Huffington Post, they were having much more vile reactions.  RightWingNews has compiled a partial list of them. Check out the “compassion” from these kooks:

  • marathon43: They got exactly what they deserved. They voluntarily traveled half-way around the world to kill people who had never done them any harm. They people they were trying to kill killed them first. That’s exactly how things should be. Let’s also remember that our troops have weapons far superior to anything possessed by the people they are trying to kill. Our troops are picking on someone who can’t fight back. That’s called bullying and cowardice. They got what bullies deserve.
  • FoxNewsCreationism: They got a myopic fast tracked American education while being transformed into brainwashed killing machines. I do not called that educated. Men who work in offices are definitely better than men who take up arms and who invade other countries illegally and then proceed to kill the native population. These men are specialized in killing. Nothing more. The are robots who kill for a greedy criminal empire. Also as for brains, I hold three degrees. Speak and write 4 languages. I highly doubt there is my equal in the US military. If there is, there are not many. 99.99 of military personal are just grunts. Even these guys. Anyone that takes up arms and invades another country illegally and then proceeds in killing the native population, is a zero in my book.
  • HUFFPOST SUPER USER mrfreeze: Go ahead and waive those chinese-made flags on your cars, wear your lapel pens and past “I support the troops” bumper stickers on your cars … it’s your blind nationalism that has the blood of thousands on it.
  • ABACADABRA RABBIT: VOTE GREEN PARTY 2012 Do you know how many afghans were killed since 2001? Didn’t think so. Do you know how many females were raped by US soldiers in Afghanistan since 2001? Didn’t think so.
  • Clark Nova: The military is a waste of good men (and women), most of whom enlisted because they couldn’t even get a job at Wal-Mart.
  • NWRICK: The best way to honor soldiers is to stop making more of them.
  • JonB2057: Is this some type of karma??? What goes around, comes around…

Last night at church Pastor Ryan spoke of Our Sacred Savior.  Once you find Jesus you find love. And you have an unlimited capacity to love.  I don’t normally quote scripture (that’s sage’s speciality!), yet am sharing this one from last night.
“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.”
1 John 4:7-9
These HuffPo commenters are in serious need of finding Jesus.

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Nina Totenberg Feels Sorry For Weiner

Photo of chronologically younger but pre-cosmetic-surgery Nina Totenberg

68-year-old Nina Totenberg is a legal affairs correspondent for the taxpayer-funded National Public Radio and a regular commentator on PBS’ Inside Washington.

On June 17, 2011, Totenberg the liberal went all bleeding heart on disgraced exhibitionist Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY). She said:

“I finally felt sorry for Anthony Weiner at that press conference with people heckling him, making him a further spectacle. The guy was finally resigning. He should be able to resign in public…without people treating it as a spectacle. He’s gone. It just seems incredibly mean.”

Go to NewsBusters for the video.

Gosh, that Totenberg is such a compassionate tender soul!

In 1995, Totenberg wished conservative Senator Jesse Helms and his grandchildren would get AIDS, which is a virtual death sentence. Totenberg told the host of Inside Washington that if there was “retributive justice” in the world, Helms would “get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”


NPR did nothing.

More than 15 years later, the evil crone remains on NPR’s taxpayers’ payroll.


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